Caveat Emptor!

Published: 2000-07-01

The original German edition of this handbook is illegal in the Federal Republic of Germany and police not only raided the publisher, printer, editor, distributors, wholesalers, and multi-copy-purchasers, but burned the confiscated copies of an initial run of some 17,500 and attempted to arrest the editor Ernst Gauss, i.e., Germar Rudolf:

"It is ordered [...]

1. The seizure Republic-wide of the printed work with the title Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte: Ein Handbuch über strittige Fragen des 20. Jahrhunderts ISBN 3-87847-141-6, ISSN 0564-4186, edited by Ernst Gauss and published in 1994 by Grabert-Verlag in Tübingen and distributed from there, insofar as copies of the work are found in possession of persons employed in the preparation or distribution of the work or are publicly displayed or, having been mailed, are not yet in the hands of the recipient."

Justice Stein of the Municipal Court of Tübingen, 3.3.1995, ref. no. 4 Gs 173/95

Anyone who takes this handbook into the FRG is warned that he/she may face fines and/or imprisonment/deportation under a legal system that reflects, in some ways, that of the former communist East Germany (German Democratic Republic). Furthermore, he is warned that neither his government’s representatives in the FRG nor Amnesty International nor other so-called ‘Human Rights’ groups will come to his defence under the Helsinki Accords on Human Rights to which modern, democratic Germany is a signatory.

This state of affairs exists because opponents fought two World Wars against Germany to force her to act exactly as it does now: Suppressing everything which could strengthen her self-confidence, pride and honor. Any attempt by Germany to discuss her own history critically and controversially would immediately result in a massive intervention by the international community. For more than 50 years, the articles 53 and 107 of the UN Charter formally allowed all participants of WWII to do what ever they like against Germany, should she conduct an undefined "renewal of aggressive policy", which clearly describes the attitude of the world towards Germany. Article 107 states:

"Nothing in the present Charter shall invalidate or preclude action, in relation to any state which during the Second World War has been an enemy of any signatory to the present Charter, taken or authorized as a result of that war by the Governments having responsibility for such action."


There are no human rights to free expression on the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ so long as the person openly states his disagreement with the enshrined dogma of the sacred six million upon which the FRG is presently established.

Although the present volume – published as it is, in the United States of America where freedom to research, write, discuss, and publish is not under imminent "Big Brother" threats as in Germany – can in no reasonable way to a scientific mind be properly called "Holocaust Denial" as the religious dogmatist Deborah E. Lipstadt has written in her now discredited book of 1993, yet many Establishment critics will in fact try to denounce this handbook with the smear term "Holocaust Denial".

Anyone taking this book into Germany is likely to he prosecuted under Basic Law paragraph 130f. and other provisions of special "Holocaust Denial" protection laws created to protect German and Israeli State myths and legends of their current historiography.

In no way do the many contributors of this volume deny any scientifically established facts of physics, chemistry, engineering, architecture, geology, geography, hydrology, religion, politics, culture, or philosophy. On the contrary, these writers seek to affirm the traditional western methods of investigation, analysis, and, resultingly, the obligation for readers themselves to draw conclusions about truth.

Nor is there herein any denial of a systematic persecution of the general category of a people who call themselves "Jews" – even though the meaning of this category is subject to lively debate, especially in Israel where one might believe that defining ‘who is Jew’ ought conclusively have attained its "Final Solution" long ago!

On the other hand, this volume is offered to a critical readership who – it is hoped – will lay aside the plethora of myths and legends and court decisions and media hype and religious dogmas by both Jewish and non-Jewish selfservers, and in laying these aside they will seek to arrive at their own, better informed, conclusions about the problems of statistics and the alleged extermination methods.

If one defines ‘extermination’ as the taking of life from only one person, then obviously the Nazi regime in fact exterminated Jews and Gentiles during the 1939-45 era. But, in that case, one must be consistent and affirm that Jews exterminated both Jews and Gentiles – going far beyond John Sack’s Eye For An Eye volume. One must thereupon affirm that the Americans and British and French exterminated untold numbers of Germans also – going beyond James Bacque’s Other Losses and Crimes And Mercies.

‘Extermination’ is a two-edged sword that must not be allowed to be used by merely one special interest group to the exclusion of all other groups who seek to justify their actions during time of War.

Therefore, the publisher of this handbook submits this volume as one that carries threats to the Establishment dogma of the FRG, its politicians, media, and academics – all of whom ‘live or die’ by their open and frequent pledging of their faith to the truthfulness of this dogma. The publisher enthusiastically offers this handbook in the spirit of some courageous scholars who have said the following:

"Totalitarian systems gladly falsify History with interpretations agreeable to them."

Albrecht Scholz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 26/10/96, p. 61

"When we enter into a dialog with others, we bring in some essentials which are not negotiable. Among them are freedom of speech – and above all that no one may suffer damage on account of his convictions. A long, often bloody, gruesome history has taught us in Europe that these rights may never again be done away with."

Roman Herzog, Federal President of Germany, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 16/10/95

Robert H. Countess, Ph.D.
Theses & Dissertations Press
April 28, 2000

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Title: Caveat Emptor!
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Published: 2000-07-01
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