Break His Bones

Published: 1995-05-01

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The book is going fine. Break His Bones is a working title—did I ever say that? Back in March, when I was going through my fit of sturm und drang, of that’s how you spell it, I talked about sharing the working manuscript with those of you who contribute to helping me stay alive while I finish it. I’ve rather changed my mind. Shipping the manuscript around, or parts of it, is a good way to get too many cooks in the kitchen, particularly the way I write, so after some reflection I have decided against doing it.

On the other hand, if you believe you might want to make a substantial contribution toward helping me finish the manuscript, but want to see what I have first to reassure yourself that it is a worthy project, I will be glad to send it along—for your eyes only. Roughly, the manuscript will have 33 chapters, 24 of which are finished or all but finished. The page count will be 250-300 pages when finished.

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Title: Break His Bones
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Published: 1995-05-01
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