A Look Back at Revisionism

Published: 2003-02-01

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For many years now, revisionist books and journal articles accumulate, which due to their scientific depth, their sheer irrefutable evidence and rigorous argumentation should have been in a position to cause a historiographic revolution all by themselves. But nothing happens. The silencing spiral, together with the increased worldwide range of persecution, silences more and more revisionists. Let us be realistic for once: While the present global power realities prevail, it cannot be expected that a breakthrough of historical revisionism can occur. For this, a worldwide political revolution of radical extent must happen, and who, please, should enforce this? This need for worldwide radical change is especially true for Germany where an isolated breakthrough of revisionism must lead to a foreign policy disaster. It is therefore time to look into the deeper reasons of this lack of success of revisionism at a non-scientific level. May the following contribution introduce an overdue discussion of this problem.

"The whole process of writing history is one single revision. Not only because new facts and documents become known, but also because even known facts can be newly evaluated and interpreted. No generation looks at events through the same glasses as did another."

Thus wrote Chaim Bermant, chief-columnist of the Jewish Chronicle, London, who died on January 20, 1998.[1]

The concept 'revisionism' exists in various areas, for instance in Socialism, in Communism and in Zionism. With each of these it is possible that individual factions fight one another viciously by accusing one another of revisionism. Frequently, these infights are more vehement than fights against actual ideological opponents. If one follows Peter Plichta, Revisions do also occur within the sciences, even in mathematics.[2] Using the term revisionism as an accusation means abandonment, respectively treason, of the pure doctrine. Science on the other hand must be free from ideological ties, and the accusation of revisionism, no matter in what field, should actually be a compliment.

This is not so, because, for example, revisionism is criminalized by the German "Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz" (Office for the Protection of the Constitution). Of course this is about the so-called historical revisionism, in particular about the question concerning the responsibility for the Second World War and the so-called Holocaust.

A realistic look at the development of this problem shows that in spite of all objective exoneration based on historical and scientific research it only gets worse. They say about us Germans that we can only think straight. That it is not our way to imitate the trickery of others. We only want to know how it really was (following Leopold von Ranke, the great German historian of the 19th century), and therefore we fight honestly and with an open visor for the truth with the naïve conception that in the end truth will win and will set us free (Joh. 8, 32). But this fight resembles more a fight against wind mills, or to use a different metaphor, we get ourselves into a situation similar to that of Michael Kohlhaas.

In 1979, a breakthrough seemed to be imminent in France, objectively speaking. But then followed the infamous declaration of P. Vidal-Naquet, Léon Poliakov and 32 other 'researchers' appeared in Le Monde:[3]

"One may not ask how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible since it took place. Such is the obligatory starting point required for any historical enquiry into this subject. This truth we simply want to bring back into memory: there is not, and there may not be, any debate on the existence of the gas chambers."

Vidal-Naquet acknowledged later that he cannot testify without hate and without to lie.[4] In a Swiss court verdict on February 17, 1995, it says, in accordance with this way of thinking:[5]

"The gas chambers existed, therefore they must also have been technically possible! It is therefore absurd to request evidences."

It was left to for Gabriel Cohn-Bendit to demand:[6]

"Freedom of speech, of publication, of meeting and association can not stand the slightest restriction."

If one has really understood the above quotation from Le Mond, it means a confirmation of the revisionist position, because if no debate about anything is allowed, then something is not right. If the opinion of these 34 researchers would coincide with the truth, then it would be confirmed sooner or later in an open debate, which should therefore really be desired by these researchers. Bertrand Russell already reflected that "caution is called for when all experts are in agreement". But it means secondly that this so-called truth is something mythical, symbolic. This 'truth' is not researched but brought 'back into memory'. One may think of the speech of Ezer Weizmann in the German parliament "Erratic and flighty I am when I follow the tracks of my fathers"[7]

"I was a slave in Egypt [...] With King David I moved into Jerusalem [...] I fought against the Romans [...]"

Then at the end:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are a people of memory and of prayer. We are a people of words and of hope. We did not create empires, did not build castles and palaces. We only added words together. We placed layers of ideas on top of each other, erected houses of memories and dreamed of towers of yearning-that Jerusalem may be rebuilt, and may peace be granted and done quickly in our times, Amen."

An essayist living in Paris-evidently of Jewish origin-Benjamin Korn, wrote an angry commentary about this. He asked, what would have happened if the German chancelor had concluded with: 'I was a general in the Teutoburger Forest, in front of the Germanic tribes etc.' He answered that they would have taken him to where all the others are who think of themselves as Napoleon or Moses. The madness of both sentences is absolutely identical. Only in one case it is called a religious illusion and in the other case it is ordinary madness.[8]

This phenomenon is generally known as "pseudologia phantastica". The psychiatrist Anton Delbrück, who coined this term at the end of the last century, stated:[9]

"Under this we understand the merging of fantasy and reality in such an intensive way that the daydreamer himself often is unable to distinguish between reality and fiction. This condition can be of a passing nature, but it may also consolidate itself and dominate the thinking over extended periods of time. One peculiarity of this pseudological syndrome is that an assumed role does not only fill the fantasy but can also overlap into reality, due to its vividness and subjective presence."

Heinrich Heine experienced an episode of pseudologia phantastica when he was 13 years old. His occupation with the diaries of a great-uncle who had passed away was so intense that he completely identified himself with this great-uncle for almost a year.

If this phenomenon is spread over an entire social group, it becomes clear which effect certain reports, diaries, or also biblical stories can have. Even the German Jüdische Lexicon (1927) reported about

"the theological-legal dialectics which created worlds out of nothing by endlessly spinning interpretations, explanations, readings-into, according to the rules of a shrewd, sometimes subtly practiced hermeneutic art."[10] (Emph. added.)

Let us remind ourselves that in 1960, the German historian Martin Broszat testified as a witness during a trial against Erwin Schönborn (afterwards confirmed on oath):[11]

"The six million is a symbolic number."

And Daniel J. Goldhagen said in an interview:[12]

"The gas chambers are a symbol."

The director for government relations of the Canadian B'nai B'rith-Lodge, Ian J. Kagedan, said:[13]

"The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism is the Keystone of the Arch of the New World Order - the Fundamental Principle of the New Age Religion."

If, for once, we take all these quotations really seriously, then we see that it is about a myth, a symbol, a (pseudo-)religion, and finally about world domination! As important, as forthright, as honorable, as indispensable it was-and further is-to investigate the things objectively, scientifically, it will not bring us any further just by itself. One cannot fight a myth by investigating a stone, by analyzing architectural plans or procedures and by performing statistical calculations.

