A New Catalog of Revisionist Videos

Published: 1993-08-15

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In the Autumn of 1991 I wrote in these pages that a young Jewish video maker had contacted me, that one thing had led to another, and that we had decided to produce a line of revisionist videos. The young video maker of course was David Cole.

One thing led to another, and we formed a company to produce and distribute quality revisionist videotapes to the general public, as well as to revisionists. We named the company D&B Productions (pretty inventive, eh? David and Bradley?). It took a year and a half to produce our first successful revisionist videotape, "David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper." Written and directed by David, it was released in October 1992. It's become the most widely viewed revisionist video ever made.

Now our first revisionist video catalog is off the press — you should have gotten it by the time you receive this newsletter. It lists 21 videotapes, all but two of them exclusive to D&B Productions, and a special paper file on the controversy between Auschwitz curator Franciszek Piper and David Cole et. al. over the Piper/Cole Interview.

The catalog contains exclusive videotapes of the 2-hour Hans Schmidt tour of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Ernst Zuendel and David Cole at Auschwitz, and a two-hour behind-the-scenes look at a CBS-TV interview with Bradley Smith in his home, and 18 others. If you haven't yet received the D&B Productions video catalog, fax or call me at [... now invalid; ed] and I'll send you one immediately.

THE NEXT STEP in the Video Project is to create a distribution system for the catalog that wil1 raise the funds we need to produce quality videos in a regular way. Videos are inexpensive to produce compared to film, but you can't produce them for nothing. We had more than $8,000 invested in the Cole/Piper video, and were out on a very long limb, before we received our first order.

WE NEED YOUR HELP with getting this brand new revisionist video catalog off the ground. It's a very good outreach tool. While there is no formal editorial material in the Catalog, each blurb for each video, some of which are quite detailed, contains a revisionist "editorial." The way we have designed and printed it, the ful1 12-page, tabloid catalog costs about the same as a single 8 1/2 x 14 inch flyer at your local photo copy store. The catalogs can be given to friends, handed out to the public, "left around" or mailed (it's designed as a "self-mailer"). One person can make a big difference with a catalog like this one.

We're going to do everything we can to promote this catalog from our end. But if you have any ideas about how we can promote distribution of our video catalog, we're all ears. Nothing will get the revisionist message out more effectively than videotapes. Sometimes a single idea can be more profitable for a project like this one than 100s of hours of work or even large contributions of funds.

Your idea might be good for us, or it might be one that will work for you, or for others in your community. Send us your ideas. Write or fax me at [no longer valid; ed.]. Purchase the Catalog for distributing yourself. Help us get this catalog off the ground!

25 Catalogs: $4 — 50 Catalogs: $7
100 or more Catalogs: 10 cents ea.
(all post paid) [offer no longer valid; ed.]

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