Fritz Berg Plays Hardball on Nationwide TV

Published: 1995-02-01

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On the morning of 10 January I received a call from the producer of The Patrick Halpin Show talk show in NY C asking if I could recommend someone who could appear in-studio to discuss the Holocaust controversy. The show would send a car and driver to pick up whoever I gave them. An easy call! I gave them Fritz Berg's number.

So that evening, during prime time at 8:30 pm EST, Fritz was an in-studio guest with Halpin and an Auschwitz "survivor" to discuss The Controversy, a chat that was broadcast nationwide over Time Warner Cable Network-TCI. The other in-studio guest was Valerie Furth, who identified herself as an Auschwitz survivor and a lecturer with the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Interestingly, she came originally from the town of Munkacs in Transcarpathia, from where the litigious, super-survivor Mel Mermelstein also came.

It's the nature of the game when you do media to repeat your most important information and viewpoints each time you're "on." This becomes boring to the one doing it, but each audience is new, and it's as if you're speaking to them for the first time. You need to take each audience to the heart of what most preoccupies you, what you believe is most important that each person in your audience hears.

In what became heated exchanges Fritz insisted that the reason "survivors" survived Auschwitz was that the Nazis wanted them to survive, that, if they had not wanted the internees to survive it, they could have been arranged for them to not survive. The so-called survivors from Auschwitz and other alleged places of extermination are, in fact, living evidence that no one tried to exterminate them in the first place and that at bottom the [... missing text in original; ed.] against others, revisionists, particularly, should not forget all the grandmothers who did not survive Auschwitz but would have survived to die in their own beds surrounded by their families if the Germans had only left them alone.

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Published: 1995-02-01
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