Arad on Majdanek

Published: 2017-10-12

Holocaust historians claim that the Holocaust is the most-documented event in human history. Holocaust revisionists on the other hand not only dispute this, but say that the storyline is full of contradictions and impossibilities. What to make of this?

Majdanek Museum

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to figure things out. So let’s try something simple. If the historians are correct they should be able to answer simple questions easily. So we turn to one of these experts, namely Yitzhak Arad, and ask one very simple question: Was Majdanek an extermination camp?

Official history says Yes. But let’s see what Arad has to say. We open his book Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka where we find the following answers.


This can be found in the Preface where we read:

"There were five death camps: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka." (p. vii)

Crystal clear. There were five death camps and Majdanek was not among them.


Despite the previous statement, a few pages later we find this:

"The Jews left in Lublin were enclosed in a small ghetto in Majdan-Tatarsk and later deported to Majdanek, where they were murdered." (p. 58)

Murdered on arrival? That’s what happened at death camps, no? Anyway, it should be pointed out that Arad does not give a source for the above. He could just as easily have written that they were sent to Tibet on a pilgrimage.


Adding to the confusion, we find yet a third answer:

"Transports nos. 50 and 51, with 2001 people, almost all of them males from the Gurs internment camp, left on March 4 and 6, 1943. They reached Majdanek, where part of the people were left for work; the others were sent to Sobibor and murdered there." (p. 147)

Why not at Majdanek? Why send them to Sobibor? The reader is left with no explanation. But what is evident is that Arad contradicts both himself and the official storyline.

So here is another simple question for the rest of you: How documented can an event be where historians fail to answer clearly even the simplest of questions? I bet you can do better than Arad.   

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