A Message to the Spartans of the Spirit

Published: 2013-09-28

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Q 1: In the mid-1990s your website, the famous Zundelsite, became the flagship of World War II Revisionism. It seems your NEW website, the Soaring Eagles website, is a radical departure from your customary political outreach. Have you abandoned your previous focus on Holocaust Revisionism?

IR: Not at all. The Zundelsite exists in cyberspace despite all efforts of our detractors to sabotage our search for Truth in History. It is now our leading archive website.

However, it has been almost 20 years since the Zundelsite was launched. Today, people of intelligence and political discernment accustomed to the reach and power of the Internet have grown beyond basic revisionist writings. The Zundelsite, in essence, has worked itself out of its job.

It now serves a different function—it is a repository of a range of revisionist writings—from simple explanations to highly important historical documents. Anybody who still needs to learn the ABCs of Holocaust Revisionism can go there—so can high caliber scholars who want to save time plowing over common ground that has been many, many times plowed before.

Informed people no longer need to be spoon-fed forensic and documentary FACTS backing up the revisionist claim that the so-called “Holocaust” is a Weapon of Mass Deception. That there are still buffoons running around who haven’t caught up with what is now known beyond a shadow of a doubt is neither here nor there.

Q 2: In a few words, what is the thrust and purpose of your Soaring Eagles Website?

IR: With the help of a handful of part-time assistants as well as volunteers, I strive to make my new website the flagship of the future for people of European descent. In a world that is simply overwhelmed with white noise and intrusive but largely meaningless chatter, a different approach for an effective information outreach is called for.

In olden days, the spoken and the written word sufficed for the masses, aided by radio and then television. That kind of information was not in our control. It was firmly in the clutches of our well-known foes.

Today we live in a different era where information overload is part of our daily existence. People don’t need need more—they need less, but better focused information that is emotionally meaningful for them.

Sadly, people no longer read books. Traditional newspapers are dying. TV no longer holds the attraction it once did. Youtube film clips longer than 5 minutes are simply ignored. The task at hand is to sharpen the message, to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I visualize my Soaring Eagles website as the cyber home for our people—the people of European descent.

I see my job as condensing the thoughts of the past in order to provide a responsible and well-marked ethnic road map for the future. We need to sort out what is valuable and worth preserving, and what we can safely do without.

Q 3: You have two slogans up front on your Soaring Eagles homepage: An English title taken from a popular film, “Back to the Future” and its equivalent in German: “Zurück in die Zukunft.”

In a world that is rapidly moving into what many people call “The Matrix”, are you not hopelessly reactionary in your approach?

IR: Not in the least. Our past belongs to us as one of our precious heirlooms. It is like a deed to property. We need to dust it off and bring it to the fore. It would be irresponsible to discard our intellectual and moral foundation.

We have a right and duty to respect and honor our past in order to craft an intelligent future. We aren’t rootless—we derive inner satisfaction and nourishment from thoughts and actions of those of our kind who walked this earth before us. It behooves us to seek out their counsel.

Q 4: You speak about the “Spartans of the Spirit” you want to reach and sponsor. What does that concept mean? Is that not brazenly supremacist?

IR: “Supremacism” is a political false flag our people have been taught to fear and abhor. This is not the forum to argue that elites are necessary in order to build a sturdy society. At this point in our struggle, it is simply a matter of strategic necessity and prudent stewardship to search out and recruit the exceptional individuals to a task where their very talents and exceptional personality traits are needed.

This is not to belittle the small man or woman of modest intellectual or spiritual endowment. People have different gifts. It has nothing to do with ethnic hubris to seek out and cultivate those with exceptional abilities as well as moral health and, let us not forget, self-discipline and boundless energy.

Who was it that said, “… you cannot cobble together sixteen cripples and hope to get one gladiator.” We are seeking out our ethnic gladiators in their respective fields of endeavor. We encourage other races to do likewise.

We have nothing to fear from competition, and neither do they, as long as it follows the dictum of “dignity, respect, and honor for all.”

Q 5: When you first came upon the cyber scene, you pioneered a novel concept called a ZGram—a daily message you sent out each morning to your worldwide list of supporters. Is your “Daily Message to the Spartans of the Spirit” not simply the same idea under a different label?

IR. In part. The latter-day ZGrams were right for their times. They consisted of editorials, e-mail commentary, news items, etc. My ZGrams gave our information outreach a “War Diary” flavor. They worked like a charm when the Internet was in its infancy.

