Eulogy to Rachel

Published: 2003-08-01

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Sixteen hundred years ago in 404 AD the Christian monk Telemachus traveled from Asia Minor to Rome with a fixed purpose: end the gladiatorial combats. Upon arriving in Rome he ran into the arena crying out "In the name of Christ, forebear!" Telemachus interposed his body between the combatants to try to stop the gladiators. But the gladiators and their crowds, many ‘Christians’ among them, didn’t forebear his interference in their ancient traditions. Together they killed Telemachus. But Honorius, the Christian Roman Emperor of the West, was stricken in his conscience. He did forebear and that very evening he outlawed all future gladiatorial contests.

Recently another pilgrim from afar interposed her frail body crying out ‘Forebear!’ By her side stood a man in fervent and reverent prayer appealing to Heaven for her success. We can imagine 1600 years ago other Christians praying as Telemachus interposed his body between the gladiators. Like Telemachus, Rachel Corrie was mercilessly crushed by the heartless ones, heedless of her pleas and angered by her message. In the tiers of the worldwide videodrome the watching mob, many Judeo-Christians among them, also roared out "kill, kill". So far our analogy is exact.

The utter callousness of this documented war crime, the premeditated character of the Israeli driver’s acts; and also of the by-standing Israeli security troops who couldn’t be bothered for 10 seconds of pepper spray to move Rachel and friends aside, all of this defies our comprehension. We know none of these Zionist occupation troops go into the Gaza Strip alone to demolish a home. But to complete this scene from Dante’s Inferno, to perfect the satanic insult to Christ, afterwards some Pharisees passed by and refused their medical help to this woman lying broken in the dust. This happened not far from where the merciful Samaritan’s wounded wayfarer lay two millennia ago. It’s not just the killing but the casual gratuitousness of it all. One can imagine demons in Hell behaving this way with the damned, but nowhere else.

The aftermath however is quite different. Instead of outlawing demolitions, the Israeli government declares the driver ‘not guilty’ in a rigged investigation, while proclaiming the activity itself legal. The videodrome mob continues to cry out for more blood. Can anyone still question that here indeed is the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ, populated by Zionist Jews and Zionist Gentiles alike? Does any question remain that God has delivered these people over for utter destruction?

And what, you may ask, has the government of the United States of America under the leadership of President George W. Bush done about this atrocity? After all, Rachel Corrie was an American citizen. Nor is the Gaza Strip sovereign Israeli territory. Israeli troops illegally occupy this land in contemptuous defiance of multiple UN Security Council resolutions demanding their immediate withdrawal. If ever there was a clear cut international war crime, here it is, complete with multiple human witnesses and recorded live in full color video.

In these circumstances should not the People and Government of the United States demand an apology? Should not the President call a press conference and demand that Sharon’s government arrest the perpetrators, both the guilty soldiers directly involved and their military and civilian superiors? Should not these war criminals be extradited to the United States to stand trial and be brought to justice? Should not the government of the United States immediately end all aid to the Zionist State until it bows to international law and the dictates of common humanity?

It is not surprising that President Bush has not made so much as a single peep of protest to the Israelis. It is understandable because, quite frankly, the Jews and Israel dominate this corrupt administration. They own Mr. Bush, they control his Department of Defense and he, their obedient puppet, faithfully does their bidding.

And where are the voices of those who claim to speak for Christ today, that evangelical Christian leadership we see daily on Jewish owned television channels? These self-appointed prophets, men like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and Billy Graham could not care less about what happened to Rachel Corrie. They preach that Israel can do no wrong; they are concerned only with promoting Zionist political ambitions and they gladly ignore any Christian principles which do not fit the Israeli agenda.

Nor have the media-CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, the Associated Press and newspapers across North America, uttered more than a passing reference about the tragic events of last March 16, when young Rachel Corrie’s life was snuffed out by cruel and sadistic Israeli killers. They, too, you see, are owned and controlled by Zionist Jewish interests. They, too, like Bush, his Washington D.C. cohorts, and the pro-Zionist Christian lobby, are complicit in the murder of Rachel Corrie.

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Published: 2003-08-01
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