Harvard Heroism

Published: 1992-10-01

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John Demjanjuk, railroaded to Israel on bogus charges of murdering upwards of a million Jews in gas chambers at Treblinka, though now seen almost universally as innocent of that ludicrous charge, may still be strung up by our allies who run the only democracy in the Middle East. How has such a scenario come to pass in a state founded by such caring people? The usual way. Jewish "survivors" gave false eyewitness evidence to the court. In all likelihood their inventions will soon be set in concrete at Yad Vashem, along with the thousands of other false eyewitness testimonies about German atrocities against Jews on file there and remarked on by Yad Vashem's archives director Shmuel Krakowski.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz must be panting to be there on the big day. He lusts for Demjanjuk's hanging so deeply that he has written that even if Demjanjuk is innocent of the crimes he has been convicted of at Treblinka, it would be proper to hang him anyhow because there is good reason to believe he did something naughty at Sobibor. In Dershowitz's imagination, it wouldn't be necessary to try him for those crimes. In my minds eye I can see our Harvard lawyer now, struggling to control his bowels as the noose is fitted around Jon Demjanjuk's neck, shaking his curly head up and down and grunting "Yes! Yes!"

A correspondent sends me a clipping from the Chicago Tribune about an Israeli prosecutor traveling to Moscow in search of at least one real document placing Demjanjuk at Treblinka. My correspondent writes: "The Russians need money so badly, the KGB is ready to provide the Israelis with documents proving John Demjanjuk is actually Eva Braun. Indeed, an enterprising ex-agent recently posted a hand-lettered sign in front of KGB headquarters in Moscow announcing:

"Clearance Sale!

Declassified State Secrets!

Three Forgers—No Waiting!"

Another sign, our progressive friends point out, of how freedom and capitalism corrupt men's souls with greed for wealth. In the old days, when the commies were running things over there, the KGB cooked their holocaust documents free of charge.

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Title: Harvard Heroism
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Published: 1992-10-01
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