CODOHWeb Helping to Set the Record Straight on Zionism, Israel and the Palestinians

Published: 1997-09-01

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As this issue of Smith's Report makes clear, the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is long on evidence of insults, atrocities, evictions and expulsions befalling the Jews of Europe 1933-1945, but embarrassingly short on hard evidence of their systematic extermination. There’s another paradox as well: while the Museum’s exhibits speak glowingly of the creation of Israel as a postwar “homeland” for Jews, they say nothing of the Nazi-Zionist financial cooperation that helped make Israel possible—or of the insults, atrocities, evictions and expulsions that have befallen and continue to befall the land’s original occupants, the Palestinians, at the hands of Jewish Zionists.

Ever ready to correct the Holocaust lobby’s falsehoods and errors (particularly when financed by our tax dollars, in the name of our country), the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust is combating the Museum’s omissions on the Israel/Palestine question just as strenuously as it does the Museum’s phony “gas chamber” door replica. As reported in SR 43 (April 1997),

CODOH’s Website boasts a page entitled “The Tangled Web: Zionism, Stalinism, and the Holocaust Story,” featuring articles and illustrations on precisely those historical links between Zionism and Nazism and Zionism and Communism that the Museum has tossed down a “memory hole” worthy of George Orwell’s 1984.

But that’s not all. In April CODOHWeb added a devastating new department called “The Tangled Web: The Consequences,” replete with sickening facts about the ongoing persecution and dispossession of the Palestinians by the Israelis (sickening not least because, like the Holocaust Memorial Museum, our taxes enable these things).

“The Tangled Web: The Consequences” opens with a photograph of a little Palestinian girl who has removed and is exhibiting her glass eye—her own eyeball was shot out by a rubber bullet fired by an Israeli soldier when she was nine months old. Beneath this picture there is a powerful statement by Bradley Smith, including this sentence: “Here are the consequences of exploiting the Holocaust-story to morally legitimate the invasion of Palestine by European Jews following World War II—the last great success story of Western imperialism.”

There follows article after article, each accessible with just one click of a computer mouse, on present and past outrages committed by Zionists against Palestinians, against Americans, and against each other. As with “Zionism, Stalinism, and the Holocaust,” which features articles by such well-known writers as Winston Churchill, Gore Vidal, Janies J. Martin, Lenni Brenner, and Roger Garaudy. “The Consequences” boasts a line-up of expert and specialist writers, many of them academics, many Israeli Jews.

Ze’ev Chavets writes bitingly on the fanaticism and racism of many of Israel’s ranking Orthodox rabbis; Marda Dunsky compares so-called Jewish “crazies” with Palestinian “terrorists”; Matthew Engel analyzes Jewish sexism ran rampant at the Wailing Wall. Official Zionist history comes under fire as Guy Ehrlich describes suppressed Israeli massacres in 1948 in addition to Deir Yassin; the late Moshe Dayan’s recently publicized admission that the Golan Heights were conquered out of greed for land, not to obtain a defensible border, is posted and analyzed; James Ennes gives the facts on the murderous Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and Richard Grenier reports on an important, growing historical revisionism in Israel. Plus major articles by professors Noam Chomsky, French revisionist Serge Thion, and reports from news services around the world detailing recent instances of discrimination, blasphemy, torture, massacre, ethnic cleansing and the like carried out on behalf of America’s client, “the only democracy in the Mideast”—and too much more to fit in this space, but all displayed, full-length, on our Website.

“The Tangled Web; The Consequences” maintains links to such anti-Zionist sites as Arab Net, Birzeit News, and the Palestinian National Authority. Besides these communication links, CODOHWeb is building another linkage: between the historical facts that underlie the lies and distortions of the Holocaust story, and the interconnectedness of that story and its misuse in the continuing oppression of the people of Palestine by the Zionists and their sponsors here in America. As recent evidence testifies (see Worldscope in this issue), there is mounting awareness among Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims of the Holocaust hoax and its past, present and future implications for them, CODOH is proud of its role, through CODOHWeb, in advancing this vital knowledge and understanding.

Last, but certainly not least, CODOHWeb’s pages on Zionism and its “tangled web” vindicate American honor by demonstrating to the world that a growing number of Americans are having no part of the Holocaust hoax-enshrined in an official U.S. museum or not—or of the crimes committed in its name.

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