Another Ordinary Life
Published: 2012-03-01

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*** In an article in The Daily Forward we find that a new study on anti-Semitism, commissioned by the German Parliament, concluded among other things that German Holocaust education is fueling German anti-Semitism. It often imposes “exaggerated moral expectations” on students, who respond with an anti-Semitism that is typified by “guilt denial.” They feel accused of acts they had nothing to do with. If a German student denies guilt for something he had nothing to do with, she’s an anti-Semite.

German students say Jews “are preventing them from questioning the Holocaust in class” and Jews who control the world media are not letting them talk about it outside the classroom. Then there is the problem that those trying to educate Germans about the Nazis must also contend with the well-documented and long-standing problem of “Holocaust fatigue.” How is that possible? There have only been six decades of relentless anti-German propaganda to promote Jewish fundraising. It may not be fatigue alone. Boredom may have something to do with it.


*** We’ve submitted text links and small classifieds to student newspapers on New York campuses. The text reads: “A Personal History of Moral Decay” and leads to a collection of autobiographical stories by that name on CODOHWeb, and through those stories to everything else that is there. A note at the top of the insertion request notes that the stories in Moral Decay will allow the reader to discover more about the private life of a Holocaust revisionist than can be found anywhere in the literature. We submitted to Cardinal Pointes at Plattsburgh State University, The Polytechnic at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The Leader at The State University of New York at Fredonia, The Daily Orange at Syracuse University, The Campus Times at the University of Rochester, The Miscellany News at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, and The Commentator at Yeshiva University. Hernandez is taking care of this. I probably would not have submitted to The Commentator at Yeshiva University, but it’s done.

*** Dreamed I was with Abraham Foxman. I don’t know where we were, or why we were together, but there we were and we liked it. It was a scene of good humor and there was a friendly warmth about it. Abe was chuckling at something I had said. I was aware that we each understood that we were sharing something, enjoying something that, while it was not secret, was between Abe and me alone.

*** “Hi. Thank you that you try to open the eyes of the public around the world. Unfortunately, the enemy who is responsible for all these lies against my people is still out there, and try to do everything so that the truth stays under a blanket. My father was a high decorated SS officer in the Second World War and he always told me that he never heard about any of these things that supposedly happened in all these camps. And he had friends in the highest ranks. My old man was always a hard-working man, and like he said a few times, not proud at some things he had to do under orders from his superior. “But one thing he never did was lie to me when it came to random questions I asked him about the war. I left Germany many years ago because i could not stand the lies, propaganda and these bullshit memorial buildings that was built all around us. Even my father said, if we had killed so many Jews in the short time these camps appeared, why where there so many of them left after the war was over? Thank you for your effort. I look forward to read and hear more from you.

“PS: sorry for the errors in my writing. I try my best.

“Sincerely, Michael von Adelmann.”

*** The cold began with the tiniest tickle in the throat and after a week it was still not serious. The second week it was getting serious and there was a pain in the right armpit. I discovered that the pain was centered in a swelling in the armpit the size of a small golf ball. The cold was still there. In 2008 the cancer began with a cold I could not get rid of followed by a tumor growing in the throat. By the fourth night the pain in the armpit was bad enough I had to take 1,600 mgs of ibuprofen to sleep. By the next afternoon the pain was still worse, so in the evening I decided to drive to the VA in La Jolla and check into emergency to see what was going on. That was a Friday. I had a routine appointment with Dr. Kato, my oncologist, for the following Monday. If I could get into emergency they could get the information that otherwise Dr. Kato would have to order up. I could stay ahead of the game.

At the frontier the Americans are redesigning and rebuilding the crossing and inspection stations. It’s a major work. Been going on for months now. That night they had closed down ten lanes and the traffic was backed up so far that it took me four and a half hours to get across. I fell asleep three or four times at the wheel. Once I made it across and began the drive to La Jolla, a 35-minute drive, I woke up. There I checked into emergency, waited less than an hour and was seen by a doctor. They did blood, x-rays, and a CAT scan. Took about three hours. They had guys to deal with who had real emergencies. When the time came the doctor told me it did not look like a cancerous lymph node but the decision would be made by my oncologist, Dr. Kato. He had three choices. A biopsy of the lump, remove it surgically, or begin to treat the cancer with chemotherapy as they did the first time.

*** Charles Krauthammer is a first-rate journalist and a guy on Fox who I always want to listen to when he’s there. In the Daily Caller of 11 February Krauthammer is quoted as saying: “Unless something intervenes, I cannot imagine the Israelis are going to allow Iran to go nuclear and to hold the Damocles sword over 6 million Jews all over again. Israel was established to prevent a second Holocaust, not to invite one.” Not exactly. The Zionist project began long before WWII. See:

*** We have changed the wording of the text link from “A Personal History of Moral Decay” to: “Holocaust Revisionism: A Personal History of Moral Decay.”

