Correspondence. Correction

Published: 1996-11-01

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Correspondence. I have a pile of correspondence to attend to that's about a foot high. The truth of the matter is that, while I want to hear from you, and while I read every letter that crosses my desk, I am unable to answer your letters unless they pertain to business of the utmost importance which has to be taken care of immediately. I apologize for this rudeness, but the volume of paperwork that crosses my desk is beyond my abilities to take care of it. Maybe one day I will have one full-time employee. Maybe one day I will have an office.

Correction. In your "Revisionism to the World!" section in Smith's Report No. 36 (October 1996), you list “Auch Holocaust-Luegen haben kurze Beine” by Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte. Actually, the article is entitled, "Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte: Auch Holocaust-Luegen haben kurze Beine." by Manfred Koehler (alias Germar Rudolf). The article is Rudolfs "Erwiderung" or "reply" to Nolte.

— Richard Widmann (email)

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith , Richard A. Widmann
Title: Correspondence. Correction
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 37, November 1996, p. 8
Published: 1996-11-01
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