CODOH Ad Runs in 35 College Papers!

Published: 1994-05-01

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The CODOH advertisement challenging the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to display proof that homicidal gassing chambers existed anywhere in Europe during World War II has appeared in at least 35 campus newspapers this academic year. We had no way to know in the fall that we would be so successful.

Here are the campuses where the Museum ad ran after my last listing here. U of Rhode Island (4 February), California State U at Chico (9 March), San Jose State U (9 March), Humbolt State U (CA, 16 March), American River College (CA, 17 March), Southern Illinois U (Carbondale, 7 April), U of Miami (12 April), SUNY-Oneonta NY (14 April), Trenton State U (14 [?] April), Manhattan College (Long Island, 14 April), SUNY-Buffalo (The Pipedream, 15 April), Clemson U (16 April), Columbia College (Chicago IL, 18 April), SUNY-Potsdam NY (19 April), Central Florida State U (20 Aplil), U of Maine (20 April), Hofstra U (21 April).

Four SUNY (State University of New York) papers ran the ad at three campuses. The Record at SUNY-Buffalo started the year off when it ran the text of the ad as an opinion piece on 28 September. The Pipedream at SUNY-Buffalo ran it as a paid ad on 15 April.

I received a note from Clemson U saying The Tiger ran the text of the ad as a letter to the editor. In a new development, I have begun receiving communications from advertising and editorial staff at campus newspapers providing me with behind-the-­scenes information about what went on at their papers during the controversy over the ad. What appears in print in the campus press is only the tip of the iceberg.

There may have been other publications of the ad that I have been unable to confirm. If you have information about the ad appearing or being discussed in the campus press, or anywhere else, please pass that information on to me.

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Published: 1994-05-01
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