Director of Research at Auschwitz State Museum Admits on Camera that Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" is a Fraud!

Published: 1992-12-01

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Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) now has Dr.Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives at the Auschwitz State Museum, on videotape conceeding that the Auschwitz "gas chamber" was "reconstructed" after the war, not from plans drawn by engineers and architects, but from such "eyewitness" recollections as those of the corrupt Filip Mueller and even Simon Wiesenthal.

David Cole, Regional Director (Southwest) for CODOH, flew to Poland and Germany in September to document on film the present state of the alleged "gassing chambers" at Auschwitz, Birkenau, Maidanek and Dachau. He brought back 20-some hours of film on the various sites.

At Auschwitz David hired a personal tour guide. Together with a camera woman, he shot twelve hours of tape at Auschwitz and Birkenau. When his professional tour guide was unable to answer David's questions about the "gassing chamber" at Auschwitz, she asked her supervisor to intercede for her.

When some of the statements made by the tour guide as to the "original state" of the Auschwitz gas chamber are contradicted by her supervisor, we can see the young lady's confusion about what it is she has been telling her tour groups over the years.

When the supervisor is unable as well to answer David's questions satisfactorily, she suggests that she make an appointment for him with Dr. Piper. David doesn't expect this. It's an exciting prospect. He's being offered a unique opportunity. The factotums at the Auschwitz State Museum do not cooperate with revisionists. Robert Faurisson has been denied access to the Museum's archives because he doesn't follow the State "line" on the gas chambers. Censorship at its source! So David can't express his pleasure and excitement. He doesn't want to give the game away. He pulls it off very well. The kid's a natural for high stakespoker.

Before he left for Europe and the camps, David had decided that he would go as a Jew, not as a "revisionist." He would wear his yarmulka and chat up anyone who would talk to him. He would be looking for information, for the truth, that would help him to answer those back in America who no longer believe the gas chamber stories. If he had found something that fit that bill, I have no doubt he would have used it. I would have too. But he didn't. What he found was Dr. Franciszek Piper.

David tells me that Dr. Piper was not enthusiastic about being interviewed on camera, and the truth is he doesn't look comfortable at the beginning. But David did what he could to comfort the good doctor. When he stepped into Dr. Piper's office on the morning of September 14th, he wore his yarmulka and carried his prayer book.

David is a convinced atheist. You have the right to wonder if there's an ethical issue to be found someplace around here. While we didn't break our brains over it, we had chatted about the ethics of such a scenario before David left for Europe. David's structuring of the issue was simple: How enormous does a great lie have to be before you can use a very small lie to expose it?

In response to David's questions, we have Dr. Piper on tape revealing one "reconstruction" after another to the Auschwitz "gas chamber." To show you where Piper's head is (forgetting the "gassing chambers" for the moment), he's still willing to commit himself to the stupid "human-soap" story and the Buchenwald "human-skin-lampshade" hoax.

What will viewing this film mean to the hundreds of thousands of Jews who have gone to Auschwitz over the decades to view the Auschwitz "gas chamber"? Jews who went not merely as tourists, but as pilgrims seeking subjective and even spiritual understanding from their experience there. What is it going to mean to them to find that their experience there was manipulated with such vulgarity by the camp managers?

What will it mean to hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of Germans, including all those children, who discover that. when they were told they were standing, as it were, in the original "belly of the beast," they were, in fact, inside a cheap carnival sideshow run for four decades by the Polish Communist Party in tandem with the world-wide Holocaust Lobby? I think they're going to feel compromised. I think they're going to be a little disenchanted. That's the risk you run when you lie to people over and over again.

I've given hundreds of interviews to the print press and to radio and TV. Dozens of people have told me they have been to Poland and seen the Auschwitz "gas chamber" there with their own eyes. No one ever suggested that he understood that the gassing chamber there was reconstructed (fabricated). Not one said he or she understood that they had been shown a cheap "mock-up" of an "imagined" gassing chamber.

We're editing an "Auschwitz" video now, which will have the interview with Dr. Piper for its center piece. It will show an Auschwitz tour guide saying that the "gas chamber" there is in its original state. It will show Dr. Piper stating that it's been "reconstructed" (faked). And it will show him making other statements that compromise irretrievably the official Auschwitz party line.

The Auschwitz video will be available for purchase, and for review, before the month is out.

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Title: Director of Research at Auschwitz State Museum Admits on Camera that Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" is a Fraud!
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Published: 1992-12-01
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