CODOH-linked Student Revisionist Website at Washington State U Sets Campus on Its Ear

Published: 1998-02-01

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To date, CODOH has influenced campuses across America chiefly from the outside—by placing advertisements in college newspapers. That’s beginning to change, however, as university students—with the help of CODOH and other revisionist outfits—start to think for themselves, and then to act on their convictions.

During the past year Washington State University senior Lawrence Pauling has been a national leader in translating revisionist information into action at the university level. Pauling, with a double major in biology and psychology at WSU, came to doubt the received history of the Second World War and the Holocaust while in high school (he tells Smith’s Report that the film Schindler’s List was instrumental in revealing that the exterminationist “emperor” had no clothes).

Pauling used the university website facilities available to students and faculty to set up, with the help of a few like-minded students, the Student Revisionists’ Resource Site (). That, and a revisionist letter Pauling published in the campus Daily Evergreen, resulted, last spring, in the WSU History Department’s denouncing—but not refuting—the SRRS’s challenges to the Holocaust.

Last fall, Pauling sent, via electronic mail, 112 questions on the Holocaust (comprising IHR’s 66 Questions and CODOH’s 46 Unanswered Questions on the WWII Gas Chambers) to every faculty member in the WSU history department. As a reader of this newsletter you will not be thunderstruck to learn that Washington State’s historians didn’t start paging through their libraries to answer even the easy questions on the list. On the contrary, one Professor Steve Kale took the lead in organizing the coordinated non-response of his fellow professors.

When a couple of the historians protested to the dean’s office that they gotten some very unwanted email, Pauling was hauled in and accused of wanting to blow up the university for writing that revisionists would “create a bang” rather than let the issue die with a whimper (times have changed—it used to be that students could actually darn near blow up the school with impunity). Steve Kale chimed in that he was afraid Pauling would murder him and his family because he’s Jewish, and the affair—including some juicy revisionist questions Pauling had put to the professors—exploded, as it were, in front page stories in the Daily Evergreen early last December. Whereupon the university administration set to work to quash Pauling’s web page by changing the existing regulations, which careful study by WSU’s lawyers had revealed (tch, tch!) didn’t prohibit posting revisionist assertions and opinion.

Pauling didn’t panic, however; he summoned help not only from such fellow revisionists as Brad Smith and CODOH, Ernst Zuendel and Ingrid Rimland, but also from the American Civil Liberties Union, which weighed in with a lengthy letter strongly advising WSU authorities not to infringe free expression on its taxpayer-supported website. As this issue of Smith's Report went to press, the Student Revisionists’ Resource Site carries on as one of several revisionist sites operating under the auspices of universities, another being, of course, that of Professor Art Butz at Northwestern (, which has also come under attack (see SR 39, 40 & 41).

Pauling reports that a number of students have expressed their contempt of Washington State’s historians for playing possum when confronted with some pressing questions about the allegedly most certain event in human history, and doubtless many more students have wondered why Pauling can’t doubt and question with impunity—after all, isn’t that the essence of a modem university?

Lawrence Pauling is a careful reader of Smith’s Report and a frequent visitor to CODOHWeb. He told SR:

Bradley has been very supportive. He has often times provided students with the material necessary to understand the complex nature of the Holocaust controversy. It has occurred on more than one occasion that I have called him at home, sometimes late in the evening, regarding timely matters of importance, and at each contact he has offered invaluable advice.

And why not? That’s what we’re here for.

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