*** This evening we posted a new pitch for contributions on CODOHWeb and sent it to our online Smith’s Report subscribers. Within the hour we received our first two contributions. The first was for one dollar. The second, which was sent six minutes after the first, was for one billion (1,000,000,000) dollars. A guy with a sense of humor. Could be a lady, but probably a guy.

*** Eighty-two years old last week. It’s come to matter.

*** Rhode Island College is one of six institutions of higher education in the nation selected by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) to host the Belfer First Step Workshop on the Holocaust, March 22, 23.

The workshop is designed to prepare pre-service secondary teachers to integrate the Holocaust into their lesson plans effectively. The Workshop is made possible by a grant from the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Foundation, in partnership with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Holocaust Education and Resource Center of Rhode Island.

According to Ezra Stieglitz, Rhode Island College professor of elementary education, “While there are some educators who are determined to teach their students about the Holocaust in a meaningful way, in many classrooms the Holocaust seems to be only a footnote of a history lesson.”

As part of the Belfer First Step Workshop, Peter Black, senior historian at the USHMM, will deliver keynote remarks titled, “The Nazis among Us: The Prosecution of Perpetrators Living in the USA.” Other papers will include "Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust," and "The State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda." Students from Johnson and Wales University, Providence College, Bridgewater State University and Salve Regina University are all invited to attend. As are members of the media.

None of this is unusual. What interests me is that the program is being sponsored and promoted by the USHMM and that it is directed at teachers. And then there is the fact that the same program is being sponsored by the USHMM at Auburn University, California State U at Long Beach, Illinois State University, St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, and University of Northern Colorado. In short, it introduces a new USHMM project to educators across the nation.

Our first response is very simple. We discovered the Rhode Island College story yesterday. Today we submitted advertisements to the online student newspapers at each of the six campuses above. The text of the ad reads: “Inconvenient History: The Power of Taboo.” The text itself is the link which, when the student clicks on it, will take her to the Website of Inconvenient History where in the newly published journal she will find, among other titles she would never have seen anywhere else, the new, 9,000-word paper by Germar Rudolf titled “Resistance Is Obligatory.” Submitting the ads is the easy part. We’ll see what happens. What we can make happen.

*** One idea in the back of the brain, it’s been there for a while now, is to record how the body is giving out here, giving out there, to record the story fragment by fragment that is leading to my death. I think it could be at least peripherally interesting. It would not be a tragic, but a careful recording of the final fragments of one more ordinary life. Why would I want to write about that? Writing about the life is what I do. It’s like asking a cabbie why he drives a taxi. That’s what he does. And then there is the reality that it takes two halves to make a whole. Life and death together are the two halves.

First Sergeant Schillinger The “Auschwitz Hugger”

First Sergeant Schillinger The “Auschwitz Hugger”

*** We have a new associate, an artist, a caricaturist. We found an old article that he thought would be a good first example of how we could start working with this young man’s drawings. The article, something I did back in 1982 and is not published, is called “The Auschwitz Huggers.” It is a response to an article that appeared that year in The East Village Eye called “The Death of Schillinger.” The East Village Eye was published from 1979 through 1986. I no longer remember what happened to my own article, if I ever did anything with it. Here I will print only a portion of the text with the intent to illustrate how we can use the new illustrations. What follows is an excerpt from that piece.

The stories about the German concentration camps get crazier and crazier. In the East Village Eye, another of those sober, thoughtful, New York Jewish periodicals, there is a story by one Tadeusz Borowski titled “The Death of Schillinger.”

Until 1943, First Sergeant Schillinger performed the duties of Lagerführer, or chief commanding officer of labor sector ‘D' at Birkenau, which was centrally administered from Auschwitz. Schillinger reigned over sector ‘D' with an iron hand. He could strike a blow as hard as a metal bar; he could crack a jaw or crush the life out of a man [by hugging him to death] with no apparent effort. Furthermore he visited the crematoria regularly and liked to watch people being shoved into the gas chambers. His name was usually linked with the names of Plaits, Krankenmann, and many other Auschwitz murderers who boasted that they had personally succeeded in killing with the fist, the club, or the revolver, at least ten thousand people each.

This Schillinger was a murderer of note, no doubt about it. Ten thousand murders with fist, club and pistol! And then there were those he hugged to death. Maybe another couple thousand there. And then are Palitsch, and Krankenmann who between them murdered perhaps another twenty thousand with fist, club, revolver and hugging. And then the “many other” murderers linked to those cruising the yards of Auschwitz-Birkenau punching, clubbing, pistoling and hugging the life out of tens of thousands of slave laborers, mostly Jews. It's a wonder, frankly, that the Germans got any work done at all at Auschwitz using guards like Schillinger, Krankenmann, Palitach and the many others.

You would think such a monster Jew-killer would be mentioned in some of the well-known titles in the literature of Holocaust cultism. Maybe he is. But his name is not indexed in Hilberg's The Destruction of the European Jews. He's not mentioned in Leon Poliakov's Harvest of Hate , or The Holocaust Years: Society On Trial ” by Chartock and Spencer, or Reitlinger's The Final Solution , or Levin's The Holocaust , or in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer.

