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Published: 1996-03-01

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Since 1992 a group of revisionists in Argentina has been publishing an attractive, illustrated revisionist magazine that proclaims its purpose on the front cover of each issue: "Revising history to reestablish the truth."

Capably edited by Andres Seljan, Revisión is published irregularly by the "Paul Rassinier Studies Center" of Buenos Aires, named for the courageous French educator who is regarded as the "father of Holocaust revisionism." (Rassinier was arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 for anti-German Resistance activities and interned until the end of the war in the Dora and Buchenwald concentration camps.)

The Center also distributes Spanish-language editions of The Leuchter Report, Thies Christophersen's memoir about his wartime experiences at Auschwitz, Richard Harwood's "Six Million" booklet, and other popular revisionist writings, as well as a Spanish-language edition of an IHR leaflet, "66 Questions and Answers on the Holocaust."

Revisión is yet another expression of the revisionist movement's international scope and vitality. Revisionist periodicals are now published in a number of countries – sometimes in defiance of government-imposed restrictions – including Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Sweden and Belgium. In addition, revisionist books and booklets are published in Russia, Britain, Japan, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico and other countries.

The 66-page, May 1995 issue of Revisión features a ten-page report (translated from the Nov.-Dec. 1994 Journal) on the Twelfth IHR Conference, with a photo of the Conference speakers. This issue also contains a nine-page article about Franklin Roosevelt and the infamous "secret map" he cited in a 1941 radio address. Claiming that this document proved a secret German plan to occupy South America, the President used it to whip up public sentiment for war against Germany. As the article goes on to explain, this "secret map" was, in fact, a fraud, fabricated by the British secret service.

Also in the May 1995 issue is a lengthy article, reprinted from a revisionist magazine in Spain, on wartime Allied terror bombing of Germany, and an article by John Ries (translated from the Fall 1992 Journal) on the suppressed story of the greatest naval catastrophes in history.

Shorter items round out this issue of Revisión, including several translated from issues of this Journal.

The 44-page, May 1994 issue of Revisión includes a nine-page article on the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising, and a 17-page article (translated from the Spring 1986 Journal) by IHR adviser Georg Franz-Willing on the origins of the Second World War.

The May 1992 issue of Revisión includes two articles reprinted from a revisionist magazine in Spain. One is a 14-page essay on "The Victims of Potsdam" by Jorge Lobo, and another is a 17-page article by Carlos Cabellero on the "Victims of Yalta." Also in this 66-page 1992 issue is a five-page essay by Robert Faurisson, and a translation of a twelvepage essay by Mark Weber (from the Spring 1981 Journal) on the US government's wartime concentration camps of Japanese Americans. Rounding out this issue is a six-page article "Que es el IHR?" ("What is the IHR?").

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