ANC Report live with David Cole The Door opens in ( 2:24:43 Hrs)

Published: 2021-05-29

ANC Report live with David Cole The Door opens in.

In this (Two hour and 24 minutes) video, David Cole is interviewed by ANC (Anti- Neo-Con) radio about his views about American politics and many other topics.


David Christopher Cole, was born in 1968 in LA. Studying American History led to research into the “Holocaust” which he soon found to be false. David appeared on US TV shows in the 1990s, with other individuals like Bradley Smith, and Mark Weber, to expose the “gas chamber” lie. On one show he demolished an account of a Holocaust survivor by pointing out that the door of an alleged “gas chamber” opens in…

(The victims would pile up against the door in trying to escape the gas.)

In one show, (Montel Williams), a Ernest Hollander, an Auschwitz prisoner claimed he was separated from his brother who was killed in the gas chambers. Later, the same show showed the other brother had “survived” and also believed his brother had suffered the same fate.

David’s sharp wits earned him a reputation, and he increasingly suffered verbal, then physical abuse from Zionist organisations. Following death threats, David broke under the strain and denounced his own views. The Zionists were particularly incensed with David as he is a Jew.

Changing his surname to Stein, David started to make “Holocaust” films, in each he won awards,until outed by a girlfriend after a tiff in 2013. He then became a “non-person”.

Later in his autobiography Republican Party Animal, David said his recantation was false. Since January 2015, he has been a staff writer and weekly columnist for Taki's Magazine.

NOTE: This video contains some bad language which some might find offensive.

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Published: 2021-05-29
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