Carlos Porter, Sentenced in Germany, Says “Nuts” from Belgium

Published: 1997-02-01

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Carlos Whitlock Porter, an American who has analyzed the charges, evidence and testimony in the post-WWII trials of the Germans and Japanese, was convicted in absentia by a Munich court late last year of sending his book, Not Guilty at Nuremberg, into Germany.

In a letter to the court dripping with the scorn and defiance Germans themselves have more than once in their history shown to those who would suppress their freedom of speech and thought, Porter ridiculed the court’s competence, verdict and sentence: that he be fined 6,000 German marks and that all copies of his book be seized by the state.

Nevertheless, every German with access to a computer can find the complete German-language edition of Not Guilty at Nuremberg on CODOHWeb, as well as other of Porter’s revisionist writings, and those of a galaxy of other revisionist authors. The same is true for Austrians and German- speaking Swiss, despite each of these countries’ laws against “Holocaust denial.”

On December 19, Judge Zeilinger of the Munich District Court found that portions of Not Guilty at Nuremberg had “thoroughly denied or downplayed that a great annihilation of European Jews took place during the National Socialist tyranny ...,” thus constituting an offense against German Federal law proscribing “popular incitement,” as well as “denial of National Socialist crimes” and “defamation of the dead.” (Sometime soon, perhaps, an inspired satirist will give these legal monstrosities the comeuppance they deserve.)

Wherein did Porter’s book specifically offend? The judge faulted the author for claiming that the Treblinka “gas chambers” were “steam chambers.” She cited Porter’s disinclination to take seriously the so-called confession of Mauthausen concentration camp commandant Franz Ziereis; and pointed to a number of passages in Not Guilty in which Porter argues that the properties of the insecticide Zyklon-B make it an unsuitable substance for mass extermination of human beings. The judge quoted—the most flagrant offense of all against the federal state’s dignity—the following words from Porter:

... it isn’t just that the rulers of Germany and other countries can’t prove the existence of the gas chambers—they don’t even try. All they do is impose fines and prison sentences on anybody who still dares to defend the honor of the German people ...

On the very next line of its verdict, the court brazenly validated Porter’s words by finding that “You [Porter] are therefore guilty ...” of violating the anti-revisionist laws.

Just as contorted was Judge Zeilinger’s penalizing Porter’s “steam chamber” citation, as if it were some revisionist invention: the claim that the homicidal chambers of Treblinka operated with steam and not with Diesel exhaust comes right out of the Nuremberg evidence, into which Holy Writ it was introduced by Soviet investigators.

Does the judge’s evident challenge to the received wisdom of Nuremberg indicate some clandestine thrust at the juridical underpinnings of the Holocaust dogma? Does her seeming acceptance of the wild, “death bed” testimony of Franz Ziereis, in which he is supposed to have placed the Mauthausen death toll at over a million shortly before he fell into the hands of his captors—and shortly before he expired—threaten to throw the Bundesrepublik’s death registers out of kilter?

You know, we know, Judge Zeilinger and her bosses know that Germany’s laws against disputing the official version of the Holocaust—no matter how civilly, no matter how scientifically, no matter how correctly—exist entirely to placate the international Holocaust lobby. Germany’s leaders clearly believe that by abolishing freedom and truth in this insignificant and troublesome little comer of the national conscience, they can swing into the next century bigger, richer, and more popular than ever. “We want no Switzerlands here!” one can almost imagine them saying in their secret strategy sessions.

German state policy on Holocaust revisionism—the “Auschwitz lie,” as German political and journalistic functionaries perversely call the Auschwitz truth—dares allow no recourse to history, freedom, poetry or truth: the search warrant, the battering ram, and the prison cell defend the canonical authority of the Nuremberg and other sometimes perplexing sources (as Judge Zeilinger’s confusion can attest) of the gas chamber and extermination dogma.

Carlos Porter, a professional translator who resides in Belgium, is making no provisions for fulfilling this wretched judgment. Instead, in an extraordinarily forthright letter (particularly to a Federal German judge), he opens by writing:

I expressly dispute your right to judge me. I am not a citizen of your republic, and what I do in Belgium, a free, sovereign state, is none of your business. I must inform you that the German occupation of Belgium ended over fifty years ago.

After lecturing Judge Zeilinger on how her decision infringed Germany's constitution as well as the laws of the European Union, Porter observes tartly:

You have departed the basis of law and given yourself over to arbitrariness; your trial is not so very different from certain trials of the Third Reich...

Whereupon the acid-tongued revisionist enters into a point-by-point confutation of the judge’s feeble efforts, outlined above, to specify Not Guilty at Nuremberg's blasphemies against the Holocaust cult. And finally, in magnificent summation:

I protest against the very idea that efforts to establish the truth can be represented as “popular incitement.” Even if I’m wrong, I have the right to try to get closer to historical truth. I even have the right to be wrong!

As nobody knows better than Carlos Porter, in today’s Germany, so far as the Holocaust is concerned, you don’t even have the right to be right. So it’s unlikely this outspoken American will be traveling to Germany soon.

Together with our fellow American Porter, CODOHWeb will continue to beam revisionist research, revisionist arguments, revisionist analysis into Germany, by way of his writings and those of many other revisionist authors. Holocaust revisionism isn’t going to go away; nor is the Holocaust sacred cow Germany’s ruling elite kowtows to. Perhaps they believe they can ban truth and gag freedom in one tiny, localized area, purely as a prophylactic measure; we believe that the institution of Nazi methods to prevent open inquiry into the German past enshrines a cancer, a gangrene in the German brain that threatens to devour truth and freedom throughout the German nation.

CODOH sympathizes with Carlos Porter and the growing number of other Americans (among them Hans Schmidt and Fred Leuchter) and Germans (Germar Rudolf and others too numerous to list here) who have fallen victim to Germany’s hateful Holocaust law. And we salute our colleague Carlos Porter for his extraordinary impudence in the face of this particular species of foreign effrontery. Somewhere, Mark Twain is smiling.

We have a few copies of the original printing of Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case, by Porter. Pb., 8¼ x 11¼ 24pp. illus. $5

We also have 12 pages of documents re Porter vs. the German Government. (See p. 8.)

[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

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