German Patriotic Party Excludes Revisionists

Two More Facebook Victims
Published: 2015-11-28

Susanne Ulber Facebook Entry

German Politican Susanne Ulber has been excluded from the German patriotic, anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) for having "denied the holocaust". Ulber had posted the video interview German revisionist Ursula-Haverbeck had given to a leftist German government TV channel in early 2015 on her facebook-account. (See here for our report on that event.)

On November 19 and 20, Ulber wrote:

"The Holocaust is the largest and most impactful lie of history."

"Guys, you are taken sooo much for a ride!!!! Knowledge is power!!! Please spread this!!! You are the first victims of the Second World War!!!"

"Did the Holocaust exist? Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to 10 months in prison by the company FRG" 

The party's Board said: "There´s no place for such persons and ideas within our party."

Gunnar Baumgart Facebook Entry
It cannot get any more revisionist than that. But Baumgart didn't mean to contest the Holocaust. Sure...

Gunnar Baumgart suffered a similar fate, who was also a member of this German patriotic party. On his Facebook page he wrote in August 2015:

“Everyone knows it who has read the Leuchter Report, everyone who knows Ernst Zündel and his statements, and everyone who has visited Auschwitz with open eyes, everyone who knows about the injustice suffered by Germar Rudolph[sic] and many others!!! If I had children, I would not send them to school in Germany.”

He adorned this post with an image of Professor Robert Faurisson bearing the caption.

“Not a single Jew perished through Zyklon B or the gas chamber!”

Later, when facing prosecution for Holocaust denial, he claimed that he  is “a friend of Israel” and does not harbor any revisionist views. He is opposed to curtailing free speech in this regard, though, just as those who claim the Earth is flat should be allowed to say so.

Galilei wasn’t prosecuted for claiming the Earth is flat, though...

Baumgart’s employer, the German Red Cross, promptly suspended his employment contract.

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