CODOH Ups the Ante for the Anti-Defamation League

Massive Quarter Million Dollar Reward Offer
Published: 1998-09-01

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Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust has launched the most daring initiative to publicize the case for Holocaust revisionism ever attempted in America.

CODOH’s latest campus advertisement couples the twin issues of the revisionist scholarly challenge to the Holocaust legends together with the taboo against addressing them by offering a quarter of a million dollars to the individual who successfully arranges a debate on the Holocaust on a major television network in prime time between a team from CODOH and one from the Anti-Defamation League.

Never before has the Anti-Defamation League been subjected to so audacious a public defiance of its role as censor of revisionist ideas and blacklister of revisionist thinkers. Never before has ADL been challenged to public debate on the specific issues of the Holocaust, that it has decreed are non-debatable. Never before has the ADL been called to account for its relationship to groups like the Jewish Defense League, whose physical intimidation of revisionists such as filmmaker David Cole has long complemented the ADL’s daintier modes of thought control.

The new Campus Project advertisement (see p. 4) did not arise in a vacuum, nor is it intended as mere sensation-mongering. The decision to confront the ADL head to head, by making its nationwide efforts to block publicizing Holocaust revisionism a central issue on campuses across America, comes in response to the ADL’s ongoing efforts to prevent publication of CODOH’s paid ads wherever they are submitted, by threatening undergraduate editors, faculty advisors, and (often the most timorous of all) university presidents with the tired and false “anti-Semitism” canard. And it responds to the real reason the ADL is in such terror of CODOH’s Campus Project ads: this latest, mega-reward offer supplies, like its predecessors, the Website address of CODOH’s vast Internet archive of revisionist scholarship and comment, CODOHWeb (

In the June 1998 issue of its bulletin ADL on the FRONTLINE, America’s most successful thought police cited Smith’s Report No. 50 (January 1998) in boastful confirmation of our charge that they were blocking too many of our ads and op-ed articles on campuses across America (“Holocaust Denier Admits ADL’s Success”).

The ADL didn’t gloat for long, however. This August, In two separate postings to its Website, the ADL lamented several of CODOH’s campus ads. The League blasted the ad that offered the “Forty-Six Unanswered Questions about the Nazi Gas Chambers” free on CODOHWeb as a “stealth ad”—CODOH had failed to signal that it was promoting “Holocaust denial” material. “The Revisionist Controversy: Ignore the Thought Police-Read the Evidence-Judge for Yourself,” that like-wise guided readers to CODOHWeb, had the swooning thought police reaching for the smelling salts—but not before they x’ed out key parts of CODOHWeb’s on-line address.

The ADL, it appears, still doesn’t trust even visitors to its own Website not to—well, ignore the thought police. (And the ADL doesn’t seem to know that, for even the most callow reader on the Internet, it’s a snap to figure that the five letters in the address ADL x’ed out might just be “CODOH,” or that a simple Web search for the name “Bradley Smith” will take the ADL reader to our site and present him with a cornucopia of revisionist information— exactly what the ADL does not want. It was an earlier reward ad, — the $50,000 promised to the first person to arrange the prime time, major network presentation of the David Cole video on Auschwitz that really had the ADL hopping. They called it “a bait and switch” tactic: “Smith must know his money is safe because no TV network would broadcast such a video... Smith is trying to entice college students and others to his web site where he peddles his barely disguised anti-Semitism.”

We wonder how ads that beckon the Campus Project, CODOHWeb, Smith’s Report, and the media generally to CODOHWeb in letters as big and black as we can make them are a bait and switch ploy. But CODOH makes no apologies for using—insofar as we are able—whatever P.T. Barnum tactics it takes to get America and the rest if the world to notice that a powerful critique of Holocaust dogma now exists—and that the dogma’s defenders have had no better answer to that critique than censorship and suppression.

It’s been a good summer for the ADL. In June it commenced to agitate for withdrawal of non-profit status from the Institute of Historical Review. In July the ADL made the editors of DC Comics’ Superman apologize for an issue in which Jews, which the Man of Steel tried to rescue, had not been labeled clearly enough as Jews (we recall that making sure Jews were properly labeled as Jews was also a concern of the Nazis). In August the ADL’s iron thumb helped tip the golden scales in the great Swiss bank heist.

Yet after even summer comes a fall. The new thrust of the Campus Project is designed to make the ADL the prey, not the predator. The text of the new, arresting, and information-packed advertisement was carefully worked out by Smith in close consultation with the woman who chooses to be known as Mrs. P., and whose financial support has made the reward offer possible. The size of the offer commands interest and makes it more newsworthy than even the previous $50,000 Reward ad, which made headlines on and off campus in the fall of 1997 (see SR 49 & 50).