We should also approach our Subject. No. 1, the Holocaust, from the point of view of history of ideas and psycho (-patho-)logy, even if we feel uncomfortable while so doing, because thinking logically is not always sufficient. It is about a 'different logic' with which we are dealing here. For example, it would fit into our logic that we will be happy to learn that loved ones whom we believed to have died are in fact still alive, that reports about a catastrophe turns out to be false. We would rightfully distrust someone who can not be happy about such 'good news'-but not so with Subject No. 1. That we are dealing with a 'new religion' becomes doubtlessly and finally clear if one finds in the new Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion[14] a separate article about "Holocaust theology". This entry does not give a definite theory about the so-called Holocaust, but it rather lists the most diverse, also often contradictory Jewish opinions about the question 'How could God permit this?' Judaism does not have dogmatism like the Roman Catholic Church.

Prof. Faurisson once wrote that he did not know how to fight a religion. That is the actual problem! What binds the members of a religion is a myth and not a rational truth. The myth is-rationally considered-actually a 'lie', irrational, and viewed from the point of 'depth psychology,' it can become a means with which to transcend human yearning. A myth does not have to be true in a scientific sense, it shall bond, create a meaning, bestow identity on the individual as well as the group. Then it is 'true' in the sense of 'depth psychology'.

From the church elder Tertullian (about 160 to 220) stems this famous sentence:

"credo quia absurdum" (I believe, because it is absurd).

The philosopher Lutz Geldsetzer put the creation of the Christian myth with slight sarcasm into verses:[15]

"'Incredible!' says Tertullian / - he was in love with Stoa - / 'a God who dies as a criminal, / earns nevertheless fame because, / he is a God in human form, therefore I believe without reservation. / And that he was resurrected from death / one never saw this in our land - , / that is highly odd! / And therefore it convinces me.' / And now what itself was the belief, / Which was clear since Plato: / Only belief and opinion are valid for the senses / and that what we can gain through them. / But knowingly we look at the ideas, / which we can see with the inner eye. / [...] The Jew Philon did show it, / that behind the sense of the word must lie / a deeper 'sensus mysticus'. / In a book, in the Torah, / for Jews it was chronicled. [...]"

Jürgen Graf wrote in his book Der Holocaust Schwindel:[16]

"The revisionists placed the fuse on the Holocaust-idol and it only needs someone to put a match to it. Once the fuse is lit, the collapse of the horrible idol is only a question of one or two years. Its collapse will shake the world."

It would be nice, as far as the idol is concerned. But who wants the latter, which could mean perhaps the third world war? Prof. Noam Chomsky writes in The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians, though in a different connection, that Israel could act like a 'furious country', dangerous to its surroundings, not normal, it would even be capable to put oilfields on fire or to start a nuclear war. And Jörg Bremer, the Israel correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, reports about extremists who believe "one must only bomb the Third Temple."[17]

It is exactly the trick to make the myth so all pervasive within world culture and to raise it to such gigantic proportion that its dismantling-that is, a loss of face for Israel or of Jewry-would have increasingly catastrophic consequences, since all this is about a political power gamble with a (pseudo-) religious background. This gamble is played with primitive as well as sophisticated means, which reminds us of reports from the 'Red Paradise.' One should keep the psychological mechanism in mind which Günter Schabowski describes in his ruthless analysis of his own communist engagement:[18]

"The heretic strengthens the belief of an indoctrinated group, he turns it into a fanatic group. Within the communist movement, the stigmatizing of free thinking in their own ranks satisfies the need for spiritual self protection, which is unnaturally strong."

In the presently dominating system of the Holocaust religion, the Holocaust revisionist is the heretic. We know that. It is, however, more important to realize that each revisionist comment, each scientifically based research result will influence the follower of the system by strengthening his belief, yes, and by turning him into a fanatic. This leads sometimes to curious results. In a free 37 pages informational brochure of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior with the title Revisionism (1996) or the equally free-of-charge, 275 pages brochure Verfassungsschutzbericht (Constitutional Protection Report, March 1998), the most important revisionists are actually quite objectively introduced with their activities and theses. Included are literal quotations for example from the Leuchter Report,[19] the Rudolf Report[20] or from a Zündel-Letter. From the Staatsbriefe[21] the sentence: "Here the scream from German throat: Enough!" Several quotations of 'extreme right wing' content from the media by Dr. Gerhard Frey (DVU) are included. The government appears to be certain about the 'anti-revisionist' effects.

Timur Kuran describes the phenomenon of "preference falsification", as he calls it, i.e., when someone says one thing publicly, but another thing privately. The following example is quoted here only to clarify this:[22]

"At the time of the Spanish inquisition the Maranos [Jews converted to Christianity] were inclined to distance themselves from the non-converted Jews. They believed that who ever is befriended with practicing Jews, could cause doubts about his own pretended conversion to Christianity. Many converts even went one step further and participated in the persecution of practicing Jews. Characteristically, the first Great-Inquisitor, as well as his direct successor, was of Jewish background. When a convert persecutes a non-convert, he could do this out of aversion. But alternatively, he can also be motivated by the desire to let his publicly chosen preference appear to be genuine, i.e., to signal that his conversion is serious."

And regarding the life within communism, he writes:[23]

"By falsifying their preferences and participating in the disciplining of others who think differently, the citizen conserved a system which many found repugnant. In [Vaclav] Havels own words, the deciding 'line of conflict' did not run between the party and the people, but 'through every human being', because everybody was 'in his way its victim and supporter.'-Havel's observation found an impressive echo on a poster which, after the fall of the Berlin wall, was mounted over the altar in a [...] church: 'I am Kain and Abel.' [...] For decades, therefore, hypocrisy and lies gave the communist system stability. If the phenomenon of the preference falsification would not have been omnipresent, the communist regime of the Soviet empire would have had to deal with a noticeable opposition, and all its power would not have been sufficient to reject its citizens' demand for political and social reforms."

Cartoon, reprinted in "Response," Periodical of the Simon-Wiesenthal-Center, Vol. 15, No. 2, Summer 1994, p. 10

Under the watchful eye of the American Civil Liberties Union, the U.S. authorities permit the American NS-party to distribute audaciously "racist" literature and to even defend its rallies against "upset citizen".[24] The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) initiates 'Nazi'-events in America with the theme "Hitler was right!"-and of course also organizes the counter demonstration to it.[25] The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles offers an archive containing anti-Semitic caricatures and cartoons on the Internet.[26] Gertrud Hardtmann, specialist in neurology and psychiatry, psychoanalyst and professor of pedagogics/social therapy, offers an especially interesting example. She was "viewed and treated by a Jew in a projectively distorted way", to which a friend who also happened to be Jewish "dryly commented: 'One could thus easily become an anti-Semite'", a remark with which he hit her "unconscious emotional feelings on the head," to which she, "for reasons of a philo-Semitic anti-Semitism, could not have confessed to". Following the concept of Freud, according to which the primary source of anti-Semitism would allegedly be an unconscious contempt for the father transferred onto the Jews, she considers this conscious epiphany as a "piece of obstetrical activity - the birth of herself".[27] In realizing her own 'preference falsification,' she accepts gratefully a Jewish theory in order to reinterpret this preference falsification into the alleged perfection of her own personality, which she then might even apply to others as therapy.

