Don't Tread on Me

Published: 2001-02-01

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Don't tread on me!" "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" "Live Free or Die!"

Platitudes? Lip service to a cause? NO! These were the convictions of people who knew what was just and right and who were willing to die to ensure such justice and rights — who were willing to die for freedom — for a fledgling British colony 224 years ago. Would you like to have a sample of how those convictions have been watered down, distorted and corrupted by the professorial class and the media in the freest nation on earth?

Contrast the words of our founding fathers with these responses to an article one of our new writers wrote supporting intellectual freedom and free inquiry regarding the Holocaust. Her name is MacKenzie Paine and she forwarded to us the most illustrative tid-bits. (I will abbreviate the foul language).

Brian Scribe of the Antelope Daily Press in California wrote: "I would appreciate, no make that DEMAND, that you remove me from your e-mail list IMMEDIATELY. I do not want to see, read or deal with any more of your revisonist (sic) garbage. You make me sick." Ron Fineman, a Los Angeles based radio talk show host: "Please take the email you sent me and shove it up your sick bigoted a__. Don't ever email me again."

Herbert Rosenblum wrote clearly: "F_ _ _ _ YOU YOU BUNCH OF A_ _ HOLES." We don't even have Mr. Rosenblum on our email list, so we're not sure what part of academia or the media he belongs to.

Another talk show host, Andy Bloom, had this to say: "Listen you scumbag...take me off your mailing list."

"Please do not send me any more of this filth. You ignore facts and proof that exist still today so that we do not forget the atrocities of Nazi Germany. Because you clearly harbor anti-Semetic (sic) feelings you are blinded to reality." This was sent to MacKenzie by another well-informed radio talk show host, Lee Cameron.

Steve Jewett, a communications professor at the University of Eastern Washington: "I would appreciate you taking me off your mailing list and ceasing from distributing this completely fallacious material. I have met individuals who personally witnessed the death camps and have visited one myself. Your unwillingness to accept well-proven fact is pathetic and dangerous." Damian Hey, professor at Hofstra University: "Get a life, you idiot."

Ronald Coons, professor of history at the University of Connecticut: "I find your message highly offensive and wish never to receive another such Email from you — or anyone like you, for that matter. As a modern European historian with some expertise in this field, I am appalled at your rantings, which are not worthy of discussion. Hate is ugly, and it consumes the hater, as your message suggests." Where I come from, these are fighting words, but these grown men won't fight. So — this is what I have to say to them. GET OUT OF OUR WAY! If you can't engage in some healthy dialogue, then you should stay under the porch where you belong! We are going to honor the principles upon which this country was established and we are going to exercise our rights provided therein. We are going to shout from the rooftops! We are going to spread our message of intellectual freedom and free historical inquiry across the World Wide Web.

We have stepped up our email campaign to include Catholic universities and the international press. We are going to engage our youth in scholarly and moral debate, with or without the help of establishment media and a frightened and self-absorbed professorial class! We are going to do so because ours is a great and free nation and we want to keep it that way.

We are going to do it for ourselves, for Germans, for Palestinians and, finally, for ALL who suffered during World War Two and who today suffer the indignities of violence, terror, censorship and estrangement. We are going to do it in the name of liberty and justice. And we are going to forge ahead with the dignity, eloquence and sense of responsibility that our forbears deemed vital.

While there are those in our current society who would see us returned to the darkness of the Middle Ages, there are also those of us who demand freedom, truth and civil discourse. And we aren't going away. In fact, our numbers are growing. While the smattering of professors and media personalities quoted above, and a handful of others, were obviously intellectually terrified, about the same number sent us notes of appreciation and encouragement. All of the rest of the more than two thousand recipients of our article have remained quiet. Could they be waiting? Could they be watching with interest?

The message that MacKenzie sent hit hard on the illegalities of the war crimes trials, but not one law professor — from Harvard, Yale, Stanford or any other school across America — cried foul and demanded to be taken off our email list. Among the professors who asked to be removed from our mailing list, none were from the Ivy League or top ranked universities.

Out of hundreds of feature writers, only two have asked to be removed from out list. Knowing how liberal the establishment press is, this last statistic is probably the most surprising — and the most exciting. Could it be that this issue has finally gotten their attention? Could it be that the terrible struggle endured by revisionists for the past 40 years is finally going to pay off? Have revisionists doggedly pursued civil discourse and open debate with such perseverance that the Industry can no longer hold back the tide? Will these columnists, journalists and professors join us, when the time is right, to take the Industry down?

I have joined the fray with a clear conscience and willing spirit. Bradley Smith and CODOH have given me an opportunity to express myself, and now my friend MacKenzie Paine is stretching her wings through ongoing discussions with students and professors. Without Bradley, without CODOH, my voice in the debate with the Holocaust Industry would be like most others — limited to my own kitchen table or family gatherings. With CODOH, we ALL have a voice — a very strong voice that has the Industry shrieking. While those who prefer darkness cower under the porch, we shall all stand tall, together %mdash; and we shall prevail in the name of freedom!

Don't tread on us!

Note: Audrey Jones later used the nom de plume Mackenzie Paine.

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