Apologies for the Lack of Recent Updates From Alison Chabloz

Published: 2020-01-15

Dear All,

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. First of all, some positive news.

Last Friday, January 10th (full moon), I was again in the dock for my appeal against the National

Probation Service (NPS), this time at Derby Crown Court. To recap, the NPS had brought a retroactive

breach trial against me for publishing on my personal website during the year-long Prohibited Activity

Order which required me not to post or participate on “social media outlets”.


Once again, there were slight procedural errors: the Crown's barrister, Mr Christopher Jeyes, had not

received the appropriate skeleton argument in good time, apparently preventing the Crown and NPS

from providing disclosure on how the decision to breach me had been reached. The main issue here is

Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) applying political pressure and meddling in my case – a fact

they have freely admitted on several occasions.


Sitting with two magistrates, HHJ Egbuna told the court that it would be wrong to listen to the

evidence and submissions without first establishing whether or not the decision to breach me

constituted abuse of process. I agreed to an adjournment. A two-day re-trial has been scheduled for

June 26th and 27th The most interesting revelation was the admission by the opposition that the

decision to breach me had not been taken by my probation officer's superior, but by someone “from the

level above”.


And now for the not-so-good news. As I walked out of court, I was arrested under Section 127 of the

2003 Communications Act by one of four plain clothes policemen – two of whom had been sitting in

court. I had half-expected it, having ignored another request for an interview under caution. Still, I was

annoyed. Ex-Britain First Intel Officer, half-Jewish Paul Besser, was there to represent Joe Glasman's

Maccabees, Third Division.


As we reached the station, the officer who was driving (who I later discovered was local and just

helping out with a colleague) radioed the desk. He announced that they were bringing in a woman

“under the Public Order Act”. Police lie to each other, as well as to the general public: a nest of vipers.

Of course, in hindsight, if I had resisted and these officers had been caught on film using violence

against me to drag me into an unmarked car...


I was interviewed about an Internet podcast, the link to which had been shared on my GAB account.

Replying mostly no comment to their questions, it lasted an hour and a half and was utterly Orwellian.

No surprises for guessing the name of the “victim” - Stephen Silverman, CAA Director of

Investigations and Enforcement. Most questions came directly from Silverman's own witness

statement. Others were no doubt the result of police (combined with the intelligence services?) seeking

information, as well as a deliberate attempt to have me incriminate myself.


Apparently, because “most people” believe in the gas chamber narrative, anyone who doesn't believe is

not “the norm”. I couldn't help laughing at the irony of being interrogated by police detectives who

unquestioningly believe every aspect of the mainstream “Holocaust” narrative - and more: there were,

according to DC E. of Lincolnshire Police, homicidal gas chambers at Belsen.


The entire two-hour long Internet podcast had been transcribed, and the offending passages highlighted

in yellow. At one point, when my solicitor was absent from the room and the recording was halted with

the tape still running, I asked the detectives if they had any actual crime to investigate, for example,

child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, still free to travel the world at leisure. They told me they were

unable to answer...


I wondered why both of these men were “good cops” and where the “bad cop” might be. I soon found

out. When the interview was over and I was taken back to the lobby, I noticed sitting behind the desk

sergeant a dark skinned, uniformed man with large brown eyes, long hair and a black bandanna. His

expression was not friendly. I was led back to the custody cell and, twenty minutes or so later, this

same man unlocked my door. Standing behind him were both interviewing officers. He was introduced

as Detective Sergeant B... This man then proceeded to verbally abuse me, stating he didn't like my

attitude and if he was going to let me out of “his station”, then I would be forced to live and sleep at a

declared address. By the time they released me, it was already too late to return home. I noted drily that

police were releasing me – a single woman - without any means of transport to the address I was

supposed to sleep at.


That wasn't all. My other police bail condition is “not to post on line anything” - an unwarranted

restriction of my right to free speech and probably unlawful.

The Crown will now have to make a decision whether or not to charge me for “grossly offending” a

man who has a restraining order against me but who nevertheless sees fit to stalk my every move in the

hope of seeing me once again clamped in irons for my views.


Despite the presence of one journalist in court - who refused to disclose who she works for (my

educated guess would be Isabella Nikolic For Mailonline) – and Besser's silly tweets, there has been

no media coverage whatsoever. Likewise, silence from CAA. Other usual stasi suspects, permanently

ensconced in the Twitter echo chamber, are unable to hide their glee that “a vile anti-Semitic Holocaust

denier” is once again being punished for peacefully expressing her own opinions.


CAA, a registered “charity”, faces further embarrassment following Friday's publication of Joe

 Glasman's “Christmukah” video by The Electronic Intifada, (see also December, in my recent Review

of 2019). Glasman's copyright claims were a case of closing the stable doors after the horse had bolted.

Thank you to all who sent supportive messages and especially to my barrister, Adrian Davies, my

solicitor, Kevin Lowry-Mullins, the solicitor who represented me on Friday, Mr Raja, and to all four

loyal friends who made the effort to be beside me in court.


Thanks also to Sargon of Akkad who finally, after all this time, has spoken out about my case and called

for S. 127 to be repealed. Sargon is (wilfully?) ignorant about the controversy surrounding the official

narrative, but he is nevertheless correct in stating that S. 127 is being abused in order to criminalise

opinions. My case is exposing the extent to which this bad law is being used by the System to

stifle peaceful protest, historical debate and, most sinister of all, silence a musician for

her satirical songs and for her beliefs.


        Alison Chabloz.    January 13th, 2020.

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