Henryk M. Broder concluded that Jews can frequently deal with these problems more easily:[28]

"In my opinion, the best definition of anti-Semitism makes the round as a word game in the United States: 'Anti-Semitism is if you cannot stand the Jews more than it is natural.' This joke puts most academic definitions into the realm of fortune telling. It pronounces what matters: anti-Semitism is not a deviating behavior, no exception of the rule; it is the norm of social behavior towards the Jews, the rule. This means that not those who do not like Jews conduct themselves differently from the norm, but those who have nothing against the Jews."

And Chaim Weizmann claimed that:[29]

"We hate anti-Semitism as well as philo-Semitism. Both are a disgrace."

At the same time the following is true:[30]

"Public anti-Semitism may not exist in Germany, this is part of the unwritten laws of the political culture in Germany after Auschwitz. Who ever breaks this taboo, loses office and reputation, at least immediately after the respective incident."

The contradiction of these statements dissolves when one recognizes that this is exactly the way it is planned: Induced preference falsification with increasing internalization of the conflict line!-or simply: Forced hypocrisy with increasing, self-induced internalization.

The constant pressure to the 'preference falsification,' or hypocrisy, leads in the end to a schizoid personality structure which is at the same time an extremely effective way to suppress the masses. Ludek Pachmann, Czechian ex-communist and chess great-master, arrives at this conclusion with regards to his people:[31]

"For the soul of a nation there is actually something even worse than mass murder and expulsion: It is the condition where a nation is systematically lead astray and educated to lie and disregard the law for more than half a century."

What Kuran calls "preference falsification," Czeslaw Milosz described as "the Art of the inner reservation" in his book Verführtes Denken (Mislead Thinking) with reference to the life in the 'People's Democracies:[32]

"Over there, one can describe the relations between individuals hardly any different than with the word disguise or play-acting; the only difference is that their stage is not in the theater, but in the street, in the office, in the factory, in the meeting hall, yes even in one's own room. Each spoken word has to be quickly checked in advance for possible consequences. [...] After some time, an individual is so bonded with his role that it is no longer possible to distinguish between the learned and the innate. Even married couples talk among themselves in the jargon of the political meeting. The close bond with the enforced artificial role creates a certain relief, because the tension and the required attention can now be loosened somewhat. One knows that the proper reflexes will be there automatically in the given moment. [...] To say something is white and to think that it is black, to smile within and to show a solemn zeal outwardly; to hate and at the same time to pretend proofs of love; to know and to fake ignorance: who deceives the opponent in such a way-who in turn does not act any differently-learns how to appreciate his own cunning. [...] Up to now, a dissembling of such gigantic proportions was not often observed in human history. [...] If one encounters honesty with a conversational partner, then this is a bad sign. [...] Fifty or one hundred years of education according to such principles could bring up a human type for whom there is no more return. The 'new person' is not at all a postulate anymore, but at the point to become real. [...] Life within a continuous inner tension awakens talents which otherwise slumber hidden in man. One has no idea of the top performances of cunning and the psychological brilliance, which man is capable of when driven in a corner and when having only the choice between cunning or death. Whoever adjusts best to this mental acrobatic, will succeed, and so, an otherwise little known type of man forms in modern Europe."

A certain measure of 'makebelieve', also called politeness, is indispensable for a smooth getting along with each other, just think of the hardly avoidable phrase 'Sincerely', which is applied even if one does not feel like it. Who will not tell a life-saving white lie, if one has to expect that a patient in intensive care may not survive some shocking news? In these cases the 'liar' is still in control of himself. It will be bad when the line of conflict (according to Havel) is shifted into the inside and thus man's integrity is taken, yes even his identity.

"In a time when men live without perspective, from hand to mouth, being a Jew seems to furnish an enviable justification of existence. [...] In the meantime he is the rooted, and the philo-Semitic average citizen, the eternally straying Goy, experiences himself as a man without qualities, uprooted, homeless."

Thus places Alain Finkielkraut the mirror in front of us.[33] And Michael Wolffsohn writes:[34]

"The majority of the Israelis has a completely unbroken relation to the nation and the national state. In Israel, nationalism is a matter of course, in Germany it is intolerable to many, no, to most people."

Who dares describe the condition of the nations of the world, which were systematically led astray in this century to lie, to be hypocritical, and to show contempt for law, truth and self-respect?

To return to historical revisionism, let us look at the situation like in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the emperor's new clothes: The emperor's chancellery distributed information among the citizens which listed who claimed that the emperor is naked or that the tailors, who made the new dresses, are swindlers. Even reports about it were prepared. The arguments of the heretics were stated. The office even engaged actual or alleged heretics, who were allowed to announce their 'truths'. At the same time, the so-called 'The-emperor-is-naked-lie' is placed under penalty. But the chancellery can be certain that the belief in the emperor's new clothes and the aversion for the non-believers is internalized and reinforced, because only the dignified can see the new clothes and nobody likes to be considered unworthy. Actually every one is informed, but in order not to endanger his own situation, everyone acts according to the required role, even trying to outdo the other, and at the same time watching for the others for the slightest sign of doubt. The self-deception, as Schabowski describes it, spreads epidemically-until a small child suddenly shouts: "But he has nothing on!" One says to the other: "He has nothing on, a small child there, which maintains, that he has nothing on!"-"He has nothing on!" finally shouted all citizens-in the fairy tale!

In 1996, a German author conforming with the system, Markus Tiedemann, published a book with the provocative title No one was gassed in Auschwitz.[35] The title picture showed a sympathetic Hitler surrounded by children. Imagine the paradox: The revisionist/heretic can be certain about automatic conviction for such a statement. Herr Tiedemann takes this statement as a title of his book in order to rebut it with flimsy arguments. Or as Andersen's fable says it: The emperor's chancellery issues a paper with the title: The emperor is naked! It is, of course, not done for the truthful clearing-up, but to reinforce the belief of the fanatic believers!

Prof. Faurisson once quoted in an article "The Adventure of Revisionism" in Journal of Historical Review two psychological important statements. Céline: "La rage de mentir et de croire s'attrape comme la gale." (The desire to lie and to believe spreads like the scabies) and La Fontaine: "L'homme est de glace aux vérités. Il est de feu pour les mensonges." (Man shows truth the cold shoulder and is enthusiastic for the lie).

Ignatius of Loyola also knew that believing followers are easier to bind to himself with a falsehood than with the truth. Thus is one of his rules of spiritual exercise:[36]

"That we are certain in every regard, we always have to confirm: that, which appears to be white to our eyes, is black as soon as the hierarchical church decides thus."

