CODOH Takes Aim at the Ivy League with a Blockbuster Debunking of the Holocaust Museum

CODOH “Smart Bomb” Targets ADL, Wiesel too
Published: 1999-01-01

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A fake Hitler quote which has the Fuehrer ordering the extermination of Polish civilians. A non-existent Hitler order to exterminate the Jews. Misrepresentation of installations designed to save lives as gas chambers for killing Jews.

These and many more falsifications of historical fact are on display at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s permanent exhibit as evidence for German genocide against the Jews. While informed revisionists are aware of the facts behind these falsehoods, the millions of Americans who visit the Museum each year, above all our young people in colleges and universities, have never been exposed to the truth that is hidden by the lies on exhibit at the Museum.

Now, for the first time ever, CODOH has compiled a 16-page, 20,000 word tabloid, based on the findings of CODOH researchers and other revisionist scholars, that debunks, with devastating evidence and with documented facts, the slanders on exhibit at the Holocaust Museum. Our new publication doesn’t stop there, however. It skewers the Anti-Defamation League, America’s most effective power for robbing college kids of their right to learn the other side of the Holocaust story, and it raises new, hard questions for professional “survivor” Elie Wiesel and his like.

CODOH’s new, innovative, information-packed tabloid is being targeted first at some of America’s most prestigious academic institutions, the eight universities of the Ivy League: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania. As Bradley Smith explains in this issue’s Notebook, part of the reason for this is that the Ivy League hasn’t run our campus ads recently—due in no small part to ADL campus censor Jeffrey Ross.

Ross, who’s dogged Brad Smith’s efforts to take revisionism to American colleges for years now, has just sneeringly dismissed the several dozen colleges whose student papers ran CODOH ads in the fall as “second and third rate institutions.”

While we at CODOH don’t share Ross’s snobbery about the hard-working young men and women at these colleges—particularly those who, often at substantial personal cost, value freedom of expression enough to run our ads—we do accept that the young men and women of Harvard, Yale and the rest are often exceptionally gifted, industrious, and open-minded, and frequently go on to lead influential careers. It follows, does it not, by the elitist standard of Ross and the ADL, that nowhere in American academia are there students (and professors) more able to challenge, to withstand, to refute CODOH’s broadside at the Museum, at Wiesel, at the ADL.

We are curious indeed as to how the young journalists of the Ivy League will receive CODOH’s new tabloid—and how Ross and the ADL and their minions at campus Hillel will comport themselves when the sophisticated “first-raters” get their chance to confront actual revisionist arguments. We confess to a sneaking suspicion that Jeff Ross and the ADL will repose as little trust in the ability of America’s academic elite to deal with Holocaust dissent as they do in the “second and third rate” schools they policed so vigorously last fall. (All right, we’ll let it all hang out—we suspect the ADL will go bonkers and attempt to force on the Ivy League editors the equivalent of those gas masks that Israeli kids are photographed donning every time the U.S. [government] is fixing to bomb Iraq.) The next issue of SR will tell the first chapter of the story.

Whether or not the Ivies, or how many of them, accept our insert for inclusion in their newspapers won’t determine the effectiveness of this new CODOH outreach initiative. This tabloid, and its successors, will be offered to campus papers at many other colleges. The time has come for CODOH to combine the increasing output of its associated researchers with an innovative medium (for us), the tabloid. Inexpensive to produce, with space for full-length articles and for illustrations, the tabloid offers versatility of distribution as well: paid inclusion in other publications or individual distribution by individual revisionists.

The insert will not, of course, supplant CODOH’s ongoing campus ad campaign, which has built an unrivaled record of public revisionist outreach to colleges and universities. Rather it will exploit the successes the ads have achieved by presenting sharply focused, in-depth arguments and evidence to support the revisionist positions the ads call attention to. In the context of the Campus Project, the ads will continue to bring students to revisionism; the inserts will bring revisionism to students. And both will guide students to CODOHWeb, CODOH’s immense revisionist archive on the World Wide Web.

The contents of the first edition of CODOH’s tabloid could scarcely be more timely. As the accompanying story (“CODOH vs. the Museum”) reminds, Smith and CODOH have targeted the Museum’s failure to back up its gas chamber claims and representation with hard evidence. But the actual evidence is in. The USHMM’s “model” of an Auschwitz gas chamber and its casting of a “gas chamber” door to a structure at Majdanek are not what the Museum claims they are. Now, campus readers can have direct access to the truth.

Meanwhile, the wardens of Holocaust orthodoxy are intensifying their use of the USHMM not only as propaganda “proof’ of the gas chamber lie, but as “re-education” for students who prove unorthodox enough to publish CODOH’s advertisements. In 1993, three Georgetown University campus editors were sent off on a mandatory tour of the Holocaust museum. Two months ago, student editors from Indiana University-South Bend were subjected to the same Orwellian punishment—for the same offense.

CODOH’s first tabloid offers the most sweeping and comprehensive indictment of U.S. Holocaust Museum ever published. The tabloid points to exhibit after exhibit which misstates the historical facts and context, including the Museum’s phony Hitler quote, its misrepresentation of massacres of thousands of German civilians as “anti-German riots,” and its omission of the evidence for Nazi-Zionist collaboration. Students will learn for the first time about the Museum’s slavishly pro-Israel exhibits; its stridently anti-Christian film Anti-Semitism, and the Museum’s crass indifference to the threat—and the crimes—of Soviet Communism. This is a publication that will be of interest and of use to revisionists as well as to nonrevisionists.

The tabloid’s coverage of the Anti-Defamation League will also break new ground for CODOH: we’re widening the focus from our Jewish Big Brothers’ efforts to censor CODOH and other revisionists to this self-described “civil rights” group’s recent escapades in spying and surveillance in cahoots with police agencies here and abroad. America’s college and university students (to say nothing of student newspaper editors) should be very interested to learn how ADL’s chief agent sold information on Blacks in America to the (apartheid-era) South African police, and how ADL spies filmed mourners at Palestinian-American funerals for Israeli intelligence.

The tabloid will contain new questions for national Survivor-in-Chief Elie Wiesel, in addition to the ones SR readers have seen (but most Americans haven’t—yet). The tabloid will also include a report on this academic year’s Campus Project, so that student readers will discover that their campus is only one of many at which Holocaust revisionism has acquired a presence. Nothing in the tabloid will be dry. There will be a couple of classic pieces by Smith offering a uniquely human dimension to the battle for freedom of expression for revisionist dissent, ample illustrations, and questions on the material to stimulate student discussion and to be put to professors.

Over the past two decades, scores of top-flight scholarly articles have been published in our revisionist journals, here and abroad. Unfortunately, scarcely a single article of all these has been read by more than a few thousand revisionists. It’s past time, in this last year of the century and of the millennium, that we change that. In the coming weeks and months we intend to put our revisionist tabloid in the hands of tens of thousands of students and professors, and a growing number of other Americans as well.

“Operation Tabloid” combines the hard-won discoveries of revisionist researchers world-wide with the dogged outreach work of the Campus Project. We expect it will prove to be a marriage made in heaven. Tens of thousands of students will be invited to the celebration. They will be allowed to bring their professors. We’ll want to make it a bang-up ceremony. This is no time for us to keep a tight purse string, to spare expenses with the printer. We need to ensure the success of this wonderful union.

Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

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Published: 1999-01-01
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