Published: 1995-01-01

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Smith's Report relates the adventures of the author as he tries, against the better judgement and bitter condemnation of all the best people in America, to encourage open debate on the gas chamber controversy. Why he should have committed himself to such an evil enterprise remains one of the great mysteries in his modest life.

Journalists and professors, disdainful of Smith's quest for intellectual freedom regarding an issue that, in their view, was incontrovertibly settled at the moment of its conception, are nevertheless preoccupied, if not obsessed, with where Smith gets the money to fund his quest.

Smith gets it here.

The primary purpose of Smith's Report is to solicit funds for Smith's adventures encouraging open debate on The Controversy. It's a serious business. No money, no Smith's Report. No Smith's Report, no money. No money, no Campus Project, no video projects, no nothing. The simplicity of life and living is absolutely astounding when you step back and take a look at it.

Smith's Report has no politics. You might say that everything is political. Alright, in the context of our age, considering the way people all around the planet are required to live, Smith's is for more liberty and less authority. More liberty implies more intellectual freedom, which implies that ordinary people and even students should be entitled to weigh the evidence for and against the gas chamber stories. Simplicity is everything.

But enough of that.

I want to publish a booklet written by David Cole presenting 46 unanswered, and probably unanswerable, questions regarding the physical evidence of the alleged gas chambers. A little matter of $3,200+ stands in the way of the printing and initial distribution costs. This booklet is the first piece or a larger project which I should be able to announce next month. I need your help. I always need your help. Make checks etc. payable to:

Bradley R. Smith

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Published: 1995-01-01
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