The Protestant Novalis said about Loyola's program that no one has ever thought with more common reason about the implementation of a greater idea.[37]

Already in Sebastian Brants Ship of Fools (1494) it says: "The World wants to be deceived." Later it was added: "therefore it shall be deceived!"

Untruth and truth are not opponents with equal rights! With the knowledge about truth one can unfortunately not build a social system that carries a punch comparable to that of a system which is based on the belief in a lie-until this one breaks as a result of its internal contradictions. Unfortunately, truth has not the same social disciplining effect as a lie. Truth is inflexible to some measure, maybe even boring; the lie is flexible, slick; it permits an apparent security within the system of lies; it allows one to take refuge from reality into illusions.

We can therefore say that the above aphorisms by Céline and La Fontaine, as ridiculous as they may seem, describe effectively the ways to exercise and maintain power. It deals with a sort of 'depth psychology' which is not taught at the universities. An allegation (a lie), frequently placed into the world and with great assertiveness, finally develops a self-dynamic impetus that resists every rational opposition, especially if the ground for it has been prepared over centuries.

The retired German historian Prof. Christian Meier:[38]

"For some time now, it is clear that the murder of six million European Jews in always new waves must evoke a lasting horror. This inconceivable crime can be placed nowhere, one cannot live with it in peace. With all attempts to keep it conscious, it must sink within the memory more and more-only to be remembered most sensitively not just once in a while, but again and again, and also by large parts of the society."

And sometime later, the myth will be anchored so deeply within the soul that the false god in the foreground can be dispensed with.

Let us remember that already different, smaller false gods have been torn down: the gas chamber in Dachau, the gas chambers in the Altreich (i.e., the territory of Germany proper). After the fall of the 4 million number of Auschwitz, Waclaw Dlugoborski, curator for research questions at the State Museum of Auschwitz said bluntly: "the inflated number of Auschwitz victims" had been a taboo "also for political reasons".[39] The dismantling of the Katyn-lie was treated at midnight in a TV broadcast, and it was then never heard of again. Also smaller Left Icons[40] were torn down without benefiting us. Quite on the contrary! Additionally, the dismantling of idols and icons was always done by system conformists and not through heretics. The latter may have helped to prepare the dismantling, but they cannot claim success for themselves. A revision 'from above' is usually accepted without grumble. Finally, one unfortunately has to assume that in the meantime the German people, but also others, have become mentally so lethargic that the fall of the false gods was never hailed, neither with joy nor with regret. The psychological damage, however, will last for a long time, and an international court-which according to Article 11b of the "Convention about the prevention and punishment of genocide" from December 9, 1948, could also prosecute mental damages as genocide[41]-would hardly come to our assistance. Or would it? Andersen's child shouting the truth would have to be heard worldwide: "Everything is completely different!" And who could take such a role and break the ban? Abbé Pierre, a French monk with a worldwide reputation who revolted against the Holocaust propaganda for a short period of time, proved not to have the strength of character to play this role to the end.[42] Unfortunately, Andersen does not give a hint how it could continue.

Jürgen Graf referred in his book Todesursache Zeitgeschichtsforschung (Cause of Death: Historical Research)[43] to a text by Claude Lanzmann who is well-known for his nine-hour Shoah movie:[44]

"There was always a Christian jealousy, a jealousy of the Christians for the Jewish suffering.[...] When Auschwitz is something else than an horror of history, when it evades the 'banality of evil', then Christianity trembles in its foundation. Christ is the Son of God who went to the end of the humanly possible, where he had to endure the most horrible sufferings. [...] If Auschwitz is true, then a human suffering exists which cannot be placed on the same level as Christ. [...] In this case, Christ is false, and no salvation will come from him. Fanaticism of suffering! If Auschwitz is far more extreme than the Apocalypse, far more horrible than what John describes in his Apocalypse (because the Apocalypse can be described and even reminds of a large Hollywood-like spectacle, while Auschwitz is inexpressible and indescribable), then the Book of the Apocalypse is false, and the Gospels as well. Auschwitz is the refutation of Christ."

Instead of having a drink on this, one may quote George Tabori:[45]

"The shortest German joke is Auschwitz."(The German word for joke is Witz.)

But only he can say this.

A single quotation does not say much, but it adds another piece to a mosaic which will become more and more complete and thus recognizable if we keep on researching. Let us now take a letter which Baruch Lévy wrote to Karl Marx:[46]

"The Jewish people as a whole want to be its own Messiah. It wants to obtain domination through the destruction of other races, through abolishing the borders, through destruction of the monarchies, who have always been the pillars of individualism, and through erection of a global republic in which the Jews have the privileges of the citizenry. The children of Israel, spread all over the world, wish to install compliant leaders in this new world order, and this will be even more the case after they successfully brought the working masses under their control. The governments of the various nations who represent the will of the world republics will fall into the hands of the Jews without difficulties through the victory over the proletariat. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and to make use of government resources everywhere. Through this the theses of the Talmud will be fulfilled, in which is said that when the time of the Messiah comes, the Jews will have control over the entire world."[47]

Marx understood the proletariat as a "messianic class".[48] A namesake of the letter writer, the Jewish author Bernard-Henri Lévy, wrote in the magazine Le Point of December 13, 1997, of a "reversed providence with the Jews as Christ".[49]

Those who believe that all of this is invalid when considering the alleged breakdown of communism and the alleged End of Illusions (François Furet, 1996), might actually succumb to the greatest illusion of all.

"What influential forces in both [Russian] chambers of parliament and together with the followers of the old-new Prime Minister Tschernomyrdin planned to do as remedies for the threatening financial governmental bankruptcy, reminds us largely of ideas which were believed to have been buried once and for all with the fall of communism."[50]

Prof. Konrad Löw calls his latest requital of Marxism thoughtfully "Came the end before the beginning? - 150 years 'Manifesto of the Communist Party.'"[51] And Kerstin Holm, journalist of Germany's most renowned daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, arrives in her analysis "Russian Society in regression" to the surprising conclusion:[52]

"The Bolshevistic spirit of the latest jump forward is unmistakable."

This sounds like historical dialectics.

If it was and is possible that the 'new religion' could get a strong foothold at least in the western world-there is now also a Holocaust memorial in Moscow-then this is evidently so because the new myth of suffering found eager acceptance in a world which was defined by a Christian myth of suffering for more than one and a half millennia. In this context, the secularization or de-Christianization of the last 200 years means no real relief. Even if a certain faith itself disappears, a latent readiness for faith continues to exist and can be filled with new contents at any time. Benjamin d'Israeli stated in 1844 that Christianity is Judaism for Non-Jews, and Oswald Spengler thinks: "Christian Theology is the Grandmother of Bolshevism." According to Baruch Lévy, Bolshevism is a means to establish the Jewish people as the Messiah. If we, in addition to this, consider the famous aphorism of Moses Maimonides (1135-1204): "Jesus cleared the path for the Messiah",[53] then the circle closes, and it becomes clear what it means when it is said that we must return to the common roots, namely the Jewish.

