Brains, Anyone?

Published: 2016-09-08

So the horror is not over. No. Not yet. We can still discover more atrocities that happened to the victims of the “Holocaust”. The recent new “scandal” is that in the remodeling of the Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich, which used to be The Neuropathology Department of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research, there were found microscope brain slides and “wet” specimens, that is,  brain matter  collected during the Nazi era in what is now the Neurological institute. But this not all.

Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich

These brain slides and wet samples of human brain may have come from Jews and therefore Holocaust victims. At least this is how the media reads it and the Holocaust Industry is just about to exploit this one. To find the identities of the donors of these brain tissues  might not be even possible or could take many years.

But just in case, if anybody does not follow the protocol of feeling guilty for something that might not have happened, the Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich  has said: "We are embarrassed by these findings, and the blemish of their discovery in the archives. We will update the public with any further information that comes to light with complete transparency." So a promise to feel guilty has been issued and the kosher procedure for these cases implemented.

Then, to add more to how sorry the Germans must feel,  we heard from The Max Planck Society, that stated, in the voice of its President Stratmann, that, “[it] has a special ethical responsibility,"… "We therefore have to be very responsible in the manner in which we deal with all human specimens and critically question their origins."

The reactions of the Max Planck Psychiatric Institute should not be a surprise, but yet it leaves one a very uneasy feeling of unwonted guilt and special treatment… all due to the unique Jewish suffering.

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Title: Brains, Anyone?
Published: 2016-09-08
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