CODOH Undermines French Exterminationist Book Burners

Published: 1996-05-01

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Doing our best to combat modern-day Omars, CODOH has published two complete books by censored French revisionist writers on our Website.

Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israélienne by Roger Garaudy: is posted complete at CODOH International.

Garaudy has argued that Hitler's killing of Jews amounted to “pogroms” or “massacres”, but that it is an exaggeration to call the Nazi crimes “genocide” or a “Holocaust” He denies the widespread belief that six million Jews were killed. As of this writing we do not yet know how Garady fared in the French court. An American edition of the book is due out shortly.

L‘Holocauste au scanner by Juergen Graf is also posted in its entirety at CODOH International on the Website.

Graf is a Swiss citizen who writes in German and French. He was born in 1951 and teaches classics. This book, which is a shortened version of a larger book by the same author, Der Holocaust Schwindel [The Holocaust Fraud], is a summary of the major revisionist arguments through 1992.

By an order of December 19, 1994 issued by the French minister of the Interior, L'Holocauste au scanner was banned in France: considered to be a danger to public order, it can no longer be circulated, distributed or sold in that country. In spite of this governmental prohibition, the book is available to everyone in France who has a computer or knows someone who does — thanks to its posting on the CODOH Website.

Earlier this century Americans went to France because Paris was a center of high culture. We don’t bother any longer. If we want to live in a place where intellectual freedom is no longer valued we go to Cuba. It’s a lot closer, a lot cheaper, and there’s no pretense there that you can say what you want You can’t, and that’s that.

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