That this is about the thinking over millennia-even after all the changes with time and beyond all temporary alliances or oppositions-may by confirmed with a more recent quotation from a Professor of Judaism:[54]

"It is striking that Israel has no king according to the Torah. [...] But if the prophecies see a kingdom as culmination point of the socio-political development of any ethnic unit, and if it takes fourteen generations after Avrahám to have this prophecy fulfilled for Israel, then the Book seems to provoke a comparison with other nations and apparently wants to show how different Israel is, as if it wanted to say: You need a longer breath, yours is a world history and not an episodic interlude."

By so doing, the author assumes of course that the Torah was indeed written 3,000 years ago. When considering the age of human history, however, such a period of time is nothing but a marginal interlude.

The trick is simple and clever: One projects a self-fabricated prophecy into a mythical past and deduces claims for the future from it. R. J. Zwi Werblowsky formulated it this way:[55]

"Yet the Jewish Messianism is more than hope. It is the big paradox of the Jewish History: Memories of the future." (Emph. added)

Arnold Toynbee was of the opinion that Judaism solidified into a fossil after the destruction of the temple. Prof. Radday, however, is convinced that it flourishes and carries rich fruits. The latter we experience daily. Besides, the Torah supposedly is the "Book of World Education."[56]

After our memories of our own past was thoroughly ruined, we obviously have nothing left to effectively oppose this. At least we cannot expect any defense from the representatives of our people, as the spontaneous, frantic applause for Weizmann's above quoted speech indicates. Attempts to revive national myths or to investigate Judeo-Christian falsifications of our early history and our national myths are criminalized, similarly to revisionism.

At this point, one could assume that Jews are gifted for the thinking in mystic millennia-long lasting epochs. In this way, Armand Hammer, a friend of Lenin as well as a confident of all American Presidents of his time, believed that he could trace his family tree back to Judas the Maccabean. Today we know that many, if not most Jews did not descend from the biblical people of the Hebrews, as Arthur Koestler proved:[57]

"Many Polish, Bessarabic, and Ukranian Jews descended from the Slavs or Tatars who at one time converted to Judaism under the military or political influence of the Khasars. The Khasars ruled over a huge empire at the Dnjepr from the 6th to the 10th century, and they themselves were Turanides converted to Judaism."

Koestler's book is out of print and it is said that the author did not voluntarily commit suicide. The book of the German author Soratroi who summarized Koestler's thesis, is 'verboten', i.e., prohibited in Germany.[58] He who lives truthfully does not have to suppress books. It can, however, be inferred from the ban of a book that pieces of truth can be found in it.

It is certainly more realistic to assume a profound lack of identity, which is compensated by means of a fantastic historical philosophy (pseudologia phantastica). This way, a life with stories turns into a life within stories. Those stories become the exclusive frame of reference for any personal as well as collective orientation. The only alternative to this is the threat of total assimilation with the host nations and thus the end of Jewry.

As described in the flap text of the series Judentum und Umwelt (Judaism and Environment):[59]

"If tensions [...] are missing, and if assimilation dominates in an environment free of problems, counter reactions will emerge within Jewry with the goal to gain an ethnic and religious profile for the purpose of self-preservation."

Avraham Burg, 'the man, who taught the Swiss banks how to fear,' lets the cat out of the bag:[60]

"Let us assume that one day there is peace; then the Jews and Israelis will have to ask themselves: Can we Jews survive without an enemy? Can we survive without a Hitler who defines for us who we are?"

Michael Wolffsohn took the same line:[61]

"What turns non-religious Diaspora Jews into Jews? Nothing. [...] It is part of the tragic absurdity of Jewish existence in the Diaspora that only the Holocaust fills the Jewish nothing of the non-religious Diaspora Jews and is thus the only foundation of Jewish identity for them. The Holocaust memories of the non-religious Jews, i.e., of the majority of all Diaspora Jews, has far reaching consequences for their relationship to Germany: They still perceive the new Germany as the old national-socialist and structurally Jew-murdering country. That is no anti-Germanism or German-hate, but the desperate and understandable search for Jewish identity." (Emph. added)

When Prof. Faurisson concluded with reference to the introduction holes for Zyklon B in the so-called gas chambers:

"No holes - no 'Holocaust'",[62]

one could conclude further:

"No 'Holocaust' - no Jews."

Grandiose perspectives result when we follow Sonja Margolina's explanations about this 'desperate Jewish search for identity':[63]

"The displacement of the bond to the community belongs to the process of the marginalization, is a prerequisite of the forming of identity which seems to be never completed for the Jews. Therefore those Jews, who denied Trotzki his Judaism, do not know that his way of 'not being Jewish' was typically Jewish. "Being Jewish' results from a split identity, from the flight from Judaism. Isaak Deutscher wrote: 'The Jewish defector who succeeds in leaving Judaism stands within Jewish tradition.' This tradition did not begin with Karl Marx, but with a renegade whose revelations changed the course of the world history. His name was Jesus Christ. Foreign to the orthodox Jews, dangerous to the powerful, he disowned God from the Jews and distributed him (or himself) to all human beings, independent of race or blood. This internationalization of God was repeated by the Jewish defectors during the newest time in secularized form. In this very specific sense Marx was a modern Christ and Trotzki was his most faithful Apostle. Both, Christ and Marx, wanted to ban the money changers from the temple, and both could not do it. To say it differently, to be a Jew means to unite a split identity and ambivalence in one person without necessarily realizing this. This dichotomy permits avoiding responsibility and to feel as the eternal victim and persecuted, in particular if this attitude appears to be legitimated by historical experience.'

'The Jews are [...] the most fateful people on earth: In their repercussions they distorted mankind to such an extent that even today a Christian can feel anti-Semitic without understanding himself as the final Jewish consequence."[64] (Emph. added.)

(click to enlarge)

This ambivalence also produced strange results, which are usually kept secret today: In the late 1930s, the Jewish author Gertrude Stein repeatedly demanded that Hitler should receive the Nobel Price for peace.[65] In 1933, Arnold Schönberg wrote a letter from his Paris exile to Wilhem Furtwängler, who tried to mediate between the Jews on the one hand and Goebbels and evidently also Hitler on the other. Furtwängler suggested:[66]

"[I]f the German government could decide to step at the head of a movement which could give a historic meaning to the expulsion started by the German government, [...] such a decision would suddenly end all talk against the German culture and deprive its opponents of this valuable propaganda. Such an action of international conciliation would prove the desire of the German people for peace, without preventing it to demand its claims. It would, however, increase the inclination of the nations to concede to a peace-loving Germany its rightful claims. [...] A truly new world picture would develop [...]."

