Congressman Henry A. Waxman Hapless Ignoramous or Simple Putz?

Published: 1984-10-01

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In the 30 August 1984 issue of B'nai B'rith Messenger congressman Henry A. Waxman has written another of his brainless and innuendo-filled articles about Holocaust "revisionists," this one titled: "Holocaust De­Bunkers Persist." In it he characterizes professor A.R. Butz, author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, as a bizzare figure who was "deported by the British for his fascist activities."

This is a simple lie. I challenge Waxman to show where Butz has been "deported by the British" for any reason. The lie is a particularly filthy one, as it labels Butz a fascist, which is an epithet used by unprincipled men to gratuitously destroy the reputations of men who have challenged the beliefs of the slanderer, and nothing more.

Waxman writes that Butz "has written several full-length studies, all focused on disproving the history of the Holocaust." This is a simple lie. I challenge Waxman to produce the titles of these "several" full-length studies.

Waxman wites: "According to Butz, an insignificant number of Jews died from diseases during World War II." This is a simple lie. Following is one statement made by Butz on Jewish losses during World War II:

"If we attempt to estimate the number who perished, on account of the chaotic conditions in the camps as the Germans retreated, on account of epidemics in the ghettos during more normal periods, on account of pogroms or massacres that might have taken place especially while the Germans were retreating, on account of Einsatzgruppen executions, and on account of unhealthly conditions in the concentration camps in Germany, especially at the end of the war… we again have an impossible, in my opinion, problem on our hands… A figwre of a million Jewish dead, while possible, seems rather high to me. However, given the vast uncertainties involved, I really have no taste for arguing the matter one way or the other." (emphasis supplied; see: Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Institute For Historical Review, Torrance, Ca., 1976, pp. 237-239)

Waxman writes : "Some have dismissed the Holocaust debunkers as inconsequential crackpots. I personally take these evil people extremely seriously." (emphasis supplied)

I can't really believe that Congressman Waxman conciously lied about Butz, though I may be wrong. I believe he relied on lying sources. But Waxman is a True Believer in the Cult of the Holocaust, and like true believers everywhere he is prepared to accept anything he is told that diminishes those "evil ones" who have not yet been converted into cultists themselves. Waxman is also a virulent Zionist, and I leave it to your imagination as to what he is willing to believe about Arabs.

Perhaps the fundamental distinction to be made between Congressman Waxman and Professor Butz is that, while Butz supports his observations about the "Holocaust" with evidence, Waxman does not.

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