Bradley Smith to Be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

Published: 2012-01-01

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One of the great problems in the Nobel Prize situation is the well-hidden-in-plain-sight fact that more Jews are awarded a Nobel Prize than any other “race” of people. We wonder why that is, and how, if Eli Wiesel can get such a Prize in 1986 for talking and publishing, then why should not Bradley Smith also receive such a nomination, and Prize, in 2012 for talking and publishing, especially if he were to have unknown friends in middle-high places with a goodly dash of powerful panache to obstruct those who would stop him. It’s possible, all of this. Sounds good to me. Maybe we should look into this, eh, about getting Bradley Smith nominated for a Nobel Prize? Well, we shall.

In an August 19, 2011 email from the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, titled “How Elie Wiesel Got the Nobel Peace Prize,” Mr. Smith offered us a link to "Pop Goes Elie Wiesel: How to get a Nobel prize," by Jacob Weisberg (November 10, 1986, ( in which Weisberg himself asks the logical question: “What has Mr. Wiesel ever done for ‘peace’ or, even more to the point, ‘world peace?’” He then describes the amazing trail of oddities which got Wiesel on stage with The Prize for Peace.

As for Weasel, I had no idea simply anyone could be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and not be some High Degree’d Personage. What’s Weasel got? Probably about as much as Bradley Smith. Well, if that is true, why ought we not to nominate Bradley Smith for The Peace Prize? Yes, for his efforts to resolve the holocaust issues in a peaceable manner, by giving speeches (as did Wiesel and Obama), and by setting forth literature designed to constructively consider questions of humanity and dignity (as did Wiesel and Obama)? That’s some of the wording the Swedish Academy of Sciences uses as criteria when awarding Nobel Prizes.

We looked up the rules of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (thought it was the Swedish Academy, right?), for their several categories and criteria of persons who are eligible to make nominations, and also those eligible to be nominated, for any Nobel Prize. And somehow it looks like Brad may get in there by chance; slim, but a chance. I'll explain.

Qualifications for people who can nominate someone for the Nobel Prize candidates vary among the different Nobel Prize Committees for categories such as Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economics. Brad could try nominating himself; but if he did, they’d laugh at him. Real Nominators are none of us, among the unwashed, regardless of our convincing zeal as recently converted folk in comprehending an inconvenient history. You got to be really smart to be a Nominator: they got the B.S., and the M.S., and the Ph.D. We know how that line goes, with all their bs; the only degree many of us have is at the high end of a thermometer. And you got to have friends in high places to become a Nominator. Just like a Chicago gangster protecting his turf, those Swedes, they don’t want nobody nominating nobody nobody sent, see? So you’re out, and so am I.

However, while Brad is on the Outs, in addition to qualified Academy Members, previous Prize advisers and laureates can also nominate.

OK! That means we can get Brad nominated by using one of these two.

First is the problem of nominating him for which. We wondered about this, since to look at him, his physique isn't so great, so Physics and Physiology are out; and that famous T.J. hot sauce is an invention of his wife, so that does not qualify him for Chemistry. A doctor he ain't, except maybe in cardsharping and billiards, but I don’t know if that’s true; and he’s too poor to be a practicing professional in anything, so we can forget the Medicine and Economics gambit Ok? That leaves him with either Literature or Peace.

The Literature Prize can be nominated by university professors and former Laureates of Lit.; or get this: by presidents of a society of authors representative of the literary production in their respective countries. Well now! Brad can fit into a Nomination by the Author’s Society. He produces plenty of literary stuff, and he's got spellchecker. Brad can profess quite a lot, done it a while now, and some believe him literate, even representative. If it’s the “society of authors” that needs fixing, here’s how we can do it.

The “literary production” may mean anyone putting out a newsletter; they don't say, see, and word-weaseling was Wiesel's way to The Prize, so that can be our way, too. Precedence. The publisher doesn't have to be a qualified professor, but it looks about as good, if you can get one to quick join an academy, or find some forlorn guy with a Swedish accent sitting in a European prison for publishing Brad’s kind of stuff where it ain't so good to do.

All you need is a Nominator to say Brad is “representative.” We can open a small, essentially two-member, T.J.-based group as representative of the literary production of North Mexico, let’s say. Not a lot of bright lights in the chandelier there, so we’ve got a chance at this.

A separate office a little further south from Brad’s keeps appearances good. At the election of Society officers, some friend of Bradley’s (he’s got two or three in addition to me and you), can elect me President (the only President worth knowing on either side of the border), and I him, as Secretary-Treasurer (keep an eye on the cash box). Nominees cannot nominate themselves, and tie votes are meaningless, even if we vote for each other. Maybe this representative stuff won’t work; it could be too obvious, a society set up so recently. Literature might be out. All we’ve got left for sure is Peace.

There is one escape clause to all this in getting Bradley nominated: any of the Nobel Prizes may also be awarded to institutions and associations. If a nominee is at an institution, that may help. Bradley could be at an institution, and many would like to see him in one. In a room with his name on it, and an odd-looking jacket keeping him off the Best Dressed lists. We could try that method. If so, Bradley can send us a post card so we know where he'll be. We can have the Academy send the Nomination acceptance papers there, not to T.J.

Peace is our target, the Nobel Prize for Peace. We can enter Bradley as a Nominee for Peace to the Qualified Washed, though it is pretty doubtful we will be listened to. So for Bradley, it sure looks like the deck is stacked against him. But we can handle that. Let’s not forget that political satire quickly becomes an obsession, when, by such a coincidence so many of Those people, few as they are, are awarded so many of the Nobel Prizes.

And if all that doesn’t work, and if there really is some Nominator- Qualified guy in Sweden who barely reads English, we can put a little "english" into the application’s grammar and throw it right past him, a regular Fast Ball, and into Nomination Bradley goes, and then on to The Prize. The Nobel Prize for Peace.

He’s that kind of guy. That's the American way. Slippery as a greased pig, and we're back in business. A little "pull" from Above might help too. And there Bradley Smith is, all smiles, tux, top hat and tails. Bradley, remember who got you there!

At the very least we can try getting Bradley nominated. Who knows, but maybe Bradley Smith actually is, innately, a Peace or Literature Nobel Prize winner. Maybe both. Then, guess what?

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