"Confessions of a Modern Heretic"

Published: 1994-10-16

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[From the North Shore News, Oct. 16, 1994]

The subject is heresy and heretics, because it seems that I am one.

I am in good company. One of the greatest heretics was William Tyndale, who first put the Bible into English. The Roman Catholic Church objected because it thought it would be dangerous for the "uneducated" to be able to read it.

Tyndale was burned at the stake.

Then there was Galileo. Having studied Copernicus he knew that the Earth revolved around the sun. And said so. The Church thought otherwise, and Galileo was told to recant. He refused. Then they showed him the torture chamber and he changed his mind. I would have done the same. You bet. But Galileo still knew that the Earth went round the sun. And now we do, too.

More recently there was the case of Malcolm Muggeridge, top British writer, journalist and wit, now deceased. In 1953 Muggeridge wrote a piece called "Royal Soap Opera" for an American magazine. It ridiculed the reverence in which the Royals were held, and all hell broke loose. (He was in advance of his time, as you may have noticed.) Muggeridge's name was mud. Cowards libelled him. No one would use him and he was forced to flee to Australia for a while.

But in the end he was rehabilitated. I am a nonentity but I do have a doctorate in political incorrectness. I am against immigration, affirmative action, radical feminism, abortion on demand, homosexuality, the prodnoses of the "human rights" racket and other goodies dispensed by the New Establishment. Still, it is with some timidity that I mention myself in the same breath as Muggeridge and the great heretics. They were captains. I am a rear-rank foot soldier.

My main heresy is "the holocaust." I do not believe the six million figure, although I used to. Nor do I believe in the gas chamber stuff.

How can I know about such things when the Popes of the New Establishment know otherwise? I don't "know" anything, but have read the revisionist literature and come to certain conclusions. My media critics, on the other hand, have not read any of it. They just go on repeating the Orthodox Version. And that's safe. Discussion is not on. Discussion is "denial" and therefore heresy. Don't they get the truth daily on TV?

The literature is impressive. It includes Professor Butz' The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, the writings of Professor Robert Faurisson of France, those of former French Resistance leader and concentration camp inmate Paul Rassinier, and judge Wilhelm St├Ąglich's Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence. Plus the work of arch-heretic David Irving.

Although the smell of burning flesh does not attend today's heretics, jail can await them. If they have teaching jobs they will lost them. That's why no Canadian academic wants to blot his copybook. Academic freedom has its limits.

If a person is a top threat to orthodoxy, like Irving, Jewish pressure will get him barred from South Africa, Australia and Germany. It will also get him arrested while making a speech in Victoria and deported from liberty-loving Canada on the pretext of his having broken the immigration laws.

This even though immigrant rapists and murderers float freely around this country and an apologist for terrorism like Sinn Feiner Gerry Adams can make speeches here. The clamps on holocaust discussion are there "for the protection of the truth." The same sort of thing applied in Tyndale's day. But as Oberon Waugh has asked, what sort of truth is it that needs protecting?

Meanwhile, even a minor heretic like me can watch out. If he starts writing for a newspaper chain the pressure groups will soon have him "desyndicated." And the biggest fool and flapmouth in local radio will call for the boycotting of the one newspaper that publishes him. The least he can expect is that a contemptible sheet like the Province will publish a crude cartoon on him reminiscent of the stuff in the Nazi newspaper Der Stuermer.

Such trash is not confined to "holocaust heretics." For criticizing our crazy immigration policies the late, great J.V. Clyne was shown in the same fine newspaper getting encouragement from a man in a white hood. "Way to go, J.V.," said the hood.

No, they're not yet burning people at the stake. But when they do they'll need a lot of wood because a Province phone poll showed that 50 percent of their hundreds of respondents agreed with me. Amazing. Look out for a veritable tsunami of abuse and propaganda.


The sampling of Revilo Oliver's writings in the Sept.-Oct. 1994 Journal was taken not only from pages 1-4, 79-83, 182-183 and 187-189 of his book, America's Decline (as noted on page 21 of that issue of the Journal), but also from the following additional pages of Oliver's book: 190-191 and 212-213.

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