Auschwitz Museum Director Protests His Own Interview

Published: 1993-04-01

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Dr. Franciszek Piper has written the following letter to Target, a magazine published in New South Wales, Australia. If we’re tempted to poke fun at Dr. Piper’s English, we vow to stop and take a moment to reflect on how well we write Polish.

Dr Franciszek Piper
Panstwowe Muzeum
32-603 Oswiecim

The Magazine “On Target,” Australia

In connection with your “Briefcomment” published in your magazine in which my name has been mentioned I demand to publish the following statement:

1. I never told to anybody the gas chamber, which now is shown in Auschwitz Museum in Poland had been “reconstructed after the war”.

2. The gas chamber in question is housed in the building which has been existed from prewar times.

3. Because another gas chamber in the second part of Auschwitz concentration camp /in Birkenau/ were built in 1942, 1943 gas chamber mentioned above was adapted by the Nazis in 1944 to an air shelter. Between other the several walls were built inside in order to divide the large space in smaller rooms and the openings in the ceiling – the poison gas cyclon B was discharged in through them – were walled up. After the war in order to restore the previous appearance, these walls were removed and the openings uncovered.

4. The fact that the Nazi murderers used gas chambers/in Birkenau-Brzezinka you can see the ruins of the other 5 gas chambers/ for mass annihilation of innocent men, women and children. mostly Jews, has been proved by thousands of memoires and depositions of eyewitnesses as well as by German official documents and plans. It is obvious fact for everybody who would like to approach the problem, to contact living still witnesses and to study historical sources.

I have devoted 28 years of my life to save the memory of the countless victims of the Nazi barbarity to warn people against indifference to all forms of racial, religious and national hatred… [except one -ed.] … which lead to injustice, sufferings and killing of people. Because of it I take the fact my name is used for disseminating such kind of lies and hiding of the obvious truth without any attempt to verify the facts as a lack of honest and dignity.

I demand to reveal the source of your “information.”

(signed) Franciszek Piper

PS. Send me please the copy of your magazine in which my letter will be published.

Copies receive:

  • Jewish Holocaust Centre Victoria Australia
  • Mel Mermelstein Califomia USA
  • Professor Gerald Fleming England
  • Dr. Yitzhak Arad Yad Vashem Israel

That’s the whole of it. The letter’s gone all over the Western world. When you watch the Cole/Piper video, you see and hear Dr. Piper talking about “reconstruction” time after time. It’s his word. You also see one of his tour guides telling David that the building is in its “original state.” Either Piper or the tour guide, one has stepped in poo-poo, and we don’t think it’s the guide.

Glad to see my friend Mel Mermelstein received a copy of the letter. The vainglorious old prevaricator will get a lot of mileage out of it. During interview Piper actually mentions Mel as being one of the eyewitnesses whose testimony goes to prove the gas-chamber story. I think that says something about Piper’s objective scholarly assessment of the gas-chamber stories. Of course, the poor guy is still talking up the human-soap and human-skin lamp-shade hoaxes too, so what can we expect? More to the point, what do the historians expect from this man?

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