And such an outstanding German bestial murderer, this Schillinger, this veritable prototype of the German hell monster, and not a mention, not a reference, not even a footnote? What can I say? Of course Borowski, the author of this Schillinger garbage is probably not making the story up completely out of whole cloth, there probably was a Schillinger, he probably was a bad egg, and Borowski probably heard of him while he was in Auschwitz. Probably.

Borowski, if his creation about Schillinger is challenged, can always reply that in fact Schillinger did not actually kill 20 or 25 people every day for a year, weekends included, with fist, club, pistoling and hugging, nor did Krankenmann or Palitsch. They only “bragged” that they did. The reader understands however that that is not what Borowski intends us to believe when he cooks up the article, or what the East Village Eye intends for us to believe in publishing it. The intent is to create still more sympathy for Jews by defaming still more Germans as beasts, for the ten-thousandth time, and to use demonstrable lies to do it. Maybe somebody will show me where I'm wrong. [ End of excerpt. But a pretty good drawing, eh?]

*** Received a telephone call from a young lady attending University of Kansas who is participating in a class studying the Holocaust. It was a poor connection, but she wanted to know “my side” of the Holocaust story. I explained that it is an immense story, that some of it is true while some of it is not, that it would be best if she went to the introductory papers online on CODOHWeb. I took a moment to explain that I focus on trying to find ways for students to be able to examine the narrative like they are allowed to examine any other historical narrative. I asked if she had been to CODOHWeb and she said yes, she was there now. The connection had been poor, and now the line went dead. The next morning there was a telephone message from the young lady. It said: “Of course the Holocaust happened. Of course there were concentration camps. You dumb (expletive deleted).”

*** Pedro Varela, the Spanish bookseller and free-speech advocate who has a long history of being persecuted by the State for saying and writing and selling the wrong things, will be released on 08 March after 15 months in prison (this last time). Israel Shamir has written: “Pedro Varela, my Spanish publisher, is a very unusual idiosyncratic person: tall, with high forehead of a thinker and manners of a Spanish grandee, mountain climber, admirer of Yukio Mishima, a bachelor and vegetarian, a man of great learning and modest habits, indifferent to comforts like Don Quixote, connoisseur of arts and a friend of Palestine. He was squarely against American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and published and promoted my books on this subject. Politically he is a maverick: he tends to radical right, is friendly to Muslims, an antipode to Geert Wilders and Zionist far right. He published many sorts of books, including books about World War Two, and that was his undoing.”

This is the end of a long run. The Catalonian court has been on his case since 1996 for publishing, selling and promoting books that various Jewish lobbies do not want the rest of us to be able to access. At first he was sued for Holocaust denial, but the supreme court of Spain decided in 2007 that this is not a punishable offence because democracy relies on freedom of investigation and scientific knowledge. History is a matter of “science.” So Varela was found guilty of promoting hate, and of approving of the Holocaust. Varela argues that he cannot approve of a Holocaust he does not believe happened. His Spanish-language page on the Web features this quote:

 Truth does not stain the lips of those who speak it, but the conscience of those who hide it.

*** The German Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of an 82-year-old Holocaust denier, saying that his words were protected by freedom of speech as described by Article Five of the German constitution. See: [now removed].

This old German, a man my age, was (ostensibly) having a beer in a bar in the eastern German state of Thuringia and complained aloud about a World War II documentary playing on the television. I can see myself there on the stool beside his, probably reacting to the documentary in a way similar to the way he is reacting to it. The old guy declares to one and all that the documentary is full of “lies” and then accuses Jews of altering the historical record of events after the war ended. Later that week he returns to the bar and gives the proprietor several pamphlets, one of which asserts that the Nazi gas chamber tales were fabrications.

I have this story from the online “Jspace” site—that is, Jewspace—, which may be why we are not informed as to which documentary was being aired that night, or which parts of it the old guy was claiming to be false.

The German court released its findings on 23 February, saying that “even the dissemination of National Socialist ideas as a radical questioning of the status quo” is protected under freedom of speech. While the court said that Holocaust denial continues to be illegal in Germany, they found that in this particular case, such claims were not the main part of the accused man’s argument, rather it was an “introductory attempt at an explanation” of why Germany was not guilty for starting World War II.”

The court believes this ruling has no effect on the current Holocaust-denial law.

Surprisingly, the World Jewish Congress Vice-President Charlotte Knobloch slammed the court’s decision, saying it was “quirky.”

“WJC President Ronald S. Lauder also criticized the ruling, calling it ‘a slap in the face’ of Holocaust survivors and their families” and, we might add, their descendants on to the umpteenth generation.

Lauder added that the ruling “gives neo-Nazis hints on how to deny the Holocaust in Germany and escape punishment.” Well, somebody has to do it. Why not the German Constitutional Court?

*** The six institutions selected by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to host the Belfer First Step Workshop on the Holocaust for “educators” will be hearing from us by the time you have this newsletter to hand. Students, faculty, administration, media. The bunch. I’ll stay on it. We’ll see. Until next month then.


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