CAA Wikipedia Article Revised Following ‘Gross Violation’ of Rules

Published: 2017-11-20

Two days ago, Google alerted me to a recent request for deletion regards the Campaign Against Antisemitism Wikipedia article which contains a ‘Litigation’ section discussing the private prosecution brought against me by CAA Chairman, Gideon Falter.

The request for deletion, made by user Amisom, was contested by the article’s creator, Widefox – real name Johnathon Weare, a biophysics and IT expert from Leamington Spa. After studying Wikipedia rules on Biographies of Living Persons and brushing up on my HTML editing skills, I created an account* and joined the discussion on whether the CAA article should be deleted.

Result: my name has been removed from the offending section. According to David Goodman who enacted the current revision, previous versions which had added my name and details of my case constituted a ‘gross violation’ of Wikipedia rules.

Coming just four days before my next court hearing this is a welcome development, as well as a small but significant victory, one which would confirm the malicious intent of my accusers and their supporters. I have thanked Mr Goodman.

Rendezvous 10 am, next Monday November 20, Westminster Magistrates Court, when District Judge Zani will make public his decision on whether or not sharing URLs would constitute sending (or causing to be sent) a ‘grossly offensive’ message. As always, your support would be greatly appreciated.

*I will shortly be further expanding my thoughts on certain Wikipedia editors’ modus operandi. Indeed, let me finish with a question: would today’s failed request by Mr Weare aka Widefox for a speedy deletion of my Wiki user account be in some way related to another speedy deletion request made last year when someone tried to publish my biography – request made by a now-banned sockpuppet account?

To be continued…

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Published: 2017-11-20
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