Break His Bones (manuscript moving ahead)

Published: 1995-09-01

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My manuscript is moving ahead methodically and I have taken the first small step in promoting it to the publishing world.

The first week in August I mailed a one page query to 20 top periodicals around the country offering for publication a 6,500 word excerpt from Bones. No takers yet (no surprise). About half have rejected, the suggestion being that the other half are talking things over. The idea here is to make the publishing world aware that a unique, topical and controversial book is on the horizon. At first I won’t be able to cause much of a ripple in that world, but as the weeks pass and I go about tying the manuscript to the Internet, college editors, university libraries and media, the waters may be churning appropriately.

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: Break His Bones (manuscript moving ahead)
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 26, September 1995, p. 8
Published: 1995-09-01
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