In a proclamation to the Jewish people, Juda erwache! (Jewry Awake), published in Zurich 1938, Beri Chaim called Hitler the "most just and most peace loving of all men" (p. 78). Alain Finkielkraut is alleged to have said in a French TV broadcast: [67]

"Le nazisme a péché par un excès de bien." (Nazism has sinned through an excess in good.)

And more recently, André Glucksmann came to the conclusion:[68]

"Hitler am I."

Walther Rathenau confessed in his reflections (Leipzig 1912, p. 238):

"The phenomenon of the soul of the Jewish people is religious madness."

Approximately at the same time, the New York Jewish psychiatrist, Fr. William Hirsch, wrote:[69]

"It is something tremendously tragic to admit that mankind, for thousands of years, has raised the symptoms of a couple of mentally deranged Jews to its highest ideals. This is a terribly tragic fate. More tragic than anything else that happened to mankind."

It still remains a puzzle how the symptoms were carried over from the Hebrews to the Khasars. Abba Evan enlightens us about "The Jewish Character of Christian Thinking":[70]

"Original Christianity stands closer to Judaism than the representatives of both religions want to admit in general. Christian theologians as well as orthodox Jews underestimate the original Jewish-Christian relationship. Christianity changed only slowly into a non-Jewish religion, separated from the Jewish community. [...] Christianity owes Judaism, besides Jesus, the One, the living God, a holy scripture-the Old Testament-which cleared the way for the New Testament, and a view on history which gives life a goal and history a sense. [...] No other people has created a myth of such an impact. [...] Never before had a people pictured the human fate so totally different from nature's cycle.[...]"

And Martin Buber wrote in his famous work The Jew and his Judaism:[71]

"All ideas of great social constructing into the future derive from that fighting belief of Israel. [...] Even the Jewish Karl Marx is only a translator of the Jewish belief in the future and will for the future."

Today, 100 million victims of Communism say thank you. In their known standard work Die Unfähigkeit zu trauern (The Inability to Mourn) Alexander and Margarethe Mitscherlich wrote:[72]

"It cannot be ruled out that during the course of coming decades the extraordinary [number of] victims of the Russian revolution will show to have been worthwhile."

The book Esther of the Old Testament (Chap. 3, 12-13) relates the story of Minister Hamán, who informed his king Ahasveros (Xerxes) about the mischief of the Jews in the land. He therefore received the full power to write letters to all princes and administrators with the order to exterminate all Jews. Prof. Jehuda T. Radday and Prof. Magdalena Schultz interpreted the story this way:

"This is the first anti-Jewish pamphlet in the Jewish history and was written by Jews as a parody! One of the means used by Jews to cope with anti-Jewish hatred, which is so incomprehensible to them, is humor, which is used in this instance by ascribing this circular letter to Hamán, the incarnation of anti-Semitism. It includes almost everything that can be found in later similar decrees: Accusation of godlessness, ungratefulness, greed, witchcraft, cruelty, and exploitation of fellow men, as well as the decision to finally solve the Jewish problem."[73]

"The plan was foiled in the last moment. But even if it would have been executed, Hamán would have come out with impunity. Ironically this arch enemy of the Jews was then hanged for a crime that he did neither plan nor commit: The king suspected that Hamán wanted to rape the queen almost under her husband's eyes (see Est. 7.-5-10)."-"The Humor in the Book Ester is unmistakable."[74] (Emph. added.)

Hamán and his ten sons were hanged, and the Jews in the land received the right to kill 75,800 Persians. In memory of this splendid story, the Jews celebrate the identity-enforcing Purim festival, externally seen in analogy to our Carnival. Between Hamán, if he ever existed, and Hitler lie 2,400 years.

As long as we (the Germans) don't have the 'intellectual air sovereignty' in our own country, the 'Holocaust-Myth' and the German 'Guilt-Myth' can only be fought, if at all, if they are comprehended as building blocks within the Jewish plan of (self-)redemption, where a continuity consists from the Old Testament to Communism, which today finds its continuation within globalism.

"Besides the Christian church and socialist Internationalism, a third Internationalism of Jewish origin is mentioned, the international high finance. This one, too, replaces the holistic nature of living humanity with an abstraction, the economic value of the individual, numerically expressed in money. [...] A straight line leads from Paul over Marx to Trotzki and his hostile brothers from the empire of the Jewish high finance."[75]

Truth-loving historians or revisionists find themselves in a situation, which resembles that of the honest card players who play with dishonest partners and point out to them again and again their small and large deceptions, and they request honesty. That is, they appeal to a presumed agreement which does not exist, whereby these partners legitimize their cheating with their religion. They can rightfully point out that they, the honest players, actually have the same basic law of their own religion, the Old Testament, at home in their cabinets and worship it as a Holy Book.

Please read the following sections in this "Holy Scripture": 1. Moses 27, 29; 2. Moses 15, 3; 4. Moses 14, 8-9; 5. Moses 6, 10-11; 5. Moses 7, 1-7, 16; 5. Moses 12, 29-30; 5. Moses 20, 13-16; Joshua 1, 19; Psalms 2, 89, Psalms 79, 6; Isaiah 33, 10-13; Isaiah 60, 21; Isaiah 63, 6; Isaiah 66, 16; Micah 4, 13.

Otto von Habsburg wrote about "Our Jewish Roots":[76]

"If Judaism would have nothing else produced than the Old Testament, we already would have to pay tribute to them. This book does not only contain basic divine revelations like the creation story, it is also the first school of thought and the starting point of our development."

Count Nikolous Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the Paneuropean Union, wrote in 1925:[77]

"A decisive step towards this goal formed the Russian Bolshevism, where a small group of communistic intellectual aristocrats governed the land, and consciously broke with plutocratic democracy, which today dominates the rest of the world."

"Had Coudenhove-Kalergi lived during the time of the Old Testament, they would have called him a Prophet," so Otto von Habsburg, today's President of the Paneuropean Union, in a letter from Pöking of Nov. 9, 1994.[78]

In an essay meant to expose the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as "a fake record about an alleged secret Jewish meeting," Dr. Herbert Hillel Goldberg writes:

"The Messiah of the tribe of Juda will indeed rule from the throne of David, when Jerusalem will be the capital of the world: 'At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of the LORD, to Jerusalem: neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart.' (Jer. 3, 17). 'And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.' (Isa. 2, 2-3). What the Highest in his healing plan for the world has provided will come, but not in the way the enemy is representing it."

