Break His Bones

Published: 1995-11-01

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I mentioned in SR27 that a major U.S. periodical wanted to take a look at an excerpt from the manuscript. It was The New Yorker. I have to say that once again I felt an enthusiastic optimism about the possibility of being published in an important periodical. There are some of us who can never learn. The editor who asked to see the piece understood going in who I am and what I do, but the excerpt was rejected. Even after all the other rejections I’ve received from main stream media, this one was disappointing. The Buddhists are right. Desire is the root of all pain. I’ve decided to begin publishing excerpts from Bones the first of each month on the CODOH Website and forget about running around after a publisher. I’ve run too far after those people for too long. They’ve worn me out. I’ll put my stuff on the Web and let the manuscript itself find a publisher. One with a lot of money or an agent with a little imagination who will find a publisher with a lot of money.

The first excerpt from Bones I will post on the Website is titled “The Ruling Discourse” and is 15 manuscript pages. If you’d like to read it but do not have a computer or are not Online, send a couple bucks to cover postage etc. and I’ll mail it to you. You don’t have to like it. It’s not for everyone.

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Published: 1995-11-01
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