This time it is different. My daily messages will not be my own. They will be excerpts of the finest thinkers of our ethnic pool, past and present. I want my readers to make it a habit before they go to work to get their “Spartans of the Spirit” boost—their “ethnic vitamin pill.” There is no point to reinvent the wheel. I say that Ancestry is Destiny.

Q 6: You are walking an ambitious road map you hope will recruit followers. With Netflix peddling lavish entertainment at very little cost, what will be different about your projected Arminius the Liberator film. What do you hope to accomplish?

IR: Here again, it is a matter of focusing our energies and managing our resources. I have spent years thinking of a vehicle that would involve our people in a pro-active and emotionally sustaining mode. It has to be an effort where a community identifies and feels an emotional investment.

Our present generation is impoverished culturally. Piecemeal approaches won’t do it. A poem won’t do it. A song won’t do it. A speech won’t do it. A book won’t do it. A conference won’t do it. All those are piecemeal efforts that the Germans would call Eintagsfliegen—flies that live merely a day.

As I envision it, Arminius the Liberator will be a project that will involve our people globally in a sustained, participatory mode for years.

Q 7: How will that be done?

IR: We won’t ape Hollywood, but we can learn from Hollywood. Remember how David Selznick masterminded Gone with the Wind? There was lots of pre-production publicity. People with a stake in an emotionally meaningful story were taught to expect and project great things every step of the way—millions of cheerleading fans made the film a fail-safe success long before it actually hit the theatres.

All this was pre-production. The search for an actress to play Scarlett O’Hara was a huge publicity endeavor. We will do likewise but bypass Hollywood. We don’t need agents. We don’t need middlemen. We have the Internet. We will search our pool of people for actors and actresses as well as producers, directors, talented crews that will fit our vision of what this film is going to be. We have plenty of talent out there—creative men and women we will seek out and engage from our fertile fount of ethnic genius and talent.

Q 8: The kind of film you are talking about is going to be expensive, even if you rely in part on ethnically committed volunteers. Where will the money come from?

IR Listen! It will come from people who are starved for a healthy identity, yearning for ethnic substance and integrity. We have been sickened in our souls from generations of systematic ethnic abuse. We have the numbers, and we are going to strengthen the will to craft our future to our liking.

Worldwide, there are 200 million of Germans or German-descendants alone. Add to those the other Europeans who have a stake in a vigorous, self-contained but mutually respectful Europe of Nations. A huge potential is out there—waiting to be tapped. Remember the song of the Depression, “… Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”

I am kidding, of course—but I am making a point. This film will be a “project of nickels and dimes”—millions and millions of them! Will every tenth person of European descent give us a dime? Every hundredth individual as much as a dollar? I am not being modest—I say that with a handful of fat-cats comes obnoxious control. We need to emotionally engage lots of people. The Internet will give us that reach.

It’s doable. It’s absolutely doable if our information outreach finds the right words and our publicity outreach employs the right strategy.

At the same time, it pays to be realistic. In the beginning, we are prepared to underwrite what’s needed. We’ll do it one meeting, one camera, and one computer at a time. Why do you suppose we market Zundel Print Collectibles so fiercely?

If we kick-start a trend, there will be others to join us who will want some tangible evidence that they had front seat at the bleachers.

Q 9: What about the film’s message itself?

IR: It’s really very simple. The screenplay will have a tailor-made political message—what happened 2000 years ago is happening today. Corruption at the top. Helplessness and despair because there seems to be no leader. Mass gullibility because of lack of proper education. False flags to scare the innocent. Slick slogans to deceive put out by covert rulers. And traitors in our midst who will do anything for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

Topics and themes of relevance today, as well as solutions are all embedded in the script we will bring to the screen in due time. And that is only a beginning—as people share their dreams and talents and resources.

Q 10: Is there a charge for joining and becoming a “Spartan of the Spirit”?

IR. No—if you mean membership. There will be no membership list. There will be no subscription to our print releases or bulletins. We do expect, however, sustained engagement and substantial contributions, be they of money, time, hands-on assistance, skills, connections, what-have-you.

Let this be clear: We want a crew without equal. We will not waste our time on folks who drain our energies, our time, or our money with petty selfishness. We don’t want Sunday Soldiers. No couch potatoes. No lukewarm patriots. No idle gossips. No endless yammerers. We are in a serious war for survival. We want men and women willing to give it their all.

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