Censorship Ordered Against Adelaide Institute Website

ThoughtCrime: 10/10/00
Published: 2000-10-10

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

An Australian commission ordered that the Adelaide Institute stop publishing Holocaust revisionist material on their Website. The curiously named Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission does not support freedom of speech when it comes to revisionist material. The Commission ordered Dr. Frederick Toben to remove all such material from the Adelaide Institute site. Toben is the institute's director.

The ruling marked the first time the commission ordered material removed from the Internet. The "Human Rights" Commission now enters a new phase of censorship and control against the citizens of Australia. At least one prominent Jewish group welcomed the Commission's decision, but Dr. Toben said he would defy it.

The commission has no direct enforcement powers, however if Toben refuses to comply he could be prosecuted and jailed for contempt.

The Adelaide Institute has examined "the truth about historical events, especially those connected with World War II and the Holocaust" for many years. Its Website specifically affirms that homicidal gas chambers were not used by the Third Reich

Kathleen McEvoy, the head of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, ordered the institute to remove the material on grounds that its main purpose was to humiliate and denigrate Jewish people.

"In public discourse there is a need to balance rights and responsibilities," she said. "It is never appropriate to victimize people of a certain race in the name of freedom of speech."

Toben was also ordered to apologize to Australia's Jewish community.

Questioning or revising the orthodox view of the Holocaust is illegal in many countries including Germany and France.

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Published: 2000-10-10
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