Computer Network Holocaust Debate Closed Down

ThoughtCrime: 10/02/92
Published: 1992-10-02

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

The latest effort by revisionists to foster open debate on the holocaust issue over a computer network "bulletin board system" (BBS) has been closed down by network censors after just three weeks. On September 9, 1992, the GE-nie computer network permitted the creation of a new "Auschwitz" BBS discussion topic, which was initiated by revisionist activist P.LARSEN. After five days – and 52 messages posted by both skeptics and defenders of the holocaust story – the system operator responsible for the discussion area that included the new "Auschwitz" topic, Tony Kendall, warned participants:

"I am not saying anyone has done this so far, but please be advised that this topic is not to be used for 'the Holocaust didn't happen' lobby.' That type of discussion is offensive and totally without fact. There have been problems with this in other parts of GE-nie and I will not let that happen here. I abhor censorship but GE-nie (and the sysop) reserves the right (as with editors of other media) to decide subject content on its services. In the interest of covering all facets of Germany, not only the good, I am allowing this topic..."

By September 27, more than 140 public messages had been posted on the new "Auschwitz" discussion, in which the revisionist side was clearly prevailing. Institute for Historical Review Associate Editor Greg Raven joined the heated discussion on September 30 with a few brief, to-the-point messages.

Sysop Kendall removed all of Raven's messages from view, and closed the area to further discussion. On October 2, the topic itself was expunged. In all, though, 356 messages had been posted before the "Auschwitz" discussion was shut down.

Adapted from: IHR Newsletter, November 1992, Number 90. Institute for Historical Review (PO Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659.)

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