The reward aspect draws attention to the ad copy, which bristles with historical revisionist questions for debate and references to ADL’s censorship and bullying. And, not least of all, it points a potentially huge audience of college students and others to CODOHWeb, where the ad and the details of the Offer are found—along with a mountain of revisionist scholarship, in text and images, on links to revisionist sites like IHR’s, Arthur Butz’s Ernst Zuendel’s, Achmed Rami, the Adelaide Institute, and more!

The debate? We don’t know if it will happen, but we do know there’s nobody with more clout when it comes to bullying media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, than ADL Director Abe Foxman and his not-so-merrv men. But we will assemble a topnotch team of internationally known revisionists for our prime-time opportunity, should it come—and Mrs. P. will happily part with the quarter mil if it comes with an unprecedented opportunity to state the case for Holocaust revision and the case against censorship and repression freely, in prime time, as much of the nation watches and listens.

For all the Anti-Defamation League’s recent triumphs (including its successes in keeping our ads off this and that campus), Bradley Smith, CODOH, and above all CODOHWeb, its concern over the Campus Project has continued to grow. Now, in the blindness of its hubris and its pettish anger, the ADL has bumbled haplessly into our “Web.” It will be interesting to see how campus journalists react to the Anti-Defamation League’s efforts to stop publication of an ad that calls for a debate with the Anti-Defamation League.

It will be refreshing to open a public controversy in which it is not the cringing comic book editors, not the unctuous university presidents or the compliant gnomes of Zurich and Geneva, but the Big Brothers of the “Defamation” League, are the quarry.

[It is your generosity alone that fuels the Campus Project and CODOHWeb. There’s nowhere else for us to turn.]


$250,000 Offer

Every historical controversy can be debated on national television except one—the Jewish holocaust story. Why? Who benefits? Open debate, nothing else, will expose the facts behind this taboo.

To this end Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) offers $250,000 to the one individual instrumental in arranging a 90-minute debate on National Network Television, in prime time, between CODOH (Bradley R. Smith, Dir.), and the


Issues to be debated: (1) Were “gas chambers” used during WWII by Germans to kill millions of Jews as part of a program of “genocide?” (2) Did key “eyewitness” survivors give false testimony about “gas chambers?” (3) Is the Diary of Anne Frank an authentic personal diary or a “literary” concoction? (4) Are mainline Jewish organizations like the ADL committed to the censorship of revisionist theory on the Jewish holocaust? (5) Should the ADL and other mainline Jewish organizations respond with a “suspicious silence” when a sister organization encourages violence against revisionists? (6) Should a documentary film maker be made the target of violence by the Jewish Defense League (or any other “league”), as was David Cole, the Jewish writer and director of CODOH’s video on Auschwitz, David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper (called “The Video of the Century”), for exposing on film the fraud of the Auschwitz gas chamber?

Marcy Kaptur (D), U.S. Congresswoman, Ohio writes: “Mr. Cole has obviously invested a great deal in researching his subject and I admire his tenacious curiosity. Again, I thank you for sharing this documentary with myself and other Members of Congress.” Yehuda Bauer, professor of Holocaust Studies, Hebrew University (Tel Aviv), writes: “A powerful, dangerous video....”

The Jewish Defense League writes (in a “Wanted” ad for Mr. Cole, on the Internet, which includes Cole’s photograph): “An evil monster like this does not deserve to live.... We must get rid of this monster.... There needs to be ... the elimination of the Holocaust deniers. JDL wants to know the location of... David Cole. Anyone giving us his correct address will receive a monetary reward.”

The FBI has termed the JDL a ‘Terrorist organization.”

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith refuses to publicly condemn the Jewish Defense League, for this language of hate. The reason is clear. The ADL, by proxy, is “using” this threat of violence against a Jewish scholar in its own struggle to help censor open debate on the Holocaust controversy. This betrays our First Amendment and runs contrary to Article 19 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Who benefits from such censorship? Americans?

Over the past decades there have been thousands—if not tens of thousands—of hours of one-sided Holocaust allegations broadcast to the American people. Is it not fair that those of us who are not anti-German bigots, who no longer believe the gas chamber stories but do believe in intellectual freedom, should be given 90 minutes—only 90 minutes!—to debate the Anti-Defamation League over the suppression and censorship of holocaust revisionism?

If interested in earning $250,000 you will find details at

Offer good through 31 December 1998

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