Children told to attack Germans

Published: 2000-10-01

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UK, London 'Times', June 7, 2000: Children told to attack Germans

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Hatred against Germans erupted recently in Britain when a group of children, encouraged by their parents, attacked visiting German students with stones and waterbombs. The incident in eastern Cornwall was reported in this item, reproduced here in facsimile, from The Times (London), June 7, 2000. Such mindless bigotry is, of course, an entirely predictable consequence of the seemingly endless worldwide campaign that Jewish historian Alfred Lilienthal aptly calls "Holocaustomania." The reaction, or lack of one, to this incident is instructive. Apparently none of the perpetrators was punished, or even arrested, for his or her criminal behavior. That's understandable because in this case the victims were, after all, merely Germans. A comparable incident in Britain or Germany with Jews or Africans as the victims would have merited instant worldwide publicity. Public figures and major newspapers would have responded with expressions of indignation and grave concern over another ominous outbreak of hate. The silence and inaction in this recent incident is entirely typical of the double standard that prevails these days throughout the "Western" world.

"People are more ready to believe a lie that has been repeated a thousand times than a truth heard for the very first time,"/p>

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Title: Children told to attack Germans
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Published: 2000-10-01
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