Deborah Lipstadt Defends Holocaust Denial?

Published: 2016-03-11

In an article published in what started out in 1897 as a Jewish Yiddish-language daily, The Forward now an English-language daily since 1990 located in England, Deborah Lipstadt surprises us with a semi-defense of Holocaust Denial. Almost a case for the old famous TV show, Believe It or Not?

In this report, The Forward includes part of her speech on this debate at the Oxford Union Society delivered at Oxford University in a video format, some time in January, where she, in eight minutes, defends why she is against penalizing Holocaust Denial.

It almost sounds too good to be believe but she actually makes sure to make the disparaging analogy that “Holocaust Denial” is not be taken seriously, just like you don’t engage in a debate with those who still believe the earth is flat or that pedophilia  is a good thing. Now, that is the Deborah I know.

Deborah  even goes much further, and assures everyone at Oxford University that the Holocaust is the best-documented event in History and that there is, she implies very little or no room for revision. 

What makes her speech valuable at Oxford University is that she declares that politicians cannot be the ones to determine what can and cannot be discussed publicly, just as has already happened in fourteen countries in Europe.

She raises some valid points to defend freedom of speech as she declares herself a true believer, not only as we know in the Holocaust Orthodoxy and its manipulative Industry, but a true believer in freedom of speech.   

She says “Who would define Holocaust denial? Who would write the legislation….And then who rules? A judge who knows no history? A jury?” and adds “…I am convinced that freedom of speech means nothing unless it includes the freedom for offensive people to be offensive,” “We who are offended by them, must accept that, as a cost of living in a free society.” well, I would have never thought that Deborah would come up with such a liberal and balanced view of what a free society must be… Believe It or Not!



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