Christmas Letter 2013

Published: 2013-12-14

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December 2013

Dear Valued Supporter and (in many, many cases) Friend:

Once again, the end of the year is upon us. For me and for CODOH it’s the time to take stock of the past year’s work and to plan for the year ahead.

Last month I published the 200th issue of Smith’s Report. Over the years Smith’s Report has evolved to include cutting-edge revisionist research and reportage, but its main purpose continues to be recording my efforts to achieve an open debate on the Holocaust question, above all here in America. The chief focus of those efforts has been America’s universities. In fact, the Campus Project has succeeded in exposing many tens of thousands of American students and academics to a different side to the Holocaust debate, more than any other revisionist outreach program anywhere.

In recent years the combined efforts of such official Jewish groups as the ADL and Hillel House, the New York Times and our ever pusillanimous university administrators have made it much more difficult for student editors to run CODOH’s ads. But for 2014 I have an idea for getting through to students and academics alike that I have never used before. A bit more on that below. Not going to give away the game.

Like every reader of Smith’s Report, you know that there is much more to CODOH than our direct outreach efforts.

This past year saw CODOH’s powerful Internet presence, CODOHWeb, grow to unprecedented size and impact. Thanks to the work of dedicated and very able volunteers, CODOHWeb has become more versatile, more influential, more effective in promoting Holocaust Revisionism than ever before. It is now by far the single most important Holocaust revisionist Website in the world.

Consider just one feature of CODOHWeb, the revisionist journal Inconvenient History founded by Richard Widmann, a long-time CODOH associate. In the five years it has been publishing, IH has not only replaced The Journal of Historical Review, but has become a publication of equal stature.

It features research articles and reviews by leading revisionists, old and new, and includes in its latest issue a brilliant debunking of the legend of Dr. Mengele’s Auschwitz experiments on twins.

when you read this brilliant article by Carlo Mattogno  you will be well able to imagine the effect it will have on readers new to revisionism who will encounter it thanks to the serendipity of  Internet search engines and to the fact that I will distribute it via email on university campuses nation-wide.

Every article in Inconvenient History is available to readers around the world on CODOHWeb, free of charge, and they are collected yearly and published in print as well. To date, four yearly volumes have been published.

Then there’s  CODOHWeb’s Library, a huge arsenal of revisionist research on the “Holocaust,” the two world wars, revisionist personalities and organizations, and much more—some 3,000 articles and books—all of them for sale in print, or downloadable to your computer at no cost to the reader.

The Library includes, for one example, all 17 books published by the incomparable Germar Rudolf. I guarantee that even the most knowledgeable revisionist will find many new titles, new facts, and new ideas on those historical issues that remain, today more than ever, central to mankind’s hopes for real freedom and effective peace.

The CODOH Forum, moderated by veteran CODOH associate Von Hannover, offers spirited debate on revisionist topics, above all the Jewish Holocaust story, and affords daily access to the latest news and commentary of interest to revisionists. At, it is the most read Holocaust revisionist on-line discussion site on the planet, carrying nearly sixty thousand different posts since its inception.

It is because of such efforts, and accomplishments, that companies such as PayPal have been convinced to ban us from using their services With this issue of Smith’s Report you will find a story about how Dov Hikind, the Brooklyn congressman, is working to deny such Websites as CODOH from using any credit cards whatever.

Nobody knows better than I that to continue to build CODOHWeb, to make it an even more powerful force for revisionism in the years to come, would not have been, and would not be today, possible without the essential help of those volunteers mentioned above, and others who risk everything to help them in their work. And it would not be possible without the help of the men and women like you who have contributed so loyally to this work, often for so many years. My sincere, heartfelt thank you to one and all.

As for myself, I now have been working to create an open debate on the Holocaust question for over thirty years. It’s never been easy, but with every reverse, as well as every success, I have stayed with it. Last month Greg Raven, former director of the Institute for Historical Review, surprised even me by the listing of some of the things I have done over those years:

“As often as not, persistence is not flashy—even when teamed with determination. In Bradley‘s case this means that what you see is what you get, as long as you are paying attention when you look…

“In retrospect, it‘s quite remarkable the number of things to which Bradley has turned his hand. First, there are periodicals such as Smith's Journal, Prima Facie, The Revisionist, The Media Project (for the Institute for Historical Review), Revisionist Letters, Campus Update for Editors, and the current Smith’s Report; books such as Break His Bones, Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist; websites for the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) and other special projects; and his brilliant Campus Ad Project; to name a few.

“How Bradley has kept it up all these years is anyone’s guess. That he does is something for which we all should be grateful.”

Thank you, Greg -- but I’m not about to rest on my laurels (to coin a phrase). At the outset of this letter I said I had a new idea about how to break through the campus censors. This is the first place I have mentioned it. From where I am now, I do not see how they can block me. This new, uncomplicated idea reeks of genius. After all, I couldn’t have accomplished what I have, on the budget I work on, commanding the attention of the director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and her allies at ADL and Hillel for 30-odd years without an occasional burst of genius.

I almost forgot. There is the business of our expanding FaceBook account, to which nearly five thousand “Friends” have signed up. Each post I make to Facebook is available to each of the 5,000. Some 2,700 of those have taken the second step and subscribed to the page: these 2,700 are especially interested in what I do, and each one of these subscribers receives automatically a special notice of each new post I make. These supporters are a vital core from which CODOH and revisionism might one day go viral on the world’s biggest social medium.

As a young man, back from Korea, I discovered my desire to become a writer. I understood from the start that my particular road would be to trace how significant events, in any part of the world that had my attention in the moment, affected the inner life, the Life Itself. Almost 20 years later, in 1979 in Los Angeles, when I accepted that pamphlet by Robert Faurisson, “The Problem of the Gas Chambers,” I did not imagine that by reading it with an open mind, with an open heart, I would be propelled into what one of Professor Faurisson’s attorneys has characterized as “the great intellectual adventure of the twentieth century.” I did not know at the beginning, being only a simple writer, that I would come to assume a responsibility for serving thousands of revisionists and other truth seekers around the globe.

This Christmas season, please help me to continue CODOH’s work by giving as generously as you can via your check or a Wire Transfer. Your contribution will ensure that our voice—for liberty and truth and a free exchange of ideas, against tyranny and taboo—will continue, not just to be heard, but to ring out with an ever greater clarity.

With the best, and the strongest, will in the world I could not have accomplished any of this work without your support and your goodwill, and that of many others like you. Thank you, and to you and yours a merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year!


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