About the IHR/Mermelstein Settlement

Published: 1985-08-01

This article originally appeared in the IHR Newsletter shortly after the original settlement between the IHR and Mel Mermelstein. The terms of the settlement agreement are often misrepresented.

– Greg Raven

With so many wild rumors still being circulated about the IHR/Mermelstein settlement, we want to remind our readers that, contrary to what has gone out through the press and media:

  1. The settlement agreement did not include any provision for a payment of any reward offer, and in fact was not such a payment.
  2. The IHR did not accept or in any way agree with Judge Johnson’s ridiculous 1981 “judicial notice” that Jews were “in fact” exterminated in “gas chambers” at Auschwitz.
  3. The IHR has not retreated one inch from its well-known position that there is no credible evidence to support the theory that Germans allegedly used homicidal poison gas chambers to exterminate the Jews of Europe.
  4. The letter of apology addressed the “suffering” some Jews said they experienced around the $50,000 award offer. It did not apologize for revisionist theory or revisionist literature in any way.

Following is the complete text of the letter our lawyers signed:

Each of the answering defendants do hereby officially and formally apologize to Mr. Mel Mermelstein, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald, and all other survivors of Auschwitz for the pain, anguish, and suffering he and all other Auschwitz survivors have sustained relating to the $50,000 reward offer for proof that ‘Jews were gassed in gas chambers at Auschwitz’."

Any person or organization that claims our lawyers signed any apology other than these few lines is either mistaken or knowingly distributing false information.

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