Articles Appearing on the CODOH Web Site Available in Printed Form

Published: 1996-07-01

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There are too many articles on the CODOH Web site now to even try to list them here. A few of the pieces are very long—entire books as a matter of fact. Much of what we publish is unavailable here and/or abroad. Much of it is outright censored. Nearly everything we have in German and French is censored in its country of origin.

Example: Germar Rudolf's Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte has not only been banned in Germany but the court has ordered it to be burned alive (see our story on page three, this issue). Well, let the German government play with fire. We are posting the entire book on the CODOH Web site and beaming it right back to Germany via the Internet where German intellectuals, students, housewives and government factotums can read it at their leisure. As of this writing we have four chapters of eighteen uploaded onto the site and the rest are going up one chapter at a time over the next couple weeks.

I’ve decided to put together a list of all the articles posted on the CODOH Web site in our various departments and make it available to whoever asks for it. Here in SR there will be only enough space to list a few of the items we have posted during the last 30 days.

Each page printed out from the Web site equals about two pages of typewritten manuscript. When ordering an article, please remit about ten cents per page for printing and p&h. As this is a service only, your contribution above that amount is very much appreciated.

* = New with this issue of SR.

  • *Friedrich Berg. Die Diesel-Gaskammern: Mythos im Mythos.
  • *Roger Garaudy. Introduction (in English) to The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. 8pp. (This is the book that has caused such a scandal in France. The reason it has is revealed in the titles of its sections: Part I: Theological Myths. Part II: The Myths of the 20th Century. Part III: The Political Use of the Myth. When the famed Abbe Pierre stood by his friend Roger Garaudy, the media abuse was such the abbe felt it necessary to flee to Italy. We are in the process of posting the entire book on the CODOH Web site in both English and French. Read this introduction!)
  • *Ernst Gauss. Index to Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte.
  • *Matt Giwer. “A Tale of Two Gassings” 6pp.
  • Juergen Graf. Work in the Moscow Archives. Graf & Carlo Mattogno. A letter sketching their work. 4pp.
  • *Claus Jordan. “Politik und Rechtsprechung – Ein Fallbeispiel.” Excerpted from Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte.
  • David Irving. Introduction to Goebbels, Mastermind of the Third Reich. 7pp. This is the intro to the book suppressed by St. Martin’s.
  • *Else Loeser. The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature. (trans. by Carlos Porter). 105 pp.
  • *Arnulf Neumaier. “Der Treblinka-Holocaust” Excerpted from Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte.
  • *Carlos Porter. Not Guilty at Nuremberg (in German and French).
  • Carlos Porter (translator). “Katyn: How the Soviets Manufactured War Crime Documents for the Nuremberg Court.” IMT Document 054USSR here translated into English for the first time. An absolutely stunning document! 33pp.
  • Germar Rudolf. A Form of Collective Insanity Is Now Sweeping Germany. 3pp.
  • *Germar Rudolf. “Streitpunkt Judenvernichtung. Eine Einleitung.” Excerpted from Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte.
  • *Germar Rudolf. “Die Gaskammern von Auschwitz und Majdanek.” Excerpted from Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte.
  • Bradley R. Smith. “The Ruling Discourse.” Opening chapter, excerpted from Break His Bones (a work in progress). 7pp.
  • *Bradley R. Smith. “Gorky's of Hollywood.” Excerpted from Break His Bones. 7pp.
  • *Joseph Sobran. “In Our Hands.” 2pp.
  • Frederick Wilhelm. Auschwitz: A Re-evaluation. A general survey by a new young revisionist voice. 13pp.

Remember—there will be no August issue of SR. Issue #35 will be mailed in September (although you will hear from us before then).

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