Acclaimed Internet Web Site Offers Worldwide Access to Revisionism

Hundreds Check Out IHR Material Daily
Published: 1997-11-01

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Through his personal Internet web site, Journal associate editor Greg Raven makes available an impressive selection of material from the Institute for Historical Review, including dozens of IHR Journal articles and reviews.

An independent service that impartially reviews and rates web sites has given the site a positive rating. In the summer of 1996, Gale Research posted on the "Cyberhound" web site a rating for Raven's site of three stars (out of a possible four). It also praised the site for its "strong content that has been endorsed by other publications."

The laudatory rating predictably prompted complaints. Laura B. Cohen, a network services librarian at the University of Albany (New York), voiced the most heated objections, calling the IHR's Journal "a notoriously racist publication." In response to such protests, Gale Research lowered its rating of Raven's site, and revised its description to include the warning: "The authoritativeness of the [IHR] journal has been widely denounced."

Global interest in Raven's web site remains strong. Between August 1 and November 13, 1997, an average of 700 persons in countries around the world visited Raven's site every day – with a total of 73,422 visits or "hits" during this period. In recent weeks the site has been receiving as many as 3,000 visits per day.

During this 105-day period, visitors to the site retrieved or transferred more than a million kilobytes of information altogether. On recent peak days, visitors have been retrieving some 30 megabytes of revisionist information daily, or the equivalent of some 21 million [correct: thousand; ed.] pages of double-spaced typewritten text.

Raven's site includes a listing of every item that has ever appeared in this Journal, enabling callers to quickly search for titles and authors. New items are added as time permits.

This revisionist material is instantly available to millions of computer users worldwide, free of censorship by governments or powerful special interest groups. It can be reached 24 hours a day from 146 countries through the World Wide Web (WWW), a multi-media Internet service.

Because it is linked to several other revisionist (and anti-revisionist) web sites, visitors can easily access vast amounts of additional information.

The Web site address for IHR material is [... now at; ed.]

E-mail messages should be sent to the IHR in care of [... check; ed.]

For Our Posterity

"Our Fathers in a wondrous age,
Ere yet the Earth was small,
Ensured to us an heritage,
And doubted not at all
That we, the children of their heart,
Which then did beat so high,
In later times should play like part
For our posterity.
"Then, fretful, murmur not they gave
So great a charge to keep,
N or dream that awestruck Time shall save
Their labor while we sleep.
Dear-bought and clear, a thousand year
Our fathers' title runs.
Make we likewise their sacrifice,
Defrauding not our sons."
—Rudyard Kipling, "The Heritage," 1905.

CODOH comments: In our effort to post all the papers published in The Journal of Historical Review, this item here stands out as one that has been repeated, with minor variations, in numerous issues of the JHR. We have decided to post them all, as none of them are 100% identical. We apologize if this seems repetitive. Blame it on the JHR's editor...

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Published: 1997-11-01
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