Convergence of Nonsense

Published: 2002-01-01

Here are some of the constituents that make up the "convergence of evidence" which the Holocaust community offers as verifying the Holocaust story.

W A R N I N G:

The organization "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) has declared it "anti-Semitic"/"hateful behavior" to disbelieve in any of these details alleged to have been committed by the German people.

  1. Shoes of victims piled 75 feet high. (About six stories)
  2. Soviet submarine engine used to generate poisonous carbon monoxide to gas chambers.
  3. Blaring Jazz music played from an array of loud speakers so nearby civilian Polish residents couldn't hear the gunfire as the SS executed thousands of Jews a day.
  4. Prisoners working the gas chambers at Birkenau slept in the chambers during time off.
  5. Cremated remains were scattered on the paths of Birkenau in the winter to keep people from slipping.
  6. At one mass grave site, the ground "undulated in waves" from the gas of the decaying Jewish bodies.
  7. Germans tried to erase traces of mass graves with dynamite.
  8. At Auschwitz-Birkenau the Germans used "thousands of lamps" to illuminate the night time marches of victims to the gas chambers.
  9. Victims in gas chambers all died covered with blue stains from the gas.
  10. Victims in gas chambers died biting and/or tearing each others ears and noses off.
  11. The families among the dead in the gas chambers could be identified because they were all holding hands.
  12. The Germans made soap out of human fat.
  13. The SS buried prisoners up to their necks and then trampled their heads with horses.
  14. At times the Germans would clean up residual remains of bodies at the bottoms of cremation pits with flame throwers.
  15. German military kept feet warm with socks made from Jewish hair.
  16. The breasts of women were hacked off as they entered into the gas chambers.
  17. Up to a 1,000 children a day at Auschwitz were thrown alive into the cremation ovens and burning pits. Possibly to save on gas.
  18. The workers in the gas chambers casually smoked and ate while they were dragging the bodies out.
  19. Children worked at the crematoriums and would stay warm inside gas chambers.
  20. People were exterminated in chambers by steam.
  21. The Germans "castrated" Jews with X-ray machines.
  22. The Germans made sausage out of exterminated Jews and used it to feed the prisoners at Auschwitz.
  23. A layer of wood just one foot thick under grates for mass cremations would throw up flames 30 feet and burn for hours.
  24. The Germans made lamp shades out of human skin.
  25. Decaying bodies at mass grave site exploded, blowing up columns of dirt.
  26. Victims in gas chambers all died standing up due to dense packing.
  27. The Germans killed homosexuals by tickling them to death.
  28. Children at Auschwitz played games pretending they were crematorium workers putting people in the gas chambers and ovens.
  29. At one extermination camp it was surrounded by a moat and mine field.
  30. Human pyres were sustained burning by reintroducing human fat that drained off to a basin.
  31. Some of the first mass gassings took place in the "red house" and the "white house".
  32. The arms and legs of "dead" bodies in mass graves undergoing cremation would move around, "straining in slow motion".
  33. Under piles of decaying bodies that couldn't be cremated right away there was a layer of worms.
  34. Victims cremated remains were stuffed in the walls of barracks as insulation.
  35. Victims in gas chambers were pink or some had green spots on them.
  36. A little Jewish boy survived the gas chambers six (6) times.
  37. After mass incineration of bodies in pits, nothing was left excepting a third of the pit was filled with ash covered with a layer of skulls on top.
  38. Victims were marched to the gas chambers to the accompaniment of orchestra music.
  39. Bodies of gassed victims burned in mass pits on their own without the need for anything else to keep the fires going.
  40. Bodies were thrown into a deep pit where they would swell up and then a few days later "collapsed violently" making room for a new load.
  41. Victims in gas chambers died in the sitting position in piles.
  42. All the arms and legs of the gassed were cut off so they could get 4 bodies at once into ovens.
  43. Piles of rotting bodies could be smelled for miles.
  44. Prisoners at Auschwitz tried to keep track of how many children were exterminated by counting the number of baby carriages (prams) piled outside the gas chambers.
  45. A human body could be cremated with less than one cubic foot of "brushwood and "branches".
  46. The Germans produced shrunken heads from the victims.
  47. The Germans modified an existing building to look like a train station complete with a fake tower and clock to welcome victims.
  48. The commander at one camp would ride around on horse back trampling prisoners to death.
  49. The Germans exterminated Jews by having them lay down in a pit and then threw in hand grenades.
  50. The German exterminated people by putting them into a building and then blowing it up. Afterwards they had to retrieve body parts blown out over an area, some of which were hanging in trees.
  51. The Germans killed 75,000 women and children by kicking them and smashing them against rocks.
  52. People were mass exterminated to ashes by electrocution in chambers.
  53. At one mass grave site, the bodies swelled up to such an extent above the surface they rolled out and down a hill.
  54. The Germans had a huge underground facility where they exterminated people with high voltage electricity.
  55. The SS held bicycle races in gas chambers.
  56. The Germans made Jews jump from roofs with umbrellas.
  57. One German SS made Jews carry him around the camp while he dropped burning paper on their heads.
  58. Gas chambers were designed and painted with bright colors with flower boxes outside to disguise the real purpose.
  59. Victims at one camp were exterminated with a time delay gas that allowed time for them to walk to the cremation ditches 30 meters or so away where they would fall dead.
  60. The Germans exterminated Jews by throwing them alive into two flaming pits, one for children and one for adults.
  61. The Germans extracted the teeth from exterminated victims and melted the gold down.
  62. The Germans exterminated 18,000 Jews all in one day just 300 yards (meters) across an open field from a Polish village.
  63. A vast spinning industry that surpassed all the production in Germany was set up at one extermination camp using unidentified materials from exterminated Jews.
  64. At a mass grave, for months after, the ground trembled and geysers of blood pulsed out.
  65. At times victims were taken on train rides in cars whose floors were covered in quicklime. "The train" with it's "quivering cargo of flesh seemed to throb, vibrate, rock and jump as if bewitched". "The train began to move and sob, wail and howl".
  66. Sixteen to seventeen barbers would go into a 12 X 12 foot chamber filled with 300 victims ready to be exterminated to cut off their hair.
  67. At the same camp, they needed only one Ukrainian prisoner to pull out the teeth of the victims as they were being unloaded.
  68. The Germans would cut up people alive and throw their muscle tissue into buckets and the tissues "were still working and contracting, making the bucket jump about".
  69. Flocks of gaggling geese were kept around to cover up the screams of victims.
  70. SS people would review victims about to go into gas chambers in order to select them for a meat source to be recovered after the people had been gassed.
  71. The Germans would stage mock marriages of prisoners and then kill the bride and groom after it was over.
  72. At virtually every single camp identified as an "extermination center" the Germans first buried hundreds of thousands at each one and then dug them up later to be burned.
  73. The Germans executed 80,000 Jews by gun fire over a two day period at one camp. That would be 40,000 each day.
  74. The Germans would stuff live crematorium workers into the ovens.
  75. For the most part, most of the places identified as "extermination centers" were set up right in and among the immediate vicinity of sizable civilian populations.
  76. Polish civilians frequented the immediate vicinity of the cremation building located just outside of one camp.
  77. The Germans used the hair from victims to stuff mattresses.
  78. People could tell by the colors of the flames coming out of the crematorium chimneys what countries the Jews were from.
  79. At one camp the commandant would randomly shoot prisoners with a sniper rifle from the veranda of his house.

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