Do you have these audio cassettes?

Published: 1995-02-01

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I've misplaced the original audio recordings of two interview's I did on WALE-AM — numbers 1 and 17. I’ve sent copies of these two audios to some of you.

WALE #1 took place on 12 July when my guest was David Cole. WALE #17 took place on 1 November and Michael Hoffman was my guest. If you have either I would very much like to have a good duplicate for my files. With respect to #17, Hoffman wants it for his files, and he's going to be annoyed with me if he doesn't get it, because I promised him I'd send it to him. If you are unable to dup the tapes yourself, send me your copy, and I'll dup for us and return yours. Thanks.

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: Do you have these audio cassettes?
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 20, February 1995, p. 7
Published: 1995-02-01
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