So much for the 'exposure' of Goldberg from the "Friends of Zion, Inc." during a tour through Germany and Switzerland in May/June 1994 in Christian churches! The welcoming address on occasion of an "Israel-Conference '98" in Nuremberg (3.-5. April 1998) included the following statement:[79]

"We are standing at the turning point of a new era! The nations rub themselves sore at this small country and force it into isolation (Sacharja 12,3). During these eschatological events, we Christians are called to give comfort to Israel in love and to prepare the way for the Messiah (Jesaja 40)."

Not a word that this small nation, at which we rub ourselves sore, has probably the world's largest destructive power in nuclear weapons in relation to the number of its inhabitants.[80]

"You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities."

This sentence of the Prophet Amos (Chap. 3, 2) "testifies of the majestic self-confidence with which the Prophet is filled, who is at once Jahwe's most faithful servant and passionate patriot. In this relationship to his people lies the deepest root of the faith in the coming Messiah. [...][81](Emph. added)

In Dietrich Eckart's writing Der Bolschewismus von Moses bis Lenin (Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin) the last paragraph reads:[82]

"It is probably so: the Jew can only be understood if it is known what he strives for in the end. Beyond world domination to the destruction of the world. He believes that he has to subjugate all mankind in order to create paradise on earth, as he persuades himself. Only he is capable of this, so he makes himself believe, and it will certainly come to this. But already from the means he is using, one can see that he is secretly driven to something else. While he persuades himself that he improves mankind, he torments it into despair, into insanity, into collapse. If he is not stopped, he will destroy it. He is prepared for this, he is driven to it; even if he vaguely forebodes that he will destroy himself by this as well. He cannot get out, he must do it. To me, this feeling for the absolute dependence of his own existence on the existence of his victim seems to be the main reason for his hatred. To have to destroy someone with all the power, but at the same time to foreshadow that this will lead, without salvation, to his own destruction, that is it: the tragedy of Lucifer."

The same stance is expressed in early poems by Karl Marx, for example in:[83]

"Prayer of the Despairing: Has God torn down everything from me, / rolled away in fateful curse and yoke. / His worlds - all - all amiss! / One was left, the revenge I still have, / I will proudly take revenge against myself, / against the creature that sits high up on the throne. / My power be patchwork of weakness alone, / and my good itself not be rewarded! / I will build a throne for myself, / cold and huge shall be its summit. / Superhuman horror be its fortress, / And its marshal be its dark pain! / Who looks up with healthy eyes, / Returns pale as dead and mute, / Touched by the blind breath of death, / May his own fortune dig his trap. / That the lightnings of the Highest bounce / Off the high, iron-made building, / If he breaks my walls, my halls, / Eternity rebuilds them in defiance."

Or from

"Men's Pride: Then I throw the glove scoffing / A world into its wide face, / And even if the giant lady dwarf topples moaning, / her ruins will not crush my fervor. / Godlike may I promenade, / Victorious move through her domain of ruins, / Each word is fire and action, / My chest resemble the Creator's bosom."[84]

Winston Churchill thought, at least during a debate in the House of Commons on January 26, 1949, that:

"I think the day will come when it will be recognized without doubt, not only on one side of the House but throughout the civilized world, that the strangling of Bolshevism at its birth would have been an untold blessing to the human race."

To the objection that if that had happened, England should have lost the last war, Churchill replied:[85]

"No, it would have prevented the last war."

Unfortunately we don't know whether he considered the birth of Bolshevism to have taken place in 1917, in 1848, or at the time of Moses.

According to the Old Testament, Moses was responsible for an early mass murder, at that time, however, not of a foreign people, but of the intellectual elite of his own people. In the 4th Book of Moses, Chapter 16 it is said, how 'Korah's gang' rebelled against Moses,

"and they rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly, famous in the congregation, men of renown: and they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron, and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the LORD is among them: wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the LORD."

Instead of showing any respect for this 'democratic' request, he announced a 'Sentence of God' already the next day. The earth

"and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods."[86]

About the explanation of the priesthood, Nietzsche stated:[87]

"The famous story at the beginning of the Bible, has it actually been understood-about God's paralyzing fear of science? ... The beginning of the Bible includes the complete psychology of the priests.-The priest knows only one danger: that is science, the healthy concept of cause and effect."

Science, however, is revisionism!

In this story, one may also recognize the basic principle of the Cheka as it was brought to perfection by the Bolsheviks thousands of years later. On September 6, 1919, Maxim Gorki wrote a letter to Lenin:[88]

"For me, the wealth of a country, the power of a people is measured according to the quantity and quality of its intellectual potential. The revolution makes only sense if it favors growth and development of this potential. Scientists must be treated with the highest measure of consideration and respect. However, by cutting off the head of the people while saving our own skin, we destroy our brain."

Lenin answered as follows:[89]

"It is incorrect to throw the 'intellectual power' of the people into the same pot as the 'power' of the intellectual bourgeoisie. [...] The intellectual forces of the workers and the peasants grow and become strong through the fight for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and their helpers, the intellectuals, the lackeys of the capital who think of themselves to be the brain of the nation. In reality they aren't the brain, they are just dirt."

Another example for the Cheka principal was the Katyn massacre, during which the military leadership of Poland was exterminated.

Since the destruction of the temple in the year 70 there were, according to Rabbi Shmul Himelstein,[90] only two important events for Jewry: the Holocaust and the founding of the State of Israel. Rabbi Benjamin Blech recently gave the following explanation for the connection of both events: In the 3rd Book Moses (Leviticus) 25, 10 it says:

"And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family."

These words are also engraved on the American liberty bell. The Hebrew expression for "you shall return" (TaShuVU), however, is slightly incorrect. Grammatically seen, one 'v' ("vav") is missing; it should have been: TaShUVU. This missing "va" stands for 6. TaShuVU without the missing letter is interpreted as the promise that the Jewish people finally will return to its homeland. Decoded into numbers, it yields 708 (400+300+2+6). The founding year of the State of Israel (1948) is 5708 according to the Hebrew calendar. The thousand are ignored. Therefore, the Prophecy results in the founding year, where a "vav" = 6 (million) is missing. If the Prophecy were not grammatically 'incorrect', and thus written with the missing "vav", it would not contain Israel's correct founding year, hence the Prophecy would be false. However, because God never errs, he spells the Prophecy incorrectly-without "vav" = 6-in order to indicate that 6 (million) will be missing. (Else Israel would have to have been founded in 1954). Thus far Rabbi Benjamin Blech according to the explanations of a 'revisionist' book.[91] This book is not allowed to be delivered to Germany; anyway, the German ambassador in Washington got himself two copies. It is edited by Dr. Robert Brock, the leader of a "Self-determination Committee" for American negroes (pardon: 'Afro-Americans'), who also appears occasionally at events of the German rightwing splinter party DVU in Passau, and who published a book with quotations exonerating Germany, Freispruch für Deutschland (Acquittal for Germany),[92] a fact which of course speaks neither against the one nor for the other.

