German Court Orders Nuremberg book Confiscated, Author Fined

ThoughtCrime: 12/12/96
Published: 1996-12-12

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

A judge in Munich has ruled that Carlos Porter has violated the German law against defamation and desecration. Mr. Porter has been fined 6,000 DM for writing and distributing his revisionist analysis of the Nuremberg trials, Not Guilty at Nuremberg. The total fine amounts to 6,000 DM.

The presiding judge, Judge Zeilinger, also ordered in her "Order of Punishment," the confiscation of all copies of Not Guilty at Nuremberg, including the confiscation of copies in Porter's personal possession. Zeilinger wrote: "It is also ordered that all means for the production of this published work be confiscated, including any plates, forms, templates, negatives, or matrices."

Porter's troubles with the German thought-police began in August of 1996 when he sent several copies of Not Guilty At Nuremberg along with a cover letter to several individuals living in the Federal Republic of Germany. Zeilinger charged that various passages from Porter's revisionist analysis denied or minimized the tales of the holocaust.

Zeilinger, sounding like judge and jury, wrote:

"You are therefore guilty of writings in which events of the reign of National Socialism are diminished or denied, and of disseminating same in the Federal Republic of Germany, such that the honor and the memory of the dead have been disparaged, and are therefore punishable for inciting the masses in fact as well as for slander in the legal sense and disparagement of the memory of the dead according to [enumeration of various laws]."

Porter, who was born in the United States, renounced his American citizenship in 1984 and travels on a stateless passport. He currently resides in Belgium. He has written numerous revisionist articles and books including, The Chemistry of the Holocaust and Made in Russia: The Holocaust.

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