Dresden Memorial Event 2017

Published: 2017-01-15

About ten years ago we had memorial events in Dresden with ten thousand people taking part. Coming back from abroad and out of prison I found that had gone. So much of the activities we've had way back then had ceased. So this year, on February 11th, I'm organizing a memorial event in Dresden, trying to start again what once had been.

Here´s the promotion-video I have made (contains graphic images)

The texts in the video are, in order of appearance: Dresden Gedenken - Dresden memorial; Am 11. Februar 2017 - On February 11th 2017; Beginn14 Uhr - Beginning 2 o´clock pm; Ausgangspunkt: Am Zwingerteich in Dresden - Start from: Am Zwingerteich in Dresden; Kommt alle! - Come all!; Es ist eines jeden Deutschen Pflicht - It´s every German´s duty; Es ist Deine Pflicht - It is your duty; Erfülle sie - Fulfill it; Am 11. Februar 2017 in Dresden - On February 11th in Dresden; Unsere Toten rufen us - Our dead are calling us; Kommt! - Come!

The music I´ve used in the video is "Andante Festivo" from the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (a favourite composer of mine. Not only because I lived in Finland for quite a long time.)

All best!


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