(Click to Enlarge)

It is generally known that for Jews each letter in the Torah is sacrosanct:[93]

"A single wrong or illegible letter in the [Torah] roll makes it worthless and it has to be corrected. If this is discovered during the KHT [Keriát-ha-Torá = lecture from the Torah], it is immediately interrupted, the Torah is rolled up, put aside, and another roll is opened up at the same place-if the Jews there are so lucky to be owners of a second one!"

Because for cabbala members, the Torah includes 600,000 different possible interpretation (or are there even 6,000,000?), it would not be surprising if the above version is not the only one:[94]

"All puzzles of the scripture will be solved within the last sixty seconds before the beginning of Judgment Day, this guarantees the Jewish secret teaching."

A new regulation of the civilian calendar, as it was repeatedly suggested during this or that forum of the United Nations, would be a catastrophe for Jewry, but so far it has been prevented by Jewish authorities and organizations.[95] These examples may indicate, how naïve it is to assume that the 6-million-myth can be fought with rational arguments.

It is interesting to note that a term more and more intensively applied for what used to be called a 'Holocaust victim' is now a 'Holocaust Survivor', as if survivors were also victims. By so doing, a so-called "Holocaust Survivor Syndrome" is created, and this now already in the second and third generation, i.e., with the children and grand-children of the 'real' survivors. The members of the following generations suffer from 'survivor guilt', and 'Holocaust-Survivors' from the areas of the former Soviet Union suffer additionally because their 'soul was murdered'. Should the myth of the 6 million gassed collapse one day, a growing substitute army of 'Holocaust Survivors' is ready to be the future carriers of the victim's role.

The Christian reader may be horrified about some of the explanations made here. To their benefit, we can only assume that he does not know his "Holy Scripture". Who knows for example what is contained in the 4th Book Moses, Chapter 19?:

"This is the ordinance of the law which the LORD hath commanded, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke. And ye shall give her unto Ele-a'zar the priest, that he may bring her forth without the camp, and one shall slay her before his face: and Ele-a'zar the priest shall take of her blood with his finger, and sprinkle of her blood directly before the tabernacle of the congregation seven times. And one shall burn the heifer in his sight; her skin, and her flesh, and her blood, with her dung, shall he burn: [...]And a man that is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer, and lay them up without the camp in a clean place, and it shall be kept for the congregation of the children of Israel for a water of separation: it is a purification for sin..[...]"

Now we are finally there! Just recently, a "Red Calf" was born in Texas.[96] Only the fortified roof of the temple has still to be liberated from the Muslims in order to be able to greet the Messiah from the proper place. That would mean war.

At the turn of the 20th to the 21st century, some religious Jews and fundamentalist Christians found together, because for both the world first has to go 'through a deep valley', which means through war and fire, to reach the redemption by the Messiah.[97] And the poor calf is threatened by her own Holocaust (sacrifice through total burning).

the Israeli author Rachlevsky frightened his secular compatriots with the bestseller Donkey of the Messiah:[98]

"[He] refers to a typical, traditional Jewish suppression mechanism which runs like a red thread through Jewish history: The memory about disasters caused by periodically returning messianic movements was repeatedly repressed, and the destructive part played by some Rabbis was kept secret. [... The Messianists feel strengthened] in their belief that the future of the Jewish people belongs to them alone. For them, this future is primarily connected with the final time of the approaching messiah. According to cabbalistic understanding, the people of Israel will liberate itself from the dominance of the 'unclean mixed people' at the beginning of this time. Those satanic forces, who among others appear as Jewish non-believers, will either be converted by the faithful, or they will simply have to be destroyed. [...] Through ever increasing generous public subsidies, Netanyahu's policy led to a literally explosion of the number of Torah students. By orthodox Jews, this is understood as a token from God, as is Israel's tactic of a massively delayed retreat of the Israeli army from the once biblical areas, which is long overdue."

This article also discusses quite openly that according to the Jewish myth of the cabbala, 'left' stands for satanic and 'right' for the forces of good. According to Scholem, the cabbala calls evil the "left emanation" of God.[99]

A. B. Yehoshua explains the difference between left and right as follows:[100]

"The difference lies in the belief, or in the capability to believe, that man and society do not only have the capability for change, but also the desire for the true Tikkun, in fact despite and beyond the natural and eternal forces which define us, like those of origin and environment. This is the fundamental leftist orientation: the desire to change and the capability to transform. While the Right talks about necessity to be loyal to our ancestors, about the demand of the generations, about the fate which repeats itself, and about national mentalities, the Left talks about freedom from the past, redefinition of the roots, and about the destruction of stereotypes. Zionism always oscillated back and forth between Left and Right, revolution and conservatism." (Emph. added)

Is our (non-Jewish) Left aware of the fact that they actually serve cabbalistic goals to be finally destroyed as the "Donkey of the Messiah"?

450 years ago, Martin Luther came to the late insight:[101]

"If God does not want to give me a different Messiah than the one the Jews desire and hope for, then I would rather be a pig than a human being. I will give you a good reason. The Jews do not ask more from their Messiah than to be a star and a secular king who kills us Christians and divides the world among the Jews and make them the rulers. [...]"

Prof. Dr. Werner Pfeifenberger, who was heavily persecuted in Germany and Austria for his revisionist views and who was finally driven to suicide, stated the following:[102]

"Besides the three usual brain functions: understanding, rationality, and the will, which together make up man's spirit and serve his life's interests, a fourth category of thinking evidently slumbers within man which, once started through deliberate re-routing of psychic functions, lets men act against their very own interest for the benefit of a foreign will. The better the mentors of such re-routing succeed in hypnotizing other people of a closed world view, the sooner they can be moved as Isms, to sacrifice themselves and others, so that their spiritual mentors don't lack any power and wealth."[103]

Let us hope that Prof. Pfeifenberger did not include revisionism in his list of Isms, because the true revisionist always has to be ready to subject the knowledge gained through 'revision' to further revisions; he therefore does not have a closed world view by definition.

At the end, two quotations of the ingenious Otto Weininger who was crushed by his Judaism:[104]

"That almost all prominent people were anti-Semites (Tacitus, Pascal, Voltaire, Herder, Goethe, Kant, Jean Paul, Schopenhauer, Grillparzer, Wagner) goes back to the fact, that they, who have so much more in themselves than others, also understand Jewry better than others."

"And perhaps tentatively, the historic meaning and the enormous merit of Judaism is no other than to bring the Aryan always to the awareness of himself, to remind him of himself. The Aryan has to thank the Jew for this: through the Jew he knows what to avoid; he has to avoid the possibility of internalizing Judaism."

(To be continued)


First published in German in Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung 3(1) (1999), pp. 27-38. Translated by Fabian Eschen.

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