And the Pot Keeps Boiling, Boiling

Published: 1996-05-01

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Northwestern University. The Daily Northwestern reports (12 April) that “Holocaust educator” Scott Fishweicher spoke to a “small group” (NU’s Students Helping to Organize Awareness of the Holocaust [SHAH]) to lament the “widespread outcry” caused by ads placed by “Noted revisionist Bradly [sic] Smith....”

“Fishweicher showed a ’48 Hours’ video illustrating the controversy of revisionism on the Ohio State University campus in 1992.” The chief thrust of the meeting appeared to be that revisionists are bad and that it is difficult to get students interested in doing something about it.

I recall that 48 Hours segment very well. How I spent the best part of a week getting it done, how production teams flew in and out of Visalia, hour after hour of interviews, much of it on camera, and how in the end about five minutes of my stuff was broadcast.

What saved the day and kept that week from being a dead loss was that, while the 48 Hours production team was here at the house filming me (Rita Braver was the interviewer), we were filming them. We put together a one-hour video of what we filmed and then added the four minutes or so of what 48 Hours used on the air. It’s very revealing of the difference between what is available to media and what it wants. (Ask for the 48 Hours Video. It’s an informative and fun-filled demonstration of why people think about revisionists the way they do. $30, post paid.)

Cornell University. News-travels-far-and-wide category: The mother of a Cornell student writes the Cincinnati Enquirer. “My daughter sent me an ad from her school newspaper (Cornell University) that claimed there was no Holocaust. Could this be true? I’d like to help her find a way to respond.”

We ran an ad there for five weeks this spring announcing 46 Unanswered Questions About the World War II Gas Chambers FREE on the World Wide Web. It would be helpful if Cornell moms were to read more carefully.

Radio Islam. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, and founded by Moroccan political exile Ahmed Rami, Radio Islam is the first revisionist Website anywhere in Europe. It posts revisionist articles in Swedish, English, French and German. We, of course, have forged an electronic “link” with Radio Islam so that anyone who reaches the CODOH Website will be able to reach Ahmed Rami as well.

CBS Sunday Morning (28 April) runs a segment on censorship mentioning ancient Greek writers, Voltaire and others and includes the de facto banning of David Irving’s Goebbels. The program received our e-mailed press release on this matter. Did it matter? I don’t know. We’ll just keep on sending the releases.

TCI Cable TV exhibited the Cole / Piper video on 19 April at 6 PM in the evening. Thanks to Kurt Pederson of Des Moines for having followed through with this.

KNTV-TC, San Jose CA, called on 30 April asking to do a taped interview. I told the reporter that I no longer do television interviews that are not broadcast live. I gave the reporter our address on the World Wide Web and she said she would go there. I said she could use what she wanted. She said she would.

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