Dr. Robert Faurisson Memorial: Germar Rudolf with Brian Ruhe Livestream

Published: 2018-10-29

In this livestream Germar Rudolf talks to Brian Ruhe about the great Professor Robert Faurisson.

In this video (One hour and 55 minutes) the Director of Codoh, Germar Rudolf talks to Brian Ruhe, about Professor Robert Faurisson (1929 - 2018). Robert Faurisson Aitkin was born in England to a French father and Scottish mother. Robert studied French, Latin and Greek Literature, and passed exams to become a school teacher. He studied for a PhD with his thesis being the poet Lautreamont [the pen name of Isadore Lucien Ducasse (1846 - 1870)). Ducasse was a Frenchman born in Uruguay. He died at the age of 24 in Paris of a fever.] Robert became a Phd in 1972, then a lecturer, and then a Professor at the University of Lyon in 1973. In 1974, Professor Robert Faurisson wrote to Yad Vashem, a long letter which showed that there had been no "genocide" of the Jews in World War 2. Professor Robert Faurisson used his expertise with documents to show that certain "testimonies" like that of Rudolf Hoess (Comandant of Auschwitz) were highly dubious. Professor Robert Faurisson became involved with the US-based Institute of Historical Review about 1970, and lectured and wrote numerous articles. Professor Robert Faurisson testified at the Great Holocau$t Trials in Canada in 1985 and 1988, in defense of Ernst Zundel. Ernst had been pulled up before a court by a Zionist organisation for publishing "false news". The "false news" law was originally designed to stop individuals asserting an attack by the US on Canada, and quickly became defunct. The attack by the Zionist organisation was incredibly taken over by the Canadian government. The government called in witnesses, who were superbly demolished by Doug Christie, Ernst's defense lawyer. The law was later declared unconsititutional. Professor Robert Faurisson advised Ernst on his defense. It was Professor Robert Faurisson who suggested to Ernst that they find a US execution expert to investigate the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz. The expert was found, and his investigation proved that there were no "gas chambers", nor were there "gas chambers, and nor could there have been any "gas chambers" ever. The expert was Fred Leuchter, who investigated other camps, and found no evidence of any "gas chambers" whatsever.

[Fred Leuchter's report(s) are in Holocaust Handbook volume 16 edited by Leuchter, Professor Robert Faurisson and Germar Rudolf.]

Fred Leuchter's report dealt a severe blow to the "Holocau$t" lie. It remains unrefuted, and it is likely that no comparative expert would be found by the Holocau$t liars. Professor Robert Faurisson also wrote at length about the bogus Diary of Anne Frank, a forgery written by her father. In September 1989, Professor Robert Faurisson, was attacked by three men claiming themselves to be the "Sons of the Memory of the Jews". Professor Robert Faurisson was 60 at the time and was walking his dog. His jaw was broken. This was one of many assaults on Professor Robert Faurisson. In 1990, Communists and Jews managed to pass a law (Gayssot Act) forbidding any exposure of the Holocau$t lie. Professor Robert Faurisson was fined several times under this lunatic law. Indeed, it was argued, typically backwards, that the Holocau$t was technically possible because it happened

Professor Robert Faurisson was eventually removed from his university chair by the Gayssot Act. Professor Robert Faurisson went to the United Nations court of Human rights, which predictably upheld the Gayssot Act, "as Jews need to live free from fear of anti-semitism" and "to serve the struggle against racism and anti-semitism". Apparently saying and proving that "gas chambers" are false, is dangerous to Jews, and is a hindrance to the anti-racist struggle.

Professor Robert Faurisson attended the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust in Iran in 2006. He was later awarded a award for courage by the Iranian President in 2012. 

In 2018, Professor Robert Faurisson died of old age at his home in Vichy, France aged 88.

Germar Rudolf talks warmly of this towering and courageous figure - Professor Robert Faurisson.

Professor Robert Faurisson (1929 - 2018)





Note: Done in English, French, Latin and Greek. All languages Professor Robert Faurisson spoke fleuntly. He would have liked that.

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