Brad Smith to Open Irving Conference in Cincinnati

Published: 1999-08-01

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English revisionist David Irving, who has been authoring historical revisionist bestsellers since 1964, has chosen CODOH’s Bradley Smith to open his ambitious Real History USA conference, scheduled for September 24-26 in Cincinnati. The conference, which is being organized by Irving’s Focal Point Publications, will feature talks by an all-star line-up of revisionist scholars and activists, including Irving, Smith, Germar Rudolf, Doug Collins, John Sack, Peter Margaritis, Russ Granata, Brian Renk, and Toby Graham (Professor emeritus, University of New Brunswick).

Irving’s bold foray into the American heartland coincides with the strides he is making across the water in England in preparing his libel suit against Holocaust scold Deborah Lipstadt. La Lipstadt, whose screeds against Smith and CODOH are well known to readers of SR, made the mistake of smearing Irving as a propagandist rather than a historian on his home turf, where libel laws are tougher and judicial backbones sometimes stiffer than here. A recent article on the case, scheduled for trial early next year, that appeared in the June 26 New York Times indicates that Professor Lipstadt has real cause for worry (the next issue of Smith’s Report will consider this extraordinary article and its implications in detail).

Irving and his conference promise to make plenty of solid news for revisionists long before the Lipstadt trial. The speakers bring a wide range of experience and interest to the podium. On Friday, September 24th, Smith will recount his efforts over the years in bringing the findings of revisionist researchers such as Irving and Rudolf to the attention of millions of students and academics at American universities. Irving will keynote the conference that evening by addressing the big picture of where revisionist history stands at the onset the millennium, and then discuss how far the Goebbels diaries revise our view of Nazi Germany on the morrow.

Over the next two days, Germar Rudolf will talk on his experiences with Germany’s antirevisionist Gestapo and its helpers inside the academy; Jewish writer John Sack will present his extraordinary findings on how Jews persecuted Germans in postwar concentration camps; Russ Granata will report on Carlo Mattogno and others’ discoveries on Auschwitz and other camps in the Moscow archives of the KGB; WWII British Army veteran Doug Collins will describe Canadian attempts to silence his dissenting opinions on the Holocaust lobby.

Brian Renk will take aim at the scholarship of Christopher Browning, expert witness for hire against Ernst Zuendel. And scholars Peter Margaritis, Toby Graham, and others who can’t yet be named will discuss issues from the death of Heinrich Himmler—was it suicide or was it murder?—to the true story of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s Army Group B during the Normandy invasion, the lack of readiness of the British Army for World War II, and much more.

Single-ticket price for the weekend conference is $250. Two persons booking together pay $200 each; three or more, $150 per person. Registered students will be admitted for $50 on presenting student ID. A limited number of rooms are available at $76 per room—reservations must be made through Focal Point Publications by August 31.

Make payment by money order, personal check, or credit card to Focal Point Publications, 81 Duke street, Grosvenor Square, London W1M 5DJ.

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