Did Steve Jobs Die from Starvation or Typhus or … ?

Published: 2011-12-01

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The images to the left were taken in August 2011 a few days after Jobs’s resignation as CEO of Apple due to “ill health.” Jobs was clearly being reduced to skin and bone just as many concentration inmates were before they died at the end of WW2. The simple facts are that in spite of his great wealth and access to the best medical care and nutrition in the world, Jobs seemed to be dying of starvation—and it happened (shock, horror, awe) in America!

Was some Nazi version of Dr. Frankenstein to blame for all this? Of course not! The best food passed through his system without leaving much, if anything. If Steve Jobs had removed the top of his pajamas, would Jobs have looked any better than any of the “victims” of Bergen-Belsen or Dachau? Of course, not!

The same can be said for thousands upon thousands of terminally ill patients in any major hospital anywhere. The denial of this simple, but extremely unpleasant, fact of life is the key to promoting the most monstrous hoax of all time—the so-called “holocaust.”

Holocaust insanity in the USA today is based on the dirtiest kind of racist hate propaganda— photos of dead and dying persons found in concentration camps where every informed person knows there were no exterminations, ever, in gas chambers—and where the real mass murderers responsible were the western Allies. Years of total blockade (deliberate mass starvation of Germany and Europe) from the first day of the war, and bombing and strafing of civilians did have their effects. That is what the pictures in an article in October’s Atlantic Monthly (http://tinyurl.com/66gpbql ) really show. Shame on Atlantic!

Was Steve Jobs a victim of fiendish medical experiments? One would certainly expect him to have undergone many questionable procedures with medications that are far from “proven”—but that does not suggest anything “fiendish” at all. It is merely good medical practice in a near hopeless situation. There are millions of cases similar to Jobs’s case every year throughout the world. A high proportion of us will look no better than Jobs when we die—from AIDS, or cancer, or any number of slow debilitating diseases.

What is extraordinary is that these images of Jobs have become public. Normally, the dying person is tucked away in a hospital until the undertaker takes him to be restored to some kind of normal appearance for public display in a funeral parlor. That is normally the case unless the images can be used to make holocaust propaganda. Some people have no shame at all. Please read the discussion at http://www.nazigassings.com with even more images.

That Jobs was alive at all in spite of his obvious deterioration is a tribute to the good care he was receiving. If his care had been of poor quality, he would have died long before his body had been reduced as it was. That simple fact suggests that victims in Belsen and other German concentration camps at the end of WW2 were treated well under the impossible circumstances imposed by the western Allies. If any kinds of “exterminations” had been occurring, those “useless victims” would have been disposed of long before they could have ever looked like Steve Jobs.

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Title: Did Steve Jobs Die from Starvation or Typhus or … ?
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Published: 2011-12-01
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