Germany Persecuting (Rich, American) Jew(s Again)

Published: 2016-11-07

It’s come full circle. Legend, at least, has it that when a hyena has been mortally wounded, perhaps disemboweled, it uses its last ounces of strength to consume its own entrails. This is indeed the image on display today as the Holocaust-revenge industry impels Germany’s law enforcers to investigate rich American Jew Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook for … abetting free speech. Those last three words are my rendition of the more-widely put-about two-word charge of Holocaust denial.

Not that Zuckerberg is denying the Holocaust. Hardly. He, or his company, Facebook, is

Mark Zuckerberg

just not being sufficiently vigilant nor prompt in quashing expressions of doubt or even resentment by users of his Facebook self-expression engine. For his part, the inadvertent Holocaust-denial abettor Zuckerberg faces at least two challenges in complying with German laws criminalizing the dissemination of views expressing either doubt of the legally sanctioned understanding of the Holocaust and/or displeasure at the dissemination and imposition of that understanding among people who presume to doubt it (or know better).

The first challenge is dealing with the enormous volume of traffic across his facility on all manner of subjects, many of them remaining for the time being not a crime to talk about (though they may become that in retrospect). The second challenge is detecting such crimes, in which groups who understand each other already may use subtle indirection to express thoughts that Zuckerberg’s judges (and malefactors) can and do allege to be criminal.

There is a deep pocket, here, in Zuckerberg and the company he founded and owns much of. If either should be fined a billion or two euros, it appears he/it would be well able to pay it. That hyena, then, would succeed in gulping down a large, nourishing chunk of its own entrails.

Fans of CODOH might find it of interest to learn whether CODOH’s Facebook page might be among the pages cited by the complainers against “hate speech.” All we hate, of course, is lies, and the liars who make them up or try to foist them on the rest of us. Facebook faces no (legal) problems from its carriage of our page in the United States and most of the rest of the world. But its availability in Germany (Is it available in Germany? We may already have been squashed there.) might provide fodder for those causing trouble for Facebook. In its desperation to cleanse itself to Germany’s exacting requirements, perhaps Facebook will squash us worldwide—that is, in the US.

How will all this turn out for CODOH?

How will it turn out for the hyena?

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Title: Germany Persecuting (Rich, American) Jew(s Again)
Published